b.i.InventoryDeltaSerializer(object) : class documentation

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Serialize inventory deltas.
Method __init__ Create an InventoryDeltaSerializer.
Method delta_to_lines Return a line sequence for delta_to_new.
Method _serialize_bool Undocumented
Method _delta_item_to_line Convert delta_item to a line.
def __init__(self, versioned_root, tree_references):
Create an InventoryDeltaSerializer.
Parametersversioned_rootIf True, any root entry that is seen is expected to be versioned, and root entries can have any fileid.
tree_referencesIf True support tree-reference entries.
def delta_to_lines(self, old_name, new_name, delta_to_new):
Return a line sequence for delta_to_new.

Both the versioned_root and tree_references flags must be set via require_flags before calling this.

Parametersold_nameA UTF8 revision id for the old inventory. May be NULL_REVISION if there is no older inventory and delta_to_new includes the entire inventory contents.
new_nameThe version name of the inventory we create with this delta.
delta_to_newAn inventory delta such as Inventory.apply_delta takes.
ReturnsThe serialized delta as lines.
def _serialize_bool(self, value):
def _delta_item_to_line(self, delta_item, new_version):
Convert delta_item to a line.
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