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A file in an inventory.
Method __init__ Create an InventoryEntry
Method copy Clone this inventory entry.
Method detect_changes See InventoryEntry.detect_changes.
Method has_text See InventoryEntry.has_text.
Method kind_character See InventoryEntry.kind_character.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method _check See InventoryEntry._check
Method _diff See InventoryEntry._diff.
Method _read_tree_state See InventoryEntry._read_tree_state.
Method _forget_tree_state Undocumented
Method _unchanged See InventoryEntry._unchanged.

Inherited from InventoryEntry:

Method parent_candidates Find possible per-file graph parents.
Method sorted_children Undocumented
Static Method versionable_kind Undocumented
Method check Check this inventory entry is intact.
Static Method describe_change Describe the change between old_entry and this.
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Method __hash__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, file_id, name, parent_id):

Create an InventoryEntry

The filename must be a single component, relative to the parent directory; it cannot be a whole path or relative name.

>>> e = InventoryFile('123', 'hello.c', ROOT_ID)
>>> e.name
>>> e.file_id
>>> e = InventoryFile('123', 'src/hello.c', ROOT_ID)
Traceback (most recent call last):
InvalidEntryName: Invalid entry name: src/hello.c
def _check(self, checker, tree_revision_id):
See InventoryEntry._check
def copy(self):
Clone this inventory entry.
def detect_changes(self, old_entry):
See InventoryEntry.detect_changes.
def _diff(self, text_diff, from_label, tree, to_label, to_entry, to_tree, output_to, reverse=False):
See InventoryEntry._diff.
def has_text(self):
See InventoryEntry.has_text.
def kind_character(self):
See InventoryEntry.kind_character.
def _read_tree_state(self, path, work_tree):
See InventoryEntry._read_tree_state.
def __repr__(self):
def _forget_tree_state(self):
def _unchanged(self, previous_ie):
See InventoryEntry._unchanged.
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