b.index : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

Indexing facilities.
Class GraphIndexBuilder A builder that can build a GraphIndex.
Class GraphIndex An index for data with embedded graphs.
Class CombinedGraphIndex A GraphIndex made up from smaller GraphIndices.
Class InMemoryGraphIndex A GraphIndex which operates entirely out of memory and is mutable.
Class GraphIndexPrefixAdapter An adapter between GraphIndex with different key lengths.
Function _has_key_from_parent_map Check if this index has one key.
Function _missing_keys_from_parent_map Undocumented
def _has_key_from_parent_map(self, key):
Check if this index has one key.

If it's possible to check for multiple keys at once through calling get_parent_map that should be faster.

def _missing_keys_from_parent_map(self, keys):
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