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Part of bzrlib

Support for plugin hooking logic.
Class KnownHooksRegistry No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Function known_hooks_key_to_object Convert a known_hooks key to a object.
Function known_hooks_key_to_parent_and_attribute See KnownHooksRegistry.key_to_parent_and_attribute.
Class Hooks A dictionary mapping hook name to a list of callables.
Class HookPoint A single hook that clients can register to be called back when it fires.
Function hooks_help_text Undocumented
Function install_lazy_named_hook Install a callable in to a hook lazily, and label it name.
def known_hooks_key_to_object((module_name, member_name)):
Convert a known_hooks key to a object.
ParameterskeyA tuple (module_name, member_name) as found in the keys of the known_hooks registry.
ReturnsThe object this specifies.
@symbol_versioning.deprecated_function(symbol_versioning.deprecated_in((2, 3)))
def known_hooks_key_to_parent_and_attribute(key):
See KnownHooksRegistry.key_to_parent_and_attribute.
def hooks_help_text(topic):
def install_lazy_named_hook(hookpoints_module, hookpoints_name, hook_name, a_callable, name):
Install a callable in to a hook lazily, and label it name.
Parametershookpoints_moduleModule name of the hook points.
hookpoints_nameName of the hook points.
hook_nameA hook name.
callablea callable to call for the hook.
nameA name to associate a_callable with, to show users what is running.
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