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Part of bzrlib

A collection of extra help information for using bzr.

Help topics are meant to be help for items that aren't commands, but will help bzr become fully learnable without referring to a tutorial.

Limited formatting of help text is permitted to make the text useful both within the reference manual (reStructuredText) and on the screen. The help text should be reStructuredText with formatting kept to a minimum and, in particular, no headings. The onscreen renderer applies the following simple rules before rendering the text:

  1. A '::' appearing on the end of a line is replaced with ':'.
  2. Lines starting with a ':' have it stripped.

These rules mean that literal blocks and field lists respectively can be used in the help text, producing sensible input to a manual while rendering on the screen naturally.

From the __init__.py module:

Class ConfigOptionHelpIndex A help index that returns help topics for config options.
Class HelpTopicIndex A index for bzr help that returns topics.
Class HelpTopicRegistry A Registry customized for handling help topics.
Class RegisteredTopic A help topic which has been registered in the HelpTopicRegistry.
Function get_bugs_topic Undocumented
Function get_current_formats_topic Undocumented
Function get_other_formats_topic Undocumented
Function help_as_plain_text Minimal converter of reStructuredText to plain text.
Function _format_see_also Undocumented
Function _help_on_revisionspec Generate the help for revision specs.
Function _help_on_topics Write out the help for topics to outfile
Function _help_on_transport Undocumented
Function _load_from_file Load help from a file.
def _help_on_topics(dummy):
Write out the help for topics to outfile
def _load_from_file(topic_name):
Load help from a file.

Topics are expected to be txt files in bzrlib.help_topics.

def _help_on_revisionspec(name):
Generate the help for revision specs.
def _help_on_transport(name):
def get_current_formats_topic(topic):
def get_other_formats_topic(topic):
def get_bugs_topic(topic):
def _format_see_also(see_also):
def help_as_plain_text(text):
Minimal converter of reStructuredText to plain text.
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