b.f.Inter1and2Helper(object) : class documentation

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Helper for operations that convert data from model 1 and 2

This is for use by fetchers and converters.

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method iter_rev_trees Iterate through RevisionTrees efficiently.
Method generate_root_texts Generate VersionedFiles for all root ids.
Method _find_root_ids Undocumented
def __init__(self, source):
ParameterssourceThe repository data comes from
def iter_rev_trees(self, revs):
Iterate through RevisionTrees efficiently.

Additionally, the inventory's revision_id is set if unset.

Trees are retrieved in batches of 100, and then yielded in the order they were requested.

ParametersrevsA list of revision ids
def _find_root_ids(self, revs, parent_map, graph):
def generate_root_texts(self, revs):
Generate VersionedFiles for all root ids.
Parametersrevsthe revisions to include
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