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This object maintains and uses a list of directory services.

Directory services may be registered via the standard Registry methods. They will be invoked if their key is a prefix of the supplied URL.

Each item registered should be a factory of objects that provide a look_up method, as invoked by dereference. Specifically, look_up should accept a name and URL, and return a URL.

Method dereference Dereference a supplied URL if possible.

Inherited from Registry:

Method __init__ Create a new Registry.
Method register Register a new object to a name.
Method register_lazy Register a new object to be loaded on request.
Method get Return the object register()'ed to the given key.
Method get_prefix Return an object whose key is a prefix of the supplied value.
Method get_help Get the help text associated with the given key
Method get_info Get the extra information associated with the given key
Method remove Remove a registered entry.
Method __contains__ Undocumented
Method keys Get a list of registered entries
Method iteritems Undocumented
Method items Undocumented
Method _add_help_and_info Add the help and information about this key
Method _get_module Return the module the object will be or was loaded from.
Method _get_key_or_default Return either 'key' or the default key if key is None
Method _set_default_key Undocumented
Method _get_default_key Undocumented
def dereference(self, url):
Dereference a supplied URL if possible.

URLs that match a registered directory service prefix are looked up in it. Non-matching urls are returned verbatim.

This is applied only once; the resulting URL must not be one that requires further dereferencing.

ParametersurlThe URL to dereference
ReturnsThe dereferenced URL if applicable, the input URL otherwise.
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