b.d.DiffKindChange(object) : class documentation

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Special differ for file kind changes.

Represents kind change as deletion + creation. Uses the other differs to do this.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method finish Undocumented
Class Method from_diff_tree Undocumented
Method diff Perform comparison
def __init__(self, differs):
def finish(self):
def from_diff_tree(klass, diff_tree):
def diff(self, file_id, old_path, new_path, old_kind, new_kind):
Perform comparison
Parametersfile_idThe file_id of the file to compare
old_pathPath of the file in the old tree
new_pathPath of the file in the new tree
old_kindOld file-kind of the file
new_kindNew file-kind of the file
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