b.c.ResolveActionOption(option.RegistryOption) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Constructor.

Inherited from RegistryOption:

Method validate_value Validate a value name
Method convert Convert a value name into an output type
Method registry Undocumented
Static Method from_kwargs Convenience method to generate string-map registry options
Method add_option Add this option to an Optparse parser
Method iter_switches Iterate through the list of switches provided by the option
Method is_hidden Undocumented
Method _optparse_value_callback Undocumented

Inherited from Option (via RegistryOption):

Method short_name Undocumented
Method set_short_name Undocumented
Method get_negation_name Undocumented
Method _optparse_bool_callback Undocumented
Method _optparse_callback Undocumented
def __init__(self):
ParametersnameThe option name.
helpHelp for the option.
registryA Registry containing the values
converterCallable to invoke with the value name to produce the value. If not supplied, self.registry.get is used.
value_switchesIf true, each possible value is assigned its own switch. For example, instead of '--format knit', '--knit' can be used interchangeably.
enum_switchIf true, a switch is provided with the option name, which takes a value.
lazy_registryA tuple of (module name, attribute name) for a registry to be lazily loaded.
short_nameThe short name for the enum switch, if any
short_value_switchesA dict mapping values to short names
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