b.c._OldConfigHooks(hooks.Hooks) : class documentation

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A dict mapping hook names and a list of callables for configs.
Method __init__ Create the default hooks.

Inherited from Hooks:

Method add_hook Add a hook point to this dictionary.
Method create_hook Create a hook which can have callbacks registered for it.
Method docs Generate the documentation for this Hooks instance.
Method get_hook_name Get the name for a_callable for UI display.
Method install_named_hook_lazy Install a_callable in to the hook hook_name lazily, and label it.
Method install_named_hook Install a_callable in to the hook hook_name, and label it name.
Method uninstall_named_hook Uninstall named hooks.
Method name_hook Associate name with a_callable to show users what is running.
def __init__(self):
Create the default hooks.

These are all empty initially, because by default nothing should get notified.

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