b.bisect_multi : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

Bisection lookup multiple keys.
Function bisect_multi_bytes Perform bisection lookups for keys using byte based addressing.
def bisect_multi_bytes(content_lookup, size, keys):
Perform bisection lookups for keys using byte based addressing.

The keys are looked up via the content_lookup routine. The content_lookup
routine gives bisect_multi_bytes information about where to keep looking up
to find the data for the key, and bisect_multi_bytes feeds this back into
the lookup function until the search is complete. The search is complete
when the list of keys which have returned something other than -1 or +1 is
empty. Keys which are not found are not returned to the caller.

:param content_lookup: A callable that takes a list of (offset, key) pairs
    and returns a list of result tuples ((offset, key), result). Each
    result can be one of:
      -1: The key comes earlier in the content.
      False: The key is not present in the content.
      +1: The key comes later in the content.
      Any other value: A final result to return to the caller.
:param size: The length of the content.
:param keys: The keys to bisect for.
:return: An iterator of the results.
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