An integer underflow issue exists in ntfs-3g 2017.3.23. A local attacker
could potentially exploit this by running /bin/ntfs-3g with specially
crafted arguments from a specially crafted directory to cause a heap buffer
overflow, resulting in a crash or the ability to execute arbitrary code. In
installations where /bin/ntfs-3g is a setuid-root binary, this could lead
to a local escalation of privileges.
chrisccoulsonThis bug only has security implications when ntfs-3g is
installed as setuid-root. It's ignored in Ubuntu releases prior to
xenial, as it isn't installed as setuid-root in these releases.
Upstream:released (2017.3.23AR.4)
Ubuntu 12.04 ESM (Precise Pangolin):ignored
Ubuntu 14.04 ESM (Trusty Tahr):ignored
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus):released (1:2015.3.14AR.1-1ubuntu0.2)
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver):released (1:2017.3.23-2ubuntu0.18.04.1)
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Updated: 2020-07-28 20:07:58 UTC (commit d26b6ca9f5b3adb89bb036ce73ae7dab894935ec)