Multiple vulnerabilities in Oracle Java 7 before Update 11 allow remote
attackers to execute arbitrary code by (1) using the public
getMBeanInstantiator method in the JmxMBeanServer class to obtain a
reference to a private MBeanInstantiator object, then retrieving arbitrary
Class references using the findClass method, and (2) using the Reflection
API with recursion in a way that bypasses a security check by the
java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles.Lookup.checkSecurityManager method due to
the inability of the sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass method to skip
frames related to the new reflection API, as exploited in the wild in
January 2013, as demonstrated by Blackhole and Nuclear Pack, and a
different vulnerability than CVE-2012-4681 and CVE-2012-3174. NOTE: some
parties have mapped the recursive Reflection API issue to CVE-2012-3174,
but CVE-2012-3174 is for a different vulnerability whose details are not
public as of 20130114. CVE-2013-0422 covers both the JMX/MBean and
Reflection API issues. NOTE: it was originally reported that Java 6 was
also vulnerable, but the reporter has retracted this claim, stating that
Java 6 is not exploitable because the relevant code is called in a way that
does not bypass security checks. NOTE: as of 20130114, a reliable third
party has claimed that the findClass/MBeanInstantiator vector was not fixed
in Oracle Java 7 Update 11. If there is still a vulnerable condition, then
a separate CVE identifier might be created for the unfixed issue.
jdstrandactively being exploited against Oracle Java. As of 2013-01-12 no
updates are available from Oracle. Users are advised to disable or uninstall
the Oracle java 7 plugin
vulnerability appears to be introduced in Java 7 and Java 6 does not
seem affected
IcedTea 7 is affected way but the reproducers currently don't work
on Ubuntu. Users are advised to disable and/or uninstall the IcedTea plugin
(regardless of version) as a precaution unless its use is strictly required.
per mdeslaur, can't reproduce with icedtea-7-plugin on Ubuntu 12.04
LTS and 12.10 or with icedtea6-plugin on 12.04 LTS. jdstrand could also not
per mdeslaur, reproducer works with Oracle Java 7u10 on Ubuntu 12.04
LTS and 12.10. Confirmed to also work with 7u9.
Fixed in IcedTea 2.2.3 and 2.3.4
Priority: Medium
Priority: Medium
Upstream:ignored (end of life)
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Updated: 2020-07-28 19:48:46 UTC (commit d26b6ca9f5b3adb89bb036ce73ae7dab894935ec)