CVE-2012-3426 (retired)

OpenStack Keystone before 2012.1.1, as used in OpenStack Folsom before
Folsom-1 and OpenStack Essex, does not properly implement token expiration,
which allows remote authenticated users to bypass intended authorization
restrictions by (1) creating new tokens through token chaining, (2)
leveraging possession of a token for a disabled user account, or (3)
leveraging possession of a token for an account with a changed password.
 tyhicks> Fixed in Keystone 2012.1.1 stable update and the Folsom-1 development
 jdstrand> Keystone on 11.10 is a pre-release version and unusable with other
  components such as nova and horizon
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Updated: 2019-03-26 12:02:57 UTC (commit ccdecfcf0fead22bd291e5f4ea745a46872dcb15)