CVE-2011-3640 (retired)

** DISPUTED ** Untrusted search path vulnerability in Mozilla Network
Security Services (NSS), as used in Google Chrome before 17 on Windows and
Mac OS X, might allow local users to gain privileges via a Trojan horse
pkcs11.txt file in a top-level directory. NOTE: the vendor's response was
"Strange behavior, but we're not treating this as a security bug."
 tyhicks> Only programs calling NSS_NoDB_Init() are affected.
 tyhicks> Per Red Hat, most applications specify the path to the files rather
 tyhicks> than calling NSS_NoDB_Init().
 tyhicks> Among other mitigating factors, attacker must plant file in root of
 tyhicks> current working directory.
 tyhicks> The CVE description mentions Chrome being affected but it is only
 tyhicks> affected on Windows and MacOS X. However, it is ultimately an NSS
 tyhicks> bug and the versions of NSS that we ship look to be affected.
 mdeslaur> Attacker needs to create files in /, which only root can do.
 mdeslaur> This isn't a security issue on Linux.
Upstream:not-affected (MacOS X and Windows only)
Ubuntu 12.04 ESM (Precise Pangolin):not-affected (MacOS X and Windows only)
Source: nss (LP Ubuntu Debian)
Upstream:released (3.13)
Ubuntu 12.04 ESM (Precise Pangolin):not-affected (3.13.1.with.ckbi.1.88-1ubuntu6)
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