CVE-2007-5269 (retired)

Certain chunk handlers in libpng before 1.0.29 and 1.2.x before 1.2.21
allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via crafted (1)
pCAL (png_handle_pCAL), (2) sCAL (png_handle_sCAL), (3) tEXt
(png_push_read_tEXt), (4) iTXt (png_handle_iTXt), and (5) ztXT
(png_handle_ztXt) chunking in PNG images, which trigger out-of-bounds read
jdstrandassigned medium because of wide install base
looking at diff between 1.2.20 and 1.2.21, it appears that Ubuntu
is affected, though Debian thinks not. After weeding out the changes,
there are 9 chunks over pngpread.c and pngrutil.c that appear to be for
this CVE (the original patch improperly used png_strncpy, where our versions
have png_strcpy). TODO: get a reproducer and/or verify png_strcpy is really
not vulnerable.
after talking on IRC, Debian agreed they are in fact affected
2007/10/24 RH update:
RH has added code to pngrtran.c that was not included upstream.
Sticking with changes to pngpread.c and pngrutil.c until upstream can
provide a reproducer.
Upstream:released (1.0.29 and 1.2.21)
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