The default configuration of Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR)
Festival 1.95 beta (aka 2.0 beta) on Gentoo Linux, SUSE Linux, and possibly
other distributions, is run locally with elevated privileges without
requiring authentication, which allows local and remote attackers to
execute arbitrary commands via the local daemon on port 1314, a different
vulnerability than CVE-2001-0956. NOTE: this issue is local in some
environments, but remote on others.
keesnot as serious as in Gentoo, Debian's festival runs as nobody
jdstrandin addition to running as nobody, it also does not start on boot
by default (must edit the initscript) in dapper - gutsy (but does on hardy)
fix would likely include documentation fixes with a big warning in
the initscript
jstrandfix not released for gutsy, as debian bug #435445 did not fully
address the issue
jdstrandhardy runs server by default (1.96~beta-5ubuntu1)
marked hardy as fixed-- don't start server by default, non-prvileged
user and notes on using --server
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Updated: 2020-03-18 21:57:05 UTC (commit 2ea7df7bd1e69e1e489978d2724a936eb3faa1b8)