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Dependency level 1amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64elriscv64s390x
liburcu[build logs] (0.13.0-3) [ma:same]
Dependency level 2amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64elriscv64s390x
bcachefs-tools[build logs] (0.1+git20210805.6c42566-2)
glusterfs[build logs] (10.0-1.2ubuntu1) [ma:same]
knot[build logs] (3.1.4-1ubuntu1) [ma:same]
multipath-tools[build logs] (0.8.5-2ubuntu3)
netsniff-ng[build logs] (0.6.8-2build1)
ntirpc[build logs] (3.4-2build2) [ma:same]
ust[build logs] (2.12.1-1ubuntu3) [ma:same]
Dependency level 3amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64elriscv64s390x
ltt-control[build logs] (2.13.1-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 4amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64elriscv64s390x
nfs-ganesha[build logs] (3.4-1ubuntu4) [ma:same]