Phasing Ubuntu Stable Release Updates

Generated: 2021-05-06 01:23:34 UTC by phased-updater

A stable release update is either being phased (update percentage is not 0%) or phasing has been stopped (update percentage is 0%) for the following packages and releases.

The phasing stops if there is either an increased rate of crashes or an error has been found that has only been seen with the SRU'ed version of the package.

Learn more about investigating halted phased updates.


Package Version (signer, creator) Update Percentage Rate Increase Errors Days
unity-control-center 15.04.0+16.04.20171130-0ubuntu1 (ci-train-bot, 3v1n0) 0% of users (was 10%) 89150e 7f34a6 5a3690 1a615d f49f67 8947e6 46b7da de8276 eda58c bca9bb 7efca8 e53d34 cbc888 6332c9 14d6a4 0ad255 25397d f3e1c5 75c55e 6093cd 8dcaa4 dc2dca 86993e f9bb06 18d35a d79ed4 75fe04 b07c65 7ea2b7 8eed80 6122d5 61c3ea cb958a 5fd1ee 92e33b 058d1d 1b69b8 13818a eb8246 d2977f bab396 a52217 2fd8a3 902c0b cab314 ea7ec1 718df8 86e930 49d705 a4392d d5776b b36fb7 08c3ca 7ba710 f15e98 b0f28e b88d7b b1ac3b 99561e a4c525 a6e3e1 ff37b0 556890 07ca84 9e946a 27d0db 02ab33 9c615e 7b6310 ca2b58 d2b167 719880 621bbc c0a61f 8a4d05 e71a7b e5ceb1 73bc90 e1ded9 2c4be2 170313 b79674 74c12c b40bf3 5441be 492737 d8cfd2 1fb946 643e6a 82a4ad 4f6e25 513bb7 648d8b b97807 ab27c9 ad3814 bb909c 817fce 044454 2a8af6 1ebd92 be71fb 1eb9b4 d9e716 a288c9 3dd62c 619ada 6ae26d da3839 89739b 853219 f62755 830263 20dd00 16a66d cc4915 6a4b08 356a37 251912 dff9a0 2ae2e6 c662e0 58e565 50b66f dfb533 b5207a 428c06 5a9e52 402ac0 98f13e dc8646 5bb97b a305db 7ab7ab 1178


Package Version (signer, creator) Update Percentage Rate Increase Errors Days
update-notifier (bryce, lamoura) 0% of users (was 80%) d204af 6
ubuntu-drivers-common 1: (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 80%) 2fd63f 6f6fd7 a5320f 41
nvidia-settings 460.39-0ubuntu0.18.04.2 (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 10%) a0bc71 41
gnome-calculator 1:3.28.2-1~ubuntu18.04.3 (seb128, 3v1n0) 0% of users (was 90%) 30af55 9fa0e3 43ee19 9b48a4 5b4413 478
nautilus 1:3.26.4-0~ubuntu18.04.5 (3v1n0) 0% of users (was 10%) +4 5629f4 4cf1e8 0688d2 6f6be3 3276b1 be7142 fe57df 3b56ab 706835 471995 542f43 e19b32 dc6349 e8c436 45e7a9 3e762b b089b5 7996a2 3fa031 1a48e0 475484 a7d698 2ea705 833db1 bd1b52 18c363 042157 9e38e2 539b1c 9205d3 2d083a fdd211 c3a064 a6edc8 32bf28 dfa2b1 a90d6b e215dd 6355d9 758931 580094 ada242 cacf2e 011a46 ff0e16 9cfca3 cd1622 534674 56ec40 3cde12 32dd4c e87b6b 27014c 75e8aa be32c1 4d6059 2074ff abcc25 d102b9 81e14a 56303e 621b95 83c326 4dfd45 4c936a 40343b c329ff c7a18c 583194 478


Package Version (signer, creator) Update Percentage Rate Increase Errors Days
update-notifier (bryce, lamoura) 0% of users (was 10%) e49d69 6
grub2-signed 1.167 (xnox) 44% of users 8
grub2-unsigned 2.04-1ubuntu44 (xnox) 44% of users 8
grub2 2.04-1ubuntu26.11 (xnox) 42% of users 8
ubuntu-release-upgrader 1:20.04.32 (brian-murray) 0% of users (was 10%) +2 e70176 987bd6 ec588d 13
nvidia-settings 460.39-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 10%) +2 5ab20b 4c05e3 f38d62 6a6445 e00eb1 62
nvidia-prime 0.8.16~ (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 10%) 61111e cd1fe5 62


Package Version (signer, creator) Update Percentage Rate Increase Errors Days
nvidia-prime 0.8.16~ (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 30%) cd1fe5 61111e 62
nvidia-settings 460.39-0ubuntu0.20.10.1 (albertomilone) 0% of users (was 10%) 4c7402 6a6445 62
gnome-shell 3.38.2-1ubuntu1~20.10.1 (3v1n0) 0% of users (was 10%) +61 be276f 4d21d3 0447ee d7442c 0aef7b 1bea21 0280bf af941e 1893fd c496ee ea95c2 9b5d46 deac6c 232c3f 4f1231 beb955 21d3c4 f58263 dc211c f1c81b 0b6c9d 2b23ad 105