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Untagged packages (124):
alsa-lib, apparmor, asn1crypto, audit, bind9, blinker, brlaser, ca-certificates, capnproto, cdrdao, crda, cyrus-sasl2, dleyna-connector-dbus, dleyna-core, dleyna-renderer, dleyna-server, dmidecode, dns-root-data, dnsmasq, dvd+rw-tools, enca, exfat-utils, fcitx, ffmpeg, flatpak, fonts-android, fonts-gargi, fonts-gubbi, fonts-navilu, fonts-pagul, fonts-sarai, fonts-smc-chilanka, fonts-smc-dyuthi, fonts-smc-karumbi, fonts-smc-keraleeyam, fonts-smc-manjari, fonts-smc-meera, fonts-smc-rachana, fonts-smc-raghumalayalamsans, fonts-smc-suruma, fonts-smc-uroob, fonts-ubuntu, fuse-exfat, game-music-emu, gdisk, heimdal, intel-processor-trace, ippusbxd, iptables, irqbalance, itstool, kerneloops, ldb, leveldb, libaacs, libatasmart, libbdplus, libburn, libindicator, libiptcdata, libisofs, liblouisutdml, libmusicbrainz5, libnetfilter-conntrack, libnfnetlink, libopenmpt, libosinfo, libpcap, libpgm, libquvi-scripts, libsdl1.2, libseccomp, libsodium, libspectre, libunwind, libva, linux, linux-base, linux-firmware, linux-meta, llvm-toolchain-8, lm-sensors, lua5.3, m2300w, mako, markupsafe, mir, mysql-defaults, nas, net-snmp, nghttp2, nspr, nss, numactl, openldap, openvpn, osinfo-db, ostree, pnm2ppa, ppa-purge, protobuf, psmisc, pxljr, qtquickcontrols-opensource-src, samba, sg3-utils, six, snapd, snappy, ssl-cert, taglib, tcp-wrappers, tcpdump, tevent, thermald, ubuntu-docs, ubuntu-gnome-default-settings, ubuntu-gnome-meta, ubuntu-gnome-wallpapers, ubuntu-touch-sounds, ufw, wireless-regdb, xmlsec1, zsync

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