Mobile desktop in 100% gnome

All screenshots you see here are only using plain gnome elements yet, no special tweaks beyond gconf an theme adjustments were made apart from the custom desktop launcher app shown at the bottom of this page, which uses plain xdg menus (so the desktop is fully editable with the standard gnome menu editor and uses all existing translations) and the close button on the top right in the panel (which is a simple launcher sending an alt-f4 signal to metacity to close the currently focused window if there is one)

ume desktop setup in gnome

midbrowser as shipped in ume

lightbrowser (alpha) preferences


open windows

closebutton in panel

handwriting recognition





app menu





onscreen keyboard

add appointment


Different iterations of the desktop launcher during development. it s fully focused on finger navigation and supports natural scrolling (like midbrowser). the plan is to put a slight shadow in cairo over the whole launcher window and use the cursor on touch like a torch to light up the spot a user points at

first try of a launcher based on the gnome menu (using xdg standards, so all changes you make with a normal menu editor apply)

with categories