b.workingtree : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

WorkingTree object and friends.

A WorkingTree represents the editable working copy of a branch. Operations which represent the WorkingTree are also done here, such as renaming or adding files. The WorkingTree has an inventory which is updated by these operations. A commit produces a new revision based on the workingtree and its inventory.

At the moment every WorkingTree has its own branch. Remote WorkingTrees aren't supported.

To get a WorkingTree, call bzrdir.open_workingtree() or WorkingTree.open(dir).

Class TreeEntry An entry that implements the minimum interface used by commands.
Class TreeDirectory See TreeEntry. This is a directory in a working tree.
Class TreeFile See TreeEntry. This is a regular file in a working tree.
Class TreeLink See TreeEntry. This is a symlink in a working tree.
Class WorkingTree Working copy tree.
Class InventoryWorkingTree Base class for working trees that are inventory-oriented.
Class WorkingTreeFormatRegistry Registry for working tree formats.
Class WorkingTreeFormat An encapsulation of the initialization and open routines for a format.
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