b.t.test_smart_request : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for smart server request infrastructure (bzrlib.smart.request).
Class NoBodyRequest A request that does not implement do_body.
Class DoErrorRequest A request that raises an error from self.do().
Class DoUnexpectedErrorRequest A request that encounters a generic error in self.do()
Class ChunkErrorRequest A request that raises an error from self.do_chunk().
Class EndErrorRequest A request that raises an error from self.do_end().
Class CheckJailRequest Undocumented
Class TestSmartRequest No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestSmartRequestHandlerErrorTranslation Tests that SmartServerRequestHandler will translate exceptions raised by
Class TestRequestHanderErrorTranslation Tests for bzrlib.smart.request._translate_error.
Class TestRequestJail Undocumented
Class TestJailHook No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
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