b.t.test_repository : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for the Repository facility that are not interface tests.

For interface tests see tests/per_repository/*.py.

For concrete class tests see this file, and for storage formats tests
also see this file.
Class TestDefaultFormat Undocumented
Class SampleRepositoryFormat A sample format
Class SampleExtraRepositoryFormat A sample format that can not be used in a metadir
Class TestRepositoryFormat Tests for the Repository format detection used by the bzr meta dir facility.BzrBranchFormat facility.
Class TestRepositoryFormatRegistry Undocumented
Class TestFormatKnit1 No class docstring; 6/10 methods documented
Class DummyRepository A dummy repository for testing.
Class InterDummy An inter-repository optimised code path for DummyRepository.
Class TestInterRepository No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class TestRepositoryFormat1 Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryFormat2 Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryConverter Undocumented
Class TestRepositoryFormatKnit3 No class docstring; 3/4 methods documented
Class Test2a Undocumented
Class TestKnitPackStreamSource Undocumented
Class TestDevelopment6FindParentIdsOfRevisions Tests for _find_parent_ids_of_revisions.
Class TestWithBrokenRepo These tests seem to be more appropriate as interface tests?
Class TestRepositoryPackCollection No class docstring; 3/27 methods documented
Class TestPack Tests for the Pack object.
Class TestNewPack Tests for pack_repo.NewPack.
Class TestPacker Tests for the packs repository Packer class.
Class TestOptimisingPacker Tests for the OptimisingPacker class.
Class TestGCCHKPacker No class docstring; 1/4 methods documented
Class TestCrossFormatPacks Undocumented
Class Test_LazyListJoin Undocumented
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