b.t.test_merge : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

No module docstring
Class TestMerge Test appending more than one revision
Class TestPlanMerge No class docstring; 2/32 methods documented
Class LoggingMerger Undocumented
Class TestMergerBase Common functionality for Merger tests that don't write to disk.
Class TestMergerInMemory Undocumented
Class TestMergerEntriesLCA Undocumented
Class TestMergerEntriesLCAOnDisk No class docstring; 3/22 methods documented
Class TestLCAMultiWay No class docstring; 3/9 methods documented
Class TestConfigurableFileMerger No class docstring; 1/11 methods documented
Class TestMergeIntoBase No class docstring; 4/5 methods documented
Class TestMergeInto No class docstring; 9/9 methods documented
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