b.t.test_lazy_import : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Test the lazy_import functionality.
Class InstrumentedReplacer Track what actions are done
Class InstrumentedImportReplacer Undocumented
Class TestClass Just a simple test class instrumented for the test cases
Class TestScopeReplacer Test the ability of the replacer to put itself into the correct scope.
Class ImportReplacerHelper Test the ability to have a lazily imported module or object
Class TestImportReplacerHelper No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestImportReplacer No class docstring; 6/6 methods documented
Class TestConvertImportToMap Directly test the conversion from import strings to maps
Class TestFromToMap Directly test the conversion of 'from foo import bar' syntax
Class TestCanonicalize Test that we can canonicalize import texts
Class TestImportProcessor Test that ImportProcessor can turn import texts into lazy imports
Class TestLazyImportProcessor No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class TestScopeReplacerReentrance The ScopeReplacer should be reentrant.
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