b.t.test_knit : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for Knit data structure
Class KnitContentTestsMixin No class docstring; 2/6 methods documented
Class TestPlainKnitContent Undocumented
Class TestAnnotatedKnitContent Undocumented
Class MockTransport Undocumented
Class MockReadvFailingTransport Fail in the middle of a readv() result.
Class KnitRecordAccessTestsMixin Tests for getting and putting knit records.
Class TestKnitKnitAccess Tests for the .kndx implementation.
Class TestPackKnitAccess Tests for the pack based access.
Class LowLevelKnitDataTests No class docstring; 1/9 methods documented
Class LowLevelKnitIndexTests No class docstring; 1/31 methods documented
Class LowLevelKnitIndexTests_c Undocumented
Class Test_KnitAnnotator Undocumented
Class KnitTests Class containing knit test helper routines.
Class TestBadShaError Tests for handling of sha errors.
Class TestKnitIndex No class docstring; 2/4 methods documented
Class TestGraphIndexKnit Tests for knits using a GraphIndex rather than a KnitIndex.
Class TestNoParentsGraphIndexKnit Tests for knits using _KnitGraphIndex with no parents.
Class TestKnitVersionedFiles Undocumented
Class TestStacking Undocumented
Class TestNetworkBehaviour Tests for getting data out of/into knits over the network.
Class TestContentMapGenerator Tests for ContentMapGenerator
Class _TestException Just an exception for local tests to use.
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