b.t.test_graph : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

No module docstring
Class InstrumentedParentsProvider Undocumented
Class SharedInstrumentedParentsProvider Undocumented
Class TestGraphBase No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestGraph No class docstring; 16/58 methods documented
Class TestFindUniqueAncestors Undocumented
Class TestGraphFindDistanceToNull Test an api that should be able to compute a revno
Class TestFindMergeOrder Undocumented
Class TestFindDescendants Undocumented
Class TestFindLefthandMerger Undocumented
Class TestGetChildMap Undocumented
Class TestCachingParentsProvider These tests run with:
Class TestCachingParentsProviderExtras Test the behaviour when parents are provided that were not requested.
Class TestCollapseLinearRegions Undocumented
Class TestGraphThunkIdsToKeys Undocumented
Class TestPendingAncestryResultGetKeys Tests for bzrlib.graph.PendingAncestryResult.
Class TestPendingAncestryResultRefine Undocumented
Class TestSearchResultRefine Undocumented
Class TestSearchResultFromParentMap Undocumented
Class TestLimitedSearchResultFromParentMap Undocumented
Class TestStackedParentsProvider Undocumented
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