b.t.test_controldir : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for the ControlDir facility.

For interface contract tests, see tests/per_control_dir.

Class SampleComponentFormat Undocumented
Class SampleExtraComponentFormat Extra format, no format string.
Class TestMetaComponentFormatRegistry Undocumented
Class TestControlDirFormatDeprecated Tests for removed registration method in the ControlDirFormat facility.
Class TestProber Per-prober tests.
Class NotBzrDir A non .bzr based control directory.
Class NotBzrDirFormat A test class representing any non-.bzr based disk format.
Class NotBzrDirProber No class docstring; 0/1 class methods, 1/1 methods documented
Class TestNotBzrDir Tests for using the controldir api with a non .bzr based disk format.
Class UnsupportedControlComponentFormat Undocumented
Class OldControlComponentFormat Undocumented
Class DefaultControlComponentFormatTests Tests for default ControlComponentFormat implementation.
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