b.t.stub_sftp : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

A stub SFTP server for loopback SFTP testing. Adapted from the one in paramiko's unit tests.
Class StubServer Undocumented
Class StubSFTPHandle Undocumented
Class StubSFTPServer Undocumented
Class SocketDelay A socket decorator to make TCP appear slower.
Class TestingSFTPConnectionHandler Undocumented
Class TestingSFTPWithoutSSHConnectionHandler Undocumented
Class TestingSFTPServer Undocumented
Class SFTPServer Common code for SFTP server facilities.
Class SFTPFullAbsoluteServer A test server for sftp transports, using absolute urls and ssh.
Class SFTPServerWithoutSSH An SFTP server that uses a simple TCP socket pair rather than SSH.
Class SFTPAbsoluteServer A test server for sftp transports, using absolute urls.
Class SFTPHomeDirServer A test server for sftp transports, using homedir relative urls.
Class SFTPSiblingAbsoluteServer A test server for sftp transports where only absolute paths will work.
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