b.r.knitpack_repo : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.repofmt

Knit-based pack repository formats.
Class KnitPackRepository Undocumented
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack1 A no-subtrees parameterized Pack repository.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack3 A subtrees parameterized Pack repository.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack4 A rich-root, no subtrees parameterized Pack repository.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack5 Repository that supports external references to allow stacking.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack5RichRoot A repository with rich roots and stacking.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack5RichRootBroken A repository with rich roots and external references.
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack6 A repository with stacking and btree indexes,
Class RepositoryFormatKnitPack6RichRoot A repository with rich roots, no subtrees, stacking and btree indexes.
Class RepositoryFormatPackDevelopment2Subtree A subtrees development repository.
Class KnitPackStreamSource A StreamSource used to transfer data between same-format KnitPack repos.
Class KnitPacker Packer that works with knit packs.
Class KnitReconcilePacker A packer which regenerates indices etc as it copies.
Class OptimisingKnitPacker A packer which spends more time to create better disk layouts.
Class KnitRepositoryPackCollection A knit pack collection.
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