b.p.w.test_bzrdir : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.plugins.weave_fmt

Tests for the weave-era BzrDir formats.

For interface contract tests, see tests/per_bzr_dir.

Class TestFormat5 Tests specific to the version 5 bzrdir format.
Class TestFormat6 Tests specific to the version 6 bzrdir format.
Class TestBreakLockOldBranch Undocumented
Class TestUpgrade No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Class SFTPBranchTest Test some stuff when accessing a bzr Branch over sftp
Class TestInfo Undocumented
Class TestBranchFormat4 Tests specific to branch format 4
Class TestBoundBranch Undocumented
Class TestInit Undocumented
Class V4WeaveBundleTester Undocumented
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