b.controldir : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

ControlDir is the basic control directory class.

The ControlDir class is the base for the control directory used by all bzr and foreign formats. For the ".bzr" implementation, see bzrlib.bzrdir.BzrDir.

Class ControlComponent Abstract base class for control directory components.
Class ControlDir A control directory.
Class ControlDirHooks Hooks for ControlDir operations.
Class ControlComponentFormat A component that can live inside of a .bzr meta directory.
Class ControlComponentFormatRegistry A registry for control components (branch, workingtree, repository).
Class Converter Converts a disk format object from one format to another.
Class ControlDirFormat An encapsulation of the initialization and open routines for a format.
Class Prober Abstract class that can be used to detect a particular kind of
Class ControlDirFormatInfo Undocumented
Class ControlDirFormatRegistry Registry of user-selectable ControlDir subformats.
Class RepoInitHookParams Object holding parameters passed to *_repo_init hooks.
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