b.c.CHKBEncodeSerializer(BEncodeRevisionSerializer1, CHKSerializer) : class documentation

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A CHKInventory and BEncode based serializer with 'plain' behaviour.

Inherited from BEncodeRevisionSerializer1:

Method write_revision_to_string Undocumented
Method write_revision Undocumented
Method read_revision_from_string Undocumented
Method read_revision Undocumented

Inherited from CHKSerializer:

Method __init__ Undocumented

Inherited from Serializer_v8 (via CHKSerializer):

Method write_inventory_to_lines Return a list of lines with the encoded inventory.
Method write_inventory_to_string Just call write_inventory with a StringIO and return the value.
Method write_inventory Write inventory to a file.
Method _check_revisions Extension point for subclasses to check during serialisation.
Method _check_cache_size Check that the entry_cache is large enough.
Method _append_inventory_root Append the inventory root to output.
Method _pack_revision Revision object -> xml tree
Method _pack_revision_properties Undocumented
Method _unpack_inventory Construct from XML Element
Method _unpack_entry Undocumented
Method _unpack_revision XML Element -> Revision object
Method _unpack_revision_properties Unpack properties onto a revision.
Method _find_text_key_references Core routine for extracting references to texts from inventories.

Inherited from XMLSerializer (via CHKSerializer, Serializer_v8):

Method read_inventory_from_string Read xml_string into an inventory object.
Method read_inventory See read_inventory_from_string.
Method write_revision Undocumented
Method write_revision_to_string Undocumented
Method read_revision Undocumented
Method read_revision_from_string Undocumented
Method _write_element Undocumented
Method _read_element Undocumented
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