Ubuntu Touch Landing Team Issue Tracker

This list includes all the bugs and issues tracked by the Landing Team, considered of certain importance to the quality and state of Ubuntu Touch images. This is also the same list that is included in the daily Landing Team status update e-mails.

To get more information about a given bug, you can click on the given issue row to open up the extended information panel below it. Issues that are getting fixed are removed from the list if are confirmed to be working on one of the Ubuntu Touch images.
You can also browse through all these bugs manually by visiting this Launchpad Bug page.

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Ubuntu-Touch stable promotion blockers

Bugs blocking the currently prepared OTA update for the stable channel

IssuePriorityLP bugs #AgePT PriorityPT MilestoneComments

Ubuntu-Touch devel promotion blockers

Bugs not allowing promotion to the devel channel

IssuePriorityLP bugs #AgePT PriorityPT MilestoneComments

Issues requiring developer attention

Bugs that are important enough in the Landing Team opinion and would require help from developers and the community

IssuePriorityLP bugs #AgePT PriorityPT MilestoneComments

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- The bug has been commented on recently in the last 24 hours.
- The bug has merge requests filled against it, so it's being actively worked on.