The Debian Archives

Welcome! This site hopes to highlight some of the history of the Debian project by making available virtual machine images (and sometimes install media) for archived Debian releases. Debian has a long history dating back to 1993. Some of that history is retold in

Why this site?

I started using Debian 2.1, and like so many others immediately became a fan. I've used, deployed, and contributed to Debian for many years and while the majority of my focus these days is on Ubuntu, I still admire and contribute to Debian.

Interestingly enough, it was at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in December of 2008 that I started playing around with old Debian ISO images for Bo and Hamm in KVM (thanks Marc Deslauries!). I was inspired to create a collection of old Debian installations on my computer, and after talking with Debian maintainer Arnaud Quette and Ubuntu developer Dustin Kirkland, I knew I was onto something and wanted to make these images available for all to enjoy (though, as I did this in my spare time, it took a bit longer than expected, but better late then never! :)

Thanks to Canonical Ltd. and James Troup for allowing me to host this site and to Debian for such a great operating system, whether on its own or as a basis for derived works.


The basic idea is to do a basic, bare-bones installation with everything setup so the user can login, install software and reminisce about days gone by. Enjoy!

  1. Install basic system
  2. Setup networking
  3. Document installation procedure so others can install on their own
  4. Make isos available for hard to find older releases
  5. Make images available for all old releases
  6. Provide notes on using the VM
  7. Provide libvirt XML
  8. Install manpages