Changelogs from build 20140818.1 to 20140819

  address-book-app (0.2+14.10.20140815-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced
   [ Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho ]
   * [Contacts] Created ContactPreviewPage component and extend it to be
     used by other apps. [Contacts] Created VCardParser component.
     [ContactListPage] Fixed contact share on multiselection mode.
     [ListItemWithActions] Filter only visible right side actions.
     [ContactEditorPage] Used ContentPeerPicker to pick a contact avatar.
     [ContactEditorPage] Update "add field" "delete" buttons color.
     [FastScroll] Avoid make the letter empty when scrolling over it,
     this was causing problems on fast scroll. (LP: #1350506)

  address-book-service (0.1.1+14.10.20140815-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced
   [ Renato Araujo Oliveira Filho ]
   * Removed dbus autostart service file. We do not need dbus autostart
     service file we are using upstart with respawn. (LP: #1347557)
   * Update contact position in contacts map after update. This is
     necessary because the contact map is used on contact view and should
     keep the contact sort.

  dpkg (1.17.12ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium
   * Merge with Debian; remaining changes:
     - Change native source version/format mismatch errors into warnings
       until the dust settles on Debian bug 737634 about override options.
     - Add DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES environment check so that higher-level
       tools can get untranslated dpkg terminal log messages while at the
       same time having translated debconf prompts.
     - Special-case arm{el,hf} ELF objects in Shlibs/ for multilib.
     - Map unqualified package names of multiarch-same packages to the native
       arch instead of throwing an error, so that we don't break on upgrade
       when there are unqualified names stored in the dpkg trigger database.
     - Add logic to the postinst to `dpkg --add-architecture i386' on new
       installs on amd64, mimicking our previous behaviour with the conffile.
     - Apply a workaround from mvo to consider ^rc packages as multiarch,
       during the dpkg consistency checks. (see LP: 1015567 and 1057367).
 dpkg (1.17.12) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Only build the compatibility selinux code if libselinux is available or
     the user requested it. Also fixes build failures on non-Linux systems.
     Closes: #757637
   * Documentation:
     - Add a short description to each virtual field in dpkg-query(1), and
       mention the version they got introduced in dpkg.
     - Fix formatting of last paragraphs inside dselect(1) --color description.
   * Rework dselect columns code, to make it easier to maintain and read.
   * Add new architecture columns to dselect package list view. The new
     columns, shown by default, can be turned off with the new ‘A’ key,
     or bound to another key via the new “archdisplay” keybinding.
   * Fix a descriptor leak on dselect subprocesses when --debug is used.
   * Use «tar --format=gnu» when creating source archives. This makes sure we
     get a deterministic output format, regardless of what tar defaults to.
     Thanks to Jan Blunck ..
   * Use perl's length instead of defined when checking some environment
     variables, if we require them to have content.
   * Allow specifying the same build type option multiple times in
     dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-genchanges. There seems to be scripts with
     such invocations in the wild. Closes: #757795
   [ Updated programs translations ]
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
 dpkg (1.17.11) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Switch URLs in docs and code comments from http:// to https:// if the
     latter is available (round two). This includes the quilt patch header
     templates, and examples in man pages.
   * Update some dpkg git URLs to the new and newer (cgit switch) scheme.
   * Changes to libcompat:
     - Make the library testable.
     - Do not run qsort() over the scandir() list if it is NULL.
     - Add a setexecfilecon() compatibility function out from dpkg code.
   * Use SELinux setexecfilecon() if available in dpkg instead of ad-hoc code.
   * Replace obsolete  with , which fixes compilation on
     Android. Thanks to Fredrik Fornwall . Closes: #752036
   * Fix file triggers/Unincorp descriptor leak on subprocesses. Regression
     introduced with the initial triggers implementation in dpkg 1.14.17.
     Closes: #751021
   * Do not disable the stack-protector build flags on arm64 in Debian and
     derivatives, the toolchain supports them now.
     Thanks to Adam Conrad . Closes: #751032
   * When parsing the statoverride database from dpkg-statoverride do not
     consider it an error and refuse to operate at all if the user or group
     names are not known to the system, just preserve them. Closes: #563307
   * Do not write to the available file when unpacking binary packages. This
     information is not useful as dpkg has never recorded the archive path,
     so it has never been truly available for re-installation anyway.
   * Add versioned Provides support:
     - Add a new dpkg --assert-versioned-provides command.
     - Packages can provide a specific version, “virtual (= 1.0)” which will
       be honored, previously it would just be accepted when parsing.
     - Non-versioned virtual packages will not satisfy versioned dependencies.
     - Versioned virtual packages will satisfy non-versioned dependencies.
     Based on skeletal code by Ben Collins .
     Closes: #7330, #24934, #112131, #134582, #180316
   * On removal check Depends and Pre-Depends for packages in unpacked and
     half-configured states too.
   * Add support for new hardening build flag stackprotectorstrong in Debian
     and derivatives, enabled by default. It will fallback to stackprotector
     when the former is not functional or disabled by the user.
     Thanks to Romain Francoise .
   * Change «dpkg-deb --field» code to use the libdpkg deb822 parser instead
     of an ad-hoc one. This makes sure any field fixup and sanity check is
     performed on the input, and gets reflected on the output.
   * Add new dpkg-query virtual fields db:Status-Want, db:Status-Status and
     db:Status-Eflag to allow fine-grained access to the Status values.
   * Automatically add the Testsuite field in dpkg-source to the .dsc file.
   * Spell nocheck option in dpkg-scanpackages wait_child() call correctly.
     Spotted by James McCoy  (in devscripts).
   * Move the explanation of functional checks from --verify-format to the
     --verify command in the dpkg(1) man page. Closes: #747264
   * Improve dpkg-buildpackage(1) man page:
     - Mark DEB_CHECK_COMMAND environment variable in bold.
     - Add final item for done hook in the actions sequence.
     - Mention that -nc does not apply either when -F is specified.
     - Mention that the --FOO-option options can be used multiple times.
     - Fix a typo in the BUGS section.
   * Mark the “and” between the filenames as regular format in dpkg-source(1).
   * Add --format and --ignore-bad-version to dpkg-source --help output.
   * Clarify error message in Dpkg::Source::Quilt when patches fail to apply,
     to note that the patch might be malformed (besides not accepting patches
     with fuzz).
   * Try to preallocate the disk size for extracted files on unpack. This
     might help in avoiding filesystem fragmentation, and possibly improve
     performance on some filesystems.
   * Print the correct removed binary filename when building a source package
     with dpkg-source --include-removal. Closes: #755166
   * Add powerpcel support to cputable. Thanks to Jae Junh .
   * Bump the i386 architecture GNU triplet to i586-linux-gnu to match the
     change in gcc. Somewhat reluctantly, as i386 wants to be its unique
     snowflake and use a GNU triplet not matching its baseline. This will
     cause problems when cross-building and using unmatched combinations of
     dpkg-dev and gcc. Closes: #751363
   * Update i386 architecture GNU cpu regex in cputable to match i786 too.
   * Remove unused pkglibdir variable from
   * Perl modules:
     - Add new set_as_auto() method to Dpkg::Substvars.
     - Add support for sig and delete_sig spawn() options in Dpkg::IPC.
     - Add %opts to ensure_open() member in Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle.
     - Change find_command() to handle an empty or undef argument in Dpkg:Path.
   * Mark Format and Installed-Size as automatic substvars in dpkg-genchanges
     and dpkg-gencontrol respectively.
   * Warn on usage of deprecated Source-Version substvar.
   * Say OpenPGP instead of PGP when referring to the standard on code comments
     and output messages.
   * Add a hint to the “no dependency information found” error message in
     dpkg-shlibdeps, to check if the library is actually packaged.
     Thanks to Sylvestre Ledru . Closes: #756230
   * Delete the current compressor SIGPIPE disposition in Dpkg::Source::Archive,
     which fixes ignoring SIGPIPE from the calling process. Closes: #756526
   * Ignore DEB_CHECK_COMMAND in dpkg-buildpackage if the command is not found.
   * Emit a warning when using the deprecated -is/-ip/-isp/-ips options in
   * Only print build type once in dpkg-genchanges, instead of once for each
     specified -A or -B option and then yet another time for the general build
     type description.
   * Unify build options description in --help output for dpkg-buildpackage
     and dpkg-genchanges.
   * Only allow one build type option in dpkg-genchanges and dpkg-buildpackage.
   * Correctly filter the host architecture on the Architecture field in the
     generated .changes file from dpkg-genchanges, when the debian/files
     contains arch-specific packages but dpkg-genchanges was called with
     one of the build types excluding them.
   * Add new -g and -G options to dpkg-genchanges and dpkg-buildpackage for
     source plus arch-indep/specific builds. Closes: #756975
   * Fix dpkg --add-architecture and --remove-architecture to check that they
     get exactly one argument. Closes: #757254
   [ Updated programs translations ]
   * Danish (Joe Dalton). Closes: #754127
   * French (Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner, Julien Patriarca).
   * Portuguese (Miguel Figueiredo). Closes: #756920
   * Spanish (Guillem Jover): Fix «dpkg-query -l» header. Closes: #756209
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).

  gnome-control-center-signon (0.1.7~+14.10.20140814-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced
   [ Alberto Mardegan ]
   * Add explicit dependency on signon-ui-x11 Now that signon-ui is a
     dummy package for signon-ui-x11 and ubuntu-system-settings-online-
     accounts, we must make sure that the former is installed, since it's
     the only possibility which provides all the functionalities required
     by the unity-control-center.

  gst-fluendo-mp3 (0.10.29.debian-1ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium
   * debian/patches/workaround_decode_with_bad_frames_after_seek.patch:
     - Restoring previous (< 0.10.24) behavior when handling a bad frame after
       seeking, until upstream bug is properly fixed. (LP: #1346821)

  initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (0.75) utopic; urgency=medium
   [ Jani Monoses ]
   * Allow booting Ubuntu from a partition.
   * Revert the last change. We'll first support a common partition only
     for Ubuntu, Android system and custom and these changes are not needed.

  lxc-android-config (0.193) utopic; urgency=medium
   * Add the UDISK_SYSTEM hint for mako, flo, manta and the generics.

  maliit-framework (0.99.0+git20130923+17fdf86-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium
   * New upstream snapshot
     - Dropping patches that are already in upstream
     - Sync with latest from upstream

  media-hub (1.0.0+14.10.20140818-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Jim Hodapp ]
   * Allow confined apps to play sounds from /usr/share/sounds
   [ CI bot ]
   * Allow confined apps to play sounds from /usr/share/sounds.
     debian/ remove 'audit deny owner /** m,'
     since it. is overriding the rule to allow mmap of /tmp/orcexec files
     (AppArmor will still deny other mmap access) - LP: #1357348 (LP:

  powerd (0.16+14.10.20140818-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Yuan-Chen Cheng ]
   * Better log for powerd when suspending, to make debug easier.
   [ Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ]
   * Better log for powerd when suspending, to make debug easier.

  signon-ui (0.17+14.10.20140814-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced
   [ Alberto Mardegan ]
   * New release Add signon-ui-service, to fix co-installation with u-s-
     s-o-a. Use Oxide instead of WebKit2 .

  telephony-service (0.1+14.10.20140818.1-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ CI bot ]
   * Resync trunk
   [ Tiago Salem Herrmann ]
   * Do not connect/disconnect signals if the connection is not ready.

  ubuntu-app-launch ( utopic; urgency=medium
   * Temporarily revert the cgroup support introduced in the last
     version, as it was causing regressions in our test infrastructure

  ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (0.4+14.10.20140818.1-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Alberto Mardegan ]
   * New version - Use signon-ui-service, to fix co-installation with of
     signon-ui.- Implement reauthentication (via snap-decisions) (LP:

  ubuntu-touch-session (0.108+14.10.20140818-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low
   [ Alberto Aguirre ]
   * Enable use of h/w overlays by unity-system-compositor if available