Changelogs from build 20140328.1 to 20140329

  apparmor (2.8.95~2430-0ubuntu3) trusty; urgency=medium
   [ Jamie Strandboge ]
   * debian/lib/apparmor/functions: properly calculate number of profiles in
     /var/lib/apparmor/profiles (LP: #1295816)
   * autostart aa-notify via /etc/xdg/autostart instead of /etc/X11/Xsession.d
     (LP: #1288241)
     - remove debian/notify/90apparmor-notify
     - add debian/notify/apparmor-notify.desktop
     - debian/apparmor-notify.install: adjust for the above
     - add debian/apparmor-notify.maintscript to remove 90apparmor-notify
   * debian/notify/notify.conf: use_group should be set to "sudo" instead of
     "admin" (LP: #1009666)
   [ Tyler Hicks ]
   * debian/patches/initialize-mount-flags.patch: Initialize the variables
     containing mount rule flags to zero. Otherwise, the parser may set
     unexpected bits in the mount flags field for rules that do not specify
     mount flags. The uninitialized mount flag variables may have caused
     unexpected AppArmor denials during mount mediation. (LP: #1296459)
   * debian/patches/fix-typo-in-dbus_write.patch: Fix a bug in the
     apparmor/ module that caused the utilities in the apparmor-utils
     package to write out network rules instead of dbus rules
   * debian/patches/limited-mount-rule-support.patch: Fix a bug in the
     apparmor/ module that caused the utilities in the apparmor-utils
     package to traceback when encountering a mount rule (LP: #1294825)
   * debian/patches/bare-capability-rule-support.patch: Fix a bug in the
     apparmor/ module that caused the utilities in the apparmor-utils
     package to traceback when encountering a bare capability rule
     (LP: #1294819)
   * debian/patches/check-config-for-sysctl.patch,
     debian/patches/increase-swap-size.patch: Fix bugs in the regression test
     suite that caused errors when running on ppc64el
   * debian/patches/test-v6-policy.patch,
     debian/patches/test-mount-mediation.patch: Improve the regression tests
     by increasing the mount rule test coverage

  apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (1.1.11) trusty; urgency=medium
   * 1.0/ubuntu-*: explicitly deny access to oxide files so webbrowser-app's
     fallback mechanism to QtWebKit works correctly. This is needed so 13.10
     framework webapps don't regress
   * 1.1/webview: prevent certificate db poisoning and disallow write access to
     @{HOME}/.pki/nssdb/*. Note, while this prevents cert attacks, it doesn't
     prevent information disclosure so once LP: 1260048 is fixed in oxide, we
     can remove the read access.

  bash (4.3-4ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=medium
   * Fix a display issue when a multiline command is aborted with ^C.
   * Fix a crash after a failed history expansion. LP: #1294669.

  ido (13.10.0+14.04.20140328-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * debian/*symbols: auto-update new symbols to released version
   [ Lars Uebernickel ]
   * Highlight back/forward buttons when hovering them with the pointer
     Space bar still activates play/pause, unless the mouse pointer
     hovers another button. (LP: #733285)
   * expose idobasicmenuitem, a normal menu item that supports non-square
   * idoplaybackmenuitem: propagate events in the menu keyrelease handler
     To issue a redraw on the menu items as well. Fixes lp:1297818. (LP:

  lxc (1.0.2-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium
   * New upstream bugfix release.
   * Update packaging from daily branch.
     - Build-depend on libcgmanager-dev
     - Build-depend on libseccomp-dev for armhf too
     - Move rsync dependency from lxc to liblxc1
     - Stop recommending cgroup-lite | cgroup-bin (replace by cgmanager)
     - Stop recommending libcap2-bin (lxc-setcap was dropped ages ago)
     - Stop recommending openssl from lxc (only used by templates)
     - Move uidmap recommend from lxc to liblxc1
     - Recommend busybox-static for lxc-templates
     - Add cgmanager as a dependency of liblxc1
     - Enable cgmanager support in LXC (LP: #1279048)
     - Drop cgroup-lite test suite dependency.
     - Update testsuite runner to work inside an unprivileged container.
     - Update testsuite runner to work in the LXC CI environment.

  powerd (0.13+14.04.20140328.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Alfonso Sanchez-Beato ]
   * Add support for multiple ofono modems (LP#1295085). Handle
     simultaneous voice calls (LP#1191033). Listen to ofono USSD signals
     (LP: #1191033, #1295085)
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced

  readline6 (6.3-4ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=medium
   * Fix a display issue when a multiline command is aborted with ^C.

  telephony-service (0.1+14.04.20140328.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Gustavo Pichorim Boiko ]
   * Make sure to check the connection object before accessing it.
   * Expose to QML not only background and foreground calls, but a list
     of available calls so that the UI can decide how to display that to
     the user.
   [ Tiago Salem Herrmann ]
   * Fix telephony-service tests.
   * Add upstart job to launch telephony-service indicator at startup.
     (LP: #1296787)
   * Call voicemail when message Id matches the voicemail action.

  ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (0.3+14.04.20140328-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Alberto Mardegan ]
   * Fix a few UI issues: Application title should be "Accounts".
     Explanatory text should use the Caption style. Cancel button when
     starting the OAuth process moved to the bottom of the page. (see the
     linked bugs for details) (LP: #1289406)

  unity (7.1.2+14.04.20140328.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Robert Ancell ]
   * Call pam_acct_mgmt and pam_chauthtok when unlocking screen (LP:
   [ Stephen M. Webb ]
   * restart unity-panel-service for only the current session when
     restarting unity from the command line (LP: #777594)
   [ Brandon Schaefer ]
   * When we see an escape in lockscreen prompt, clear the password. (LP:
   [ Andrea Azzarone ]
   * Fixes the double lockscreen when switching users. (LP: #1291088)
   [ Marco Trevisan (TreviƱo) ]
   * Tooltip, QuicklistView: use the decoration shadow radius for
     computing padding (LP: #1291407)
   * 02_unity_setup_text_scale_factor: actually make it working, copy the
     gnome value to unity (LP: #1298492)
   * IconRenderer: scale textures when loading them based on the current
     launcher scaling Add SVG textures for tiles and markers (thanks to
     Matthieu James) to replace .pngs, also make them themable. (LP:

  unity-webapps-qml (0.1+14.04.20140328-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * New rebuild forced
   [ Alexandre Abreu ]
   * Add application api (LP: #1278485)