Changelogs from build 20140214.2 to 20140214.3

  gccgo-4.9 (4.9-20140213-0ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=medium
   * Fix building libgcc1.

  lxc-android-config (0.140) trusty; urgency=medium
   * lxc-android-boot: persist is not necessarily available in every device

  ubuntu-ui-toolkit (0.1.46+14.04.20140212-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Andrew Hayzen ]
   * Fixed text not aligned at vertical centre if the listitem height has
     changed dynamically. Fixed no removeItemAnimation if the listitem
     height has been set. (LP: #1263688, #1263682)
   [ CI bot ]
   * Trunk as is, for CI Train release.
   [ William Hua ]
   * Also update LANGUAGE when setLanguage is called for dynamic
     translation. (LP: #1263163). (LP: #1263163)
   [ Timo Jyrinki ]
   * A qtdeclarative5-private-dev packaging change adding a dependency on
     libqt5v8-5-private-dev has been backported to all Ubuntu versions
     now, so this workaround can now be dropped - building both against
     Qt 5.2 and 5.0.2 works.
   * Add #include for QDebug to fix Qt 5.2 build.
   [ Christian Dywan ]
   * Split build and install steps in debian/rules.
   * Use integer Date constructor in date picker tests for Qt 5.2.
   * Run unit_x11 test cases via Xvfb and address failures. (LP:
     #1258017, #1237812, #1242646)
   * Don't redirect output of the input file in itself.
   * Don't try to deploy non-existing qml and js files. (LP: #1259228)
   * Assert textField focus, button visibility and pressed after tapping
   * Split documentation for previously group properties. (LP: #1266842)
   * Suppress errors to work-around font error messages. (LP: #1256999)
   * ListItems.Empty's default property needs to be data not children.
     (LP: #1190509)
   [ Pete Woods ]
   * Handle the unity-action-api quit signal. (LP: #1269409)
   [ Zsombor Egri ]
   * Date picker component. Provides full date and month only picking
   * DatePicker test case fix, setting the minimum limit to value that is
     earlier than the date value set. (LP: #1266515)
   * Fixing state restoration when nested dynamic component properties
     are restored. (LP: #1267039)
   * Removing obsolete functionality from QuickUtils. (LP: #1266707)
   * StateSaver failure with Repeater fixed. Indirectly fixes StateSaver
     with ListView and GridView. (LP: #1267900)
   * TabBar test case failure fix for Qt5.2. (LP: #1256930)
   * InverseMouseArea API test removed, being a duplicate of the other
     InverseMouseArea tests. Connecting to th eproper enabledChanged
     signal in InverseMouseArea resolves the warning in Qt5.2 stating
     enabledChanged was overwritten in QQuickMouseArea. (LP: #1266707)
   * Panel implementation for DatePicker. Presents the DatePicker either
     in a panel covering the OSK area or in a Popover, depending on the
     form factor and presence of input method provider.
   * Layout tests now wait for the currentLayout change completion. (LP:
   * Extra QQmlEngine instance removed from plugin, which seemed to cause
     some race conditions with Qt5.2. As result UbuntuColors got
     transferred from context property into singleton object, Theme's
     palette creation delayed till its first access. (LP: #1266707)
   * DateUtils test failure fix. (LP: #1273893)
   [ Florian Boucault ]
   * Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery: reimplemented in a cleaner way the
     responsiveness of the UI. That will allow for working right-to-left
     support. (LP: #1172652, #1182599)
   * Added Right-to-Left languages support to most widgets and to the UI
     Toolkit Gallery. The following widgets now behave properly in RTL
     environments: - List Items - Popups - Slider - TextArea - TextField
     - Button - ProgressBar - Toolbar - Header - Switch Tabs still need
     to be reversed. Relayout issues had to be workarounded (QTBUG 35095)
     for Label and Row. . (LP: #1181740, #35095)
   [ Leo Arias ]
   * Added an autopilot emulator for list views, with tests.
   * Added the TextField autopilot emulator.
   * Use the autopilot text field helper in the gallery test cases. (LP:
     #1274240, #1259476)
   [ Andrea Cimitan ]
   * Use integer Date constructor in date picker tests for Qt 5.2.
   [ tpeeters ]
   * Date picker component. Provides full date and month only picking
   * Fix the positioning of a flickable in a Page which has a parent that
     is not a PageTreeNode. (LP: #1261907)
   * Fix the height of a Page in case its parent is a Loader. (LP: