Changelogs from build 20140116.1 to 20140117

  dpkg (1.17.5ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium
   * Merge from Debian testing.  Remaining changes:
     - Change the multiarch downgrade version checks in prerm/postrm
       from 1.16.2 to 1.16.0~ to reflect when multiarch landed in Ubuntu.
     - Migrate dpkg multiarch conffile (and other multi-arch-related
       conf settings) to the new DB with dpkg --add-architecture, but
       keep a copy of the old conffile if it was modified.
     - Out of paranoia, keep an option handler for foreign-architecture
       that informs people that they need to scrub their config files
       and upgrade, on the off chance that the above migration fails
       for some reason (this mitigates the chances of leaving users with
       a dpkg that fails to run due to a broken config).
     - Add DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES environment check so that higher-level
       tools can get untranslated dpkg terminal log messages while at the
       same time having translated debconf prompts.  This is useful for tools
       that hide the dpkg terminal by default and use apport for bug
       reporting with the untranslated error message.
     - Apply patch from Steve McIntyre to special-case armhf/armel ELF
       objects in Shlibs/, so we don't get incorrect deps.
     - lib/dpkg/pkg-spec.c: map unqualified package names of multiarch-same
       packages to the native arch instead of throwing an error, so that we
       don't break on upgrade when there are unqualified names stored in
       dpkg's own trigger database.
     - Add logic to the postinst to `dpkg --add-architecture i386' on new
       installs on amd64, and to also do so on upgrades from pre-conffile
       Ubuntu versions, mimicking our previous behaviour with the conffile.
     - Apply a workaround from mvo to consider RC packages as multiarch,
       during the dpkg consistency checks. (see LP: 1015567 and 1057367).
 dpkg (1.17.5) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Switch non-tty output to be line buffered by default, and set it to fully
     buffered only for programs with precious and abundant output, not just
     progress reporting output (i.e. dpkg-query). This was causing out-of-order
     error and debug messages in relation to normal progress reporting, which
     could be very confusing. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.17.2.
   * Fix segfault in update-alternatives when adding or renaming slaves for
     an existing alternative. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.17.2.
     Closes: #731710
   * Fix dpkg-maintscript-helper symlink_to_dir and dir_to_symlink commands:
     - Always run postinst code regardless of prior-version, as the package
       might have been never configured before.
     - Be more strict when checking the expected state of paths.
     - Rename subcommand shell code to check-files-ownership.
     - Change dir_to_symlink switch code to use a staging empty directory,
       to avoid dpkg removing files from other packages, when removing the
       package old files during upgrade.
     - Bump minimal version in man page to 1.17.5.
     Closes: #731730
   * Mention gpg2 too as one of the default sign commands in dpkg-buildpackage.
   [ Updated dpkg translations ]
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
 dpkg (1.17.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Keep the diversions and statoverride database files open during dpkg
     runs, to avoid eager inode number reuse by the filesystem if these files
     get replaced multiple times in maintainer scripts, as we rely on the
     inode numbers being different when checking if the databases need to
     be reloaded. Regression introduced in 1.17.2. Closes: #731524
   * Add debug output to diversions and statoverride database loading code.
   * Reset the statoverrides information from the in-core database when
     reloading it from disk, otherwise removals in maintainer scripts will
     not be seen during the current dpkg run.
   * Get rid of dpkg-split global partqueue queue variable.
   * Use warningv() in dpkg instead of ad-hoc printing message when
     overriding with --force option.
   * Switch URLs in docs and code comments from http:// to https:// if the
     latter is available.
 dpkg (1.17.3) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Check availability of warning flags at build time. Fixes a build failure
     on systems with old g++ compilers not accepting -Wc++11-compat.
   * Move DPKG_C_C99 call just after AC_PROG_CC, so that subsequent checks
     can take advantage of the possibly set flags to enable C99 features.
   * Improve configure C99 compiler check output.
   * Use C++11 nullptr instead of 0 or NULL, which is way more descriptive
     and has a better type. Check for C++11 compiler support, and fallback
     nullptr to 0 if unavailable.
   [ Updated programs translations ]
   * Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân). Closes: #731409
 dpkg (1.17.2) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Make Dpkg::Arch debwildcard_to_debtriplet() more robust by matching
     on exact 'any' strings, instead of substrings.
   * Add manpages-it Replaces to dselect and dpkg-dev. Closes: #717983
     Reported by Andreas Beckmann .
   * Document default dpkg-deb compressor change to xz in man page.
     Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso . Closes: #718437
   * Version manpages-it in Replaces with (<< 2.80-4), now that the package
     does not ship the overlapping paths any more.
   * Automatically prepend needed spaces for continuation --force-help lines.
   * Be more precise on deb format errors with data member in dpkg-deb.
   * Do not allow deb packages with control and data members swapped.
   * Clarify «dpkg-deb --extract» bad usage error message on missing arguments
     by printing all required arguments at once. Closes: #718899
   * Clarify the insertion order of _ members in deb(5) man page.
   * Fix use after free in alternative_parse_fileset() on update-alternatives.
     Reported by Pedro Ribeiro .
   * Fix use after free in dpkg_arch_load_list() on libdpkg.
     Reported by Pedro Ribeiro .
   * Fix theoretical stack buffer overflow in w_dependency() on libdpkg, not
     currently applicable. Reported by Pedro Ribeiro .
   * Add ppc64el support to cputable. Closes: #718945
     Thanks to Jeff Bailey .
   * Use dpkg-gencontrol -c argument as a fallback lock file in case
     debian/control does not exist. Closes: #667008
   * Pass the package reference count (i.e. number of present instances) to
     maintainer scripts via the new variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE_REFCOUNT.
     Closes: #681370
   * Fix field names on error messages in libdpkg, by either capitalizing them
     or by renaming them to match reality.
   * Do not capitalize error and warning messages.
   * When ignoring invalid remove requests in dpkg consider that progress,
     reset the loop detector and avoid the assert. Closes: #143307
   * Activate all path components for file triggers on removal.
     Regression introduced in 1.17.0. Closes: #725437
   * Activate file triggers on disappearance more accurately, only when we know
     we are inevitably removing things.
   * Fix «dpkg-query --list» output when using multibyte character strings,
     to avoid unaligned columns and mojibake. Closes: #257505, #718541
     Based on a patch by Changwoo Ryu .
   * Use fully buffered output on non-tty stdout.
     Reported by Shawn Landden .
   * Recognize «start-stop-daemon -C» as documented. Closes: #719746
     Reported by Brian S. Julin .
   * When update-alternatives is told to change slave links, do not warn that
     the link group is broken, just print a notice that the alternative is
     being updated due to the changes.
   * Add a new «dpkg --verify» command to check the integrity of packages
     installed files. Add a --verify-format option to excplicitly select the
     output format, currently only rpm compatible output is supported, but
     the default might change in the future. Closes: #187019
   * Improve dpkg “Preparing to replace” and “Unpacking” progress messages.
     Closes: #32427, #71106
   * Print the package version on main dpkg progress messages.
   * Do not store timestamps in gzip headers when using the command, to try to
     mimic the zlib behavior. This does not affect Debian as it's been using
     zlib for a very long time. Closes: #719844
   * Reset environment variables affecting compressor commands when not using
     the shared library implementations. Namely XZ_DEFAULTS, XZ_OPT, BZIP and
   * Use a simple list to track packages owning a file, instead of using a
     list of arrays of pointers which waste 10 pointers per non-shared file,
     instead of 1. This significantly reduces dpkg memory usage.
   * Honor new DEB_SIGN_KEYID environment variable in dpkg-buildpackage.
     Suggested by Harald Dunkel . Closes: #615813, #719418
   * Always check subprocess exit codes in Dpkg::Source::Package modules.
     Reported by Ian Jackson .
   * Add support for pie and stack-protector options to dpkg-buildflags FFLAGS,
     and update the man page to mention FFLAGS are a subset of CFLAGS.
     Closes: #726932
   * Improve and unify -O option handling in dpkg-genchanges, dpkg-gensymbols
     and dpkg-shlibdeps, by always taking an optional filename argument and
     describing in the man page the default output files.
   * Use “hyphen” instead of “dash” when we mean the ‘-’ character in the
     documentation and code comments.
   * Do not NULL-terminate the list in the compat scandir(), as this might
     cause a segfault in case the function returns 0 entries.
   * Always return from ensure_statoverrides() if file is NULL, otherwise
     we might get us to read garbage from memory or segfault.
   * Add new symlink_to_dir command to dpkg-maintscript-helper. Closes: #720712
     Based on a patch by Bastien ROUCARIÈS .
   * Add new dir_to_symlink command to dpkg-maintscript-helper. Closes: #583585
   * Distinguish dpkg error reports between errors while processing packages
     and archives.
   * Fix crashes in the first call to gettext() after fork() on Mac OS X, by
     forcing the initialization at program start of the CoreFoundation cached
     values in libintl.
   * Set a default gettext domain for libdpkg code, so that other programs
     using a different domain can still get correct translations, like dselect.
   * Cleanup libdpkg-perl API:
     - Dpkg::Compression: Deprecate $default_compression_level,
       $default_compression and $compression_re_file_ext package variables.
     - Dpkg::Exit: Deprecate @handlers package variable.
     - Dpkg::Source::Package: Deprecate $diff_ignore_default_regexp and
       @tar_ignore_default_pattern package variables.
     - Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian: Deprecate $regex_header and
       $regex_trailer package variables.
   * Add GnuPG 2.x support. Add gnupg2 and gpgv2 as alternative Recommends to
     gnupg and gpgv (to not pull them by default), but prefer gpgv2 over gpgv,
     and gpg2 over gpg at run-time if they are available.
   * Switch dpkg conflictor tracking from a fixed-size array to a queue,
     fixing several related issues, due to conflictors not being removed from
     the array after processing them. dpkg could fill it due to additions in
     previous package processing producing very confusing error messages; and
     a theoretical problem where a package could get appended to be removed,
     then reinstalled as a new version, to get removed again when revisiting
     the array in a subsequent package processing. Closes: #726112
   * Do not accept empty field names in dpkg.
   * Do not accept an initial hyphen in field names.
   * Add experimental build profiles support:
     - Add support for  build-time restrictions in dependencies.
     - Add support for DEB_BUILD_PROFILES environment variable.
     - Add new option -P to dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-checbuilddeps.
     - Add new Built-For-Profiles output field in .deb and .changes files.
     Based on a patch by Patrick "P. J." McDermott ,
     Wookey  and Johannes Schauer .
     Closes: #661538
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
   * Document interactions of dpkg-source --extend-diff-ignore and -i in the
     man page. Closes: #729874
   [ Updated programs translations ]
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   * Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * French (Christian Perrier): fix incorrectly translated sentence,
     thanks to Fabien Givors.
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).


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  python-testscenarios (0.4-2ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=medium
   * Build-Depend on python3-all.