Changelogs from build 20131219.1 to 20131219.2

  libhybris (0.1.0+git20131207+e452e83-0ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=low
   * hybris/media: adding missing surface_texture_client_hardware_rendering
     function in surface_texture_client_hybris.h, that got removed during a
     rebase conflict.

  ubuntu-download-manager (0.3+14.04.20131219-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Loïc Minier ]
   * Always honor UBUNTU_DOWNLOADER_DEBUG; we should consider switching
     release builds to -UDEBUG, but this is too intrusive right now; LP:
     #1240656. (LP: #1240656)
   [ Michael McCracken ]
   * change command for 'make check' to work when not in tree (LP:
     #1249470). (LP: #1249470)
   [ Manuel de la Pena ]
   * Fix a number of logging problems found when we went to production.
     (LP: #1240656, #1241009, #1241005, #1240967)
   * Move download ids to be strings, that way applications have more
     predictable ways to connect to the current downloads. At the moment
     only not confined apps can use predictable ids. (LP: #1234965)
   * Group all system related files under the same dir.
   * Moved all downloads related to the same directory.
   * Renamed the DownloadDaemon to Daemon to remove the redundancy in the
   * Rename DownloadFactory to Factory to remove the redundancy in the
   * Rename the DownloaderQueue to Queue to remove the redundancy in the
   * Rename DownloadManager to Manager to remove the name redundancy.
   * Rename SIngleDownlaod to FileDownload so that it makes more sense.
   * Start using namespaces planning ahead when we have a client library.
   * Add the use of a new namespace for system realted classes.
   * Sort the files under the test project so that working on it is
   * Add documentation about the state machine to be used for the
     downloads and its initial skeleton.
   * Ensure that finished is raised when the group download is empty.
     (LP: #1245597)
   * Allow to pass the path of the service to be started so that it is
     easier to test. (LP: #1195657)
   * Create the download state machine and add the states defined in the
     docs diagram.
   * Provide a processing signal for when the downloading is done and a
     process is being executed. (LP: #1248770)
   * Provide setters and getters for the daemon command line args. Added
     self signed ssl certs for testing purposes. (LP: #1249336)
   * Add the header transitions. There is not yet nothing done because
     parsing the header info for the attachment name is harder than
   * Ensure that group downloads do not allow two same local paths in the
     same group. (LP: #1250181)
   * Remove all the checks against NULL before calling delete. (LP:
   * Remove the not needed pimpl pattern from the DBusConnection class.
     (LP: #1251008)
   * Remove the pimpl patter from the Application class. (LP: #1251003)
   * Add the transitions for the init state.
   * Added the downloading state transitions.
   * Remove the pimpl patter from the system network info. Because pimpl
     is out we can use the new signal connection. (LP: #1250946)
   * Remove the use of the pimpl pattern in the factory object because is
     not needed. Fix some issues with the tests after the change. (LP:
   * Added downloading not connected state transitions.
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the ProcessFactory. (LP: #1251269)
   * Remove pimpl from apparmor because it is a class that will not be
     shared outside the project and therefore it does not need it. (LP:
   * Remove the not needed pimpl pattern in the RequestFactory class.
     (LP: #1251294)
   * Added the paused state transitions.
   * Added paused not connected state transitions.
   * Added the downloaded state transitions.
   * Added hashing state transitions.
   * Add post processing state transitions.
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the manager class because it is not
     exposed to any other project via headers. (LP: #1251885)
   * Keep track of the state in the state machine so that tests are
     easier to perform.
   * Add tests to ensure that the state machine works as expected. A
     number of new transitions have been added to pass the tests because
     they were missing.
   * Remove the not needed pimpl patter from the Timer class. (LP:
   * Remove pimpl pattern from the Process class. (LP: #1251183)
   * Remove pimpl implementation from the NetworkReply object. Moved
     signals to use new way to connect. (LP: #1250990)
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the DownloadsDb because that class
     will never be exposed to other projects. (LP: #1255932)
   * Move the XML files to the docs folder. (LP: #1257280)
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the base download class. (LP:
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the group download class. (LP:
   * Remove the pimpl implementation from the file download so that we
     have a simpler implementation.
   * Do not use the namespace inside the macro so that we fix the issue
     where the method is not known because the struct is not recognized.
     (LP: #1260729)
   * Remove the pimpl pattern from the Queue since it is a class not to
     be shared outside the project. (LP: #1252256)
   * Move from using a smartpointer to a pointer so that we can manage a
     singleton better and we remove mem leaks in the tests. (LP:
   * Stop using the shared pointer to move to a pointer so that we manage
     memory better and we have no mem leaks. (LP: #1259154)
   * Use pointers instead of shared pointers to later deal with the mem
     management better. (LP: #1259155, #1259157)
   * Use singletons in all those objects that have the same lifespan as
     the daemon. (LP: #1259158)
   * Solve all known mem leaks from the project. (LP: #1251884, #1250932,
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 207
 ubuntu-download-manager (0.3-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low
   [ Manuel de la Pena ]
   * Bump version


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