Changelogs from build 20131111.1 to 20131113

  dbus (1.6.18-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * New upstream version

  libnih (1.0.3-4ubuntu24) trusty; urgency=low
   * Do not blindly use passed pointer to the TEST_FUNCTION (,
     instead make a strncpy of it. Since passed pointer can be freed behind
     our back, when we still need it.

  python-testtools (0.9.33-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.

  qtsensors-opensource-src (5.1.1+dfsg-2ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=low
   * Substitute qreal in symbols file to fix FTBFS on armhf.

 qtsensors-opensource-src (5.1.1+dfsg-2ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Timo Jyrinki ]
   * Merge with unreleased Debian git
   * New upstream release
   * Bump build-deps to 5.1.1
   * Change architectures from a list to 'any'
   [ Dmitry Shachnev ]
   * Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes:
     - Build against Qt 5.0.2.
     - Build qtsensors5-private-dev package.
     - Add a transitional package from qtsensors5-dev to libqt5sensors5-dev.
     - Kubuntu Vcs fields.
   * Tests temporarily disabled because of QTBUG-34500.
 qtsensors-opensource-src (5.1.1+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Rename libqtsensors5-dev to libqt5sensors5-dev:
     - Provide libqtsensors5-dev as a transitional dummy package.
 qtsensors-opensource-src (5.1.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Initial release (Closes: #697509).

  systemd-shim (4-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - Flush bus before exiting on idle to avoid a race where a message is
       queued up but not yet sent. (LP: #1184262, part 1)
     - Adjust the definition of "inactivity" to be 10 seconds after done
       processing the last request instead of 10 seconds after we started.
       This matters for long-running tasks like suspend. (LP: #1184262, part 2)
     - Don't exit-on-idle while shutting down to avoid losing the flag that
       tells us we are in the middle of a shutdown. (Necessary, but not
       sufficient for LP #1211514)

  telepathy-mission-control-5 (1:5.14.1-1ubuntu7) trusty; urgency=low
   * debian/patches/git_migration_debug_segfault.patch:
     - backport fix for a segfault in the config migration code (lp: #1217086)

  ubuntu-ui-toolkit (0.1.46+14.04.20131108.4-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Robert Bruce Park ]
   * (no message)
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 830