Changelogs from build 20131025 to 20131029

  android-tools (4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu17) trusty; urgency=low
   * Patch adbd to provide commented out qemu_pipe launch path.
   * Update android-tool-adbd.upstart job to launch adbd under qemu

  apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (1.0.42) trusty; urgency=low
   * ubuntu-sdk template:
     - workaround non-app-specific cordova-ubuntu file accesses (LP: 1197056)
     - allow reexec for /usr/bin/cordova-ubuntu* to handle cordova apps
       launched via upstart-app-launch (LP: #1244655)


  Changesfile not available.

  gdb (7.6.1-1ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Merge with Debian unstable; Remaining changes:
     - patches/aarch64-fork-fix.patch: Fix fork handling on aarch64.
     - control,rules,patches/python-config.patch: Build with python3
       instead of python-dev, and depend on libpython3-stdlib.
     - patches/ptrace-error-verbosity.patch: Make the PTRACE scope
       sysctl discoverable via a verbose error message upon failure.
     - patches/gdb-strings.patch: Fix typo in gdb/remote.c.
     - rules: Revert configuring with "MULTIARCH_TARGET=all" and use
       a static list of targets. "all" is broken on at least ARM.
     - control: gdb suggest gdbserver, instead of depending on it.
     - control: Add Multi-arch: allowed field to gdb.
     - rules: Avoid having two redundant Ubuntus in the version.
   * Undo gobjc arch-restriction, as it's now build on arm64 as well.
   * Allow the testsuite to run on aarch64, as the hang is now fixed.
   * Drop --disable-werror from configure, it's no longer necessary.


  Changesfile not available.

  libselinux (2.1.13-3ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Mark -dev package as Multi-arch: same.

  libxrandr (2:1.4.1-1ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Merge from debian. Remaining changes:
     - fix-kwin-crashes-on-xrandr-update-on-NX.diff
   * Drop CVE-2013-1986.patch, fixed upstream
 libxrandr (2:1.4.1-1) sid; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   * Use dpkg-buildflags.
   * Bump debhelper compat level to 7.
   * Use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k.
   * Remove unused DEB_HOST_ARCH setting from d/rules.
   * Make libxrandr-dev Multi-Arch: same (closes: #678895).
   * Disable silent build rules.

  lucene++ (3.0.4-0ubuntu3) trusty; urgency=low
   * No change rebuild against Boost 1.54.

  mir (0.1.0+14.04.20131028-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Daniel van Vugt ]
   * Bump version 0.1.0
   * Add method for testing if Rectangle::contains(Rectangle), which is
     the basis of any occlusion detection. (LP: #1227739)
   * Add support for traversing the Scene from front surface to back.
     This is required for occlusion detection at least (coming soon). .
     (LP: #1227739)
   * Optimization: Turn off blending for surfaces that are not blendable.
     On some systems this can have a noticeable performance benefit.
   * Avoid rendering surfaces that are fully hidden by other surfaces.
     This is particularly important for mobile device performance. (LP:
     #1227739) . (LP: #1227739)
   * Remove orphaned tags, which appear to have come from the Compiz
     project (!?) Add tags for the most recent releases up to 0.0.16. No
     files changed, only tags.
   * Fix significant performance issues LP: #1241369 / LP: #1241371, and
     probably more(!) Added regression test to catch such regressions and
     revert the offending commit r1049. (LP: #1241369, #1241371)
   [ Brandon Schaefer ]
   * When Scroll events come in we don't keep around the android vscroll
     hscroll data. Store it now. (LP: #1233089)
   [ Albert Astals ]
   * Fix mismatched free() / delete / delete [] reported by valgrind
   [ Alexandros Frantzis ]
   * server: Extend server status (formerly pause/resume) listener to
     report "started" events This change is needed by users of
     libmirserver, so they can properly synchronize external interactions
     with the server. (LP: #1239876)
   * graphics,examples: Don't enable more outputs than supported when
     changing the display configuration. (LP: #1217877)
   * client: Allow clients to call API functions after a connection break
     has been detected When a client tries to call an API function after
     a connection break has been detected in a previous API call, the
     client blocks in the new call. This happens because in
     MirSocketRpcChannel::notify_disconnected() the pending RPC calls are
     not forced to complete, since the channel has already been marked as
     'disconnected' by the failure in the previous call. Note that if the
     break is first detected while calling an API function, then that
     call doesn't block, since this is the first time we call
     MirSocketRpcChannel::notify_disconnected() and the pending RPC calls
     are forced to complete. This commit solves this problem by always
     forcing requests to complete when a communication failure occurs,
     even if a disconnection has already been handled. This is preferred
     over the alternative of manually calling the completion callback in
     a try-catch block when calling an RPC method because of: 1.
     Correctness: In case the communication problem first occurs in that
     call, the callback will be called twice, once by
     notify_disconnected() and once manually. 2. Consistency: The
     callback is called from one place regardless of whether the
     communication problem is first detected during that call or not.
     (LP: #1201436)
   * graphics: Improve signature of native platform initialization method
     Use an interface to provide the functionality needed by native
   [ Eleni Maria Stea ]
   * Test GBMBufferAllocatorTest.bypass_disables_via_environment
     overrides the MIR_BYPASS env variable, causing other tests that use
     the MIR_BYPASS to fail when we run the unit-tests with --
     gtest_repeat=N, N>1. Set back the MIR_BYPASS env. var. (LP:
   [ Kevin DuBois ]
   * fix: lp 1239577 TestClientIPCRender (an android-only gfx driver
     test) was hanging due to changes in signal handling. refactor the
     test, changing the cross-process sync mechanism so it doesn't use
     sigcont. (LP: #1239577)
   * graphics: android: eliminate one of the two DisplayBuffers. both
     hwc/gpu displays use the same displaybuffer now. .
   [ Daniel d'Andrada ]
   * Add InputReader performance test.
   [ Alan Griffiths ]
   * logging: correct component tag in connector report.
   * client: fix hang(s) in client API when server dies. (LP: #1227743)
   * Fix failing acceptance-test:
     ServerShutdown/OnSignal.removes_endpoint_on_signal (LP: #1237710)
     Avoid fatal_signal_cleanup getting caught in a loop restoring itself
     and then re-entering itself. This could happen in some permutations
     of acceptance-tests where run_mir is entered with
     fatal_signal_cleanup already set up from previous tests' server
     instances. (LP: #1237710)
   * CMake: remove creation of link to non-existent file.
   * shared: some utility functions to provide some consistent ways to
     use RAII and application of these functions to some code that has
     had RAII related discussions recently.
   * config: separate out the configuration options from the
     configuration builder.
   * config: ensure USC can access
     DefaultConfigurationOptions::parse_options (LP: #1244192) (LP:
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 1161

  pango1.0 (1.36.0-1ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
     - Add a versioned conflicts on old versions of plymouth whose initramfs
       hook tries to find pango modules.  The Debian version of this change
       uses Breaks which is insufficient, and doesn't match the version of
       the plymouth package that supports the new path in Ubuntu.
   * debian/rules: export G_TEST_SRCDIR to work around upstream brokenness
     when building with glib2.0 (>= 2.37.2): the source code expects this
     variable to be set, but nothing exports it in the build system.
   * debian/rules: remove the build and install dirs when we're done, so that
     debian/rules clean works correctly.
 pango1.0 (1.36.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Michael Biebl ]
   * Use Breaks instead of Conflicts since that is recommended nowadays for
     moving files between packages.
   * Use the official field for udebs: Package-Type.
   [ Andreas Henriksson ]
   * New upstream release.
   * Update debian/libpango-1.0-0.symbols with one added symbol.
   [ Michael Biebl ]
   * Refresh patches.
   * Bump minimum required version of libcairo2-dev to >= 1.12.10 and
     libfontconfig1-dev to >= 2.10.91 to get the thread-safe version.

  platform-api (0.19+14.04.20131028-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Kevin Gunn ]
   * bump mir build dep to 0.0.16.
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 170

  python-testscenarios (0.4-2ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
     - Add python3 support.
 python-testscenarios (0.4-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Using debian-unstable as packaging branch.
   * Fixed python -> python-all build-depends.
 python-testscenarios (0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   * Package is now team maintained in PKG OpenStack.
   * debian/copyright now using 1.0 parsable format.
   * Now using 3.0 (quilt) source format.
   * Using debhelper and compat 9.
   * Using dh_python2 and not CDBS anymore.
   * Added VCS fields.
   * Added build-depends: python-setuptools.
   * Added a watch file.

  sqlite3 (3.8.1-1ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * Resynchronise with Debian.  Remaining changes:
     - Configure for the Tcl 8.5 multiarch installation.
     - Fix the cross-build locations.
 sqlite3 (3.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   * Update 10-520478-squash-bad-deps.patch .

  unity-mir (0.1+14.04.20131028-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Daniel d'Andrada ]
   * UbuntuKeyboardInfo now provides the opaque keybard area in scene
     coordinates So all that's left for OSKController is setting its
     InputArea to match it. No more guesswork anymore. (LP: #1236489)
   [ Alan Griffiths ]
   * Avoid unnecessary use of mir::surfaces::SurfaceStackModel (which
     ought to be internal to Mir).
   [ Albert Astals ]
   * Fix crashes/deadlocks if we sigterm the app while still starting up
     Three changes:  * We need to make sure that the_shell_* return a non
     unique shared pointer (i.e. Mir is also holding it)    otherwise
     once we return from the function it will cease to exist and we'll be
     using    deleted memory  * Move ua_ui_mirserver_finish to after the
     qApp has stopped, otherwise may happen the code    is still trying
     to do a QWindow::showMaximized and uses memory that is also gone  *
     Make the qApp quit call more stubborn, it can happen that sometimes
     we get to that code before the other thread    has done qApp->exec()
     so we wait until we get the aboutToQuit signal to make sure the
     other thread will stop.
   * Add two const & .
   [ thomas-voss ]
   * Ensure that app processes are not assigned an oom score smaller than
     the one of the shell.
   * stop/continue complete process groups instead of individual
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 136

  unity8 (7.83+14.04.20131028.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   * New rebuild forced
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 480
 unity8 (7.83+14.04.20131028-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
   [ Andrea Cimitan ]
   * Fix 1195349 by counting drawbuffer on the newContentX logic of the
     carousel When we changed carousel from repeater to listview, we
     added drawbuffer. this breaks the logic of newContentX, which was
     considered disabled and set to -1. The correct disabled value now
     has to take into account the drawbuffer. (LP: #1195349)
   [ Christopher Lee ]
   * Checks both then env and upstart env for the currently set
     XDG_DATA_DIRS so they can be set correctly for the test.
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 479