Changelogs from build 20131012 to 20131013

  boost1.53 (1.53.0-6+exp3ubuntu8) saucy; urgency=low
   * Demote libboost-python1.53-dev's gccxml Depends to Recommends. Only Pyste
     needs it, most packages don't use it, and gccxml is difficult to port to

  click (0.4.11) saucy; urgency=low
   * Drop --force-missing-framework from PackageKit plugin now that
     /usr/share/click/frameworks/ubuntu-sdk-13.10.framework is in
   * Show a neater error message when a package's framework is not installed
     (LP: #1236671).
   * Show a neater error message when building a package whose manifest file
     cannot be parsed (LP: #1236669).
   * Show a neater error message when running "click install" with
     insufficient privileges (LP: #1236673).

  eglibc (2.17-93ubuntu4) saucy; urgency=low
   * patches/arm64/cvs-setjmp-clobber.diff: __sigsetjmp clobbers register
     x1 before making the tail call to __sigjmp_save, which causes the
     latter to always save the signal mask.  Backport git patch to fix.
   * patches/series: Revert the CVE-2013-2207 pt_chown fix until we come
     up with a sane plan to avoid users shooting themselves in the foot.
   * Install pt_chown again for the above.

 eglibc (2.17-93ubuntu3) saucy; urgency=low
   * Revert the CVE-2013-4788 fix, as it causes the ARM testsuite to fail.

 eglibc (2.17-93ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low
   * patches/any/cvs-CVE-2012-44xx.diff: backport overflow fixes in strcoll
     addressing CVE-2012-4412 and CVE-2012-4424 (Closes: #687530, #689423)
   * patches/any/cvs-CVE-2013-4237.diff: backport git fix to respect the
     NAME_MAX constraints in readdir_r: CVE-2013-4237 (Closes: #719558)
   * debian/patches/any/cvs-CVE-2013-2207-pt_chown.diff: backpot git patch
     to disable building and using pt_chown: CVE-2013-2207 (Closes: #717544)
   * Adjust packaging for the above change.
   * patches/any/cvs-CVE-2013-4788-static-ptrguard*: backport fix from git
     for pointer mangling in static builds: CVE-2013-4788 (Closes: #717178)
   * patches/ubuntu/unsubmitted-dlopen-static-crash.diff: New patch from
     Maciej Rozycki to fix a dlopen segfault in statically linked programs.

  gcc-4.8 (4.8.1-10ubuntu8) saucy; urgency=low
   * Build ObjC, Obj-C++ and Go for AArch64.

  geoclue (0.12.99-2ubuntu4) saucy; urgency=low
   * Use dh_autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for AArch64.

 geoclue (0.12.99-2ubuntu3) saucy; urgency=low
   * Disable network-manager support on AArch64 to break build
     dependency cycles.

 geoclue (0.12.99-2ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low
   * Disable network-manager support on AArch64 to break build
     dependency cycles.

  glib-networking (2.38.0-1~ubuntu4) saucy; urgency=low
   * Disable libproxy support on arm64 a little harder this time.

 glib-networking (2.38.0-1~ubuntu3) saucy; urgency=low
   * Temporarily disable libproxy support on arm64, to unwedge a complex
     bootstrapping cycle.

  gmime (2.6.16-1ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low
   * Cherry-pick commit bb1c6094e04ce54de52289cd5ba7f9b73694ef1f from upstream
     to initialise the mutex locks before earlier in the init function, before
     they are used. Fixes a test failure and consequent FTBFS.

  gst-plugins-base1.0 (1.2.0-1ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low
   * debian/patches/aarch64_fail_neon_check.patch: Disable NEON
     on arm64, as the assembly is ARMv7-specific.

  initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (0.57) saucy; urgency=low
   * Don't run fsck on the phone since we don't have plymouth and so
     can't prompt the user in case of any problem.
   * Mount /var/lib/ureadahead from the initrd if available so that it's
     ready to be used by the time ureadahead starts.


  Changesfile not available.

  opus (1.0.1-0ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low
   * Use dh_autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for AArch64.

  qt4-x11 (4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu18) saucy; urgency=low
   * debian/patches/aarch64_fix_atomic_set.patch:
     Fix QBasicAtomicInt::testAndSetRelaxed and
     QBasicAtomicPointer::testAndSetRelaxed to actually set the given value,
     rather than a pointer to that value on the local stack frame.

  systemd (204-0ubuntu18) saucy; urgency=low
   * Configure with --disable-silent-rules, as per request from Matthias.
   * Add debian/extra/rules/40-hyperv-hotadd.rules: On Hyper-V VMs, bring new
     CPU and memory devices online as soon as they appear. This is not quite an
     ideal solution, but an unintrusive compromise for Saucy. (LP: #1233466)

  ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd (0.23) saucy; urgency=low
   * No change rebuild to pick up the updated initramfs-tools script.

  ubuntu-touch-session (0.81) saucy; urgency=low
   * Make the pulseaudio job 'expect daemon', without which the session init
     loses track of the process (causing churn as it tries to restart a
     process that's already running) and fails to reliably clean it up on

  unity-scope-click (0.1+13.10.20131012-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low
   [ Rodney Dawes ]
   * Push the search back if we still don't have network in the timeout.
     (LP: #1238171)
   [ Ubuntu daily release ]
   * Automatic snapshot from revision 76

  webkit (1.10.2-0ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low
   * Add basic AArch64 support, based on by Andreas Schwab.