Ubuntu worldwide mirror sites

Ubuntu is distributed (mirrored) on hundreds of servers on the Internet. Using a nearby server will probably speed up your download, and also reduce the load on our central servers and on the Internet as a whole.

Ubuntu mirrors can be primary and secondary. The definitions are as follows:

A primary mirror site has good bandwidth, is available 24 hours a day, and has an easy to remember name of the form <country>.archive.ubuntu.com.
Additionally, most of them are updated automatically after updates to the Ubuntu archive. The Ubuntu archive on those sites is normally available using both FTP and HTTP protocols.
A secondary mirror site may have restrictions on what they mirror (due to space restrictions). Just because a site is secondary doesn't necessarily mean it'll be any slower or less up to date than a primary site.

Use the site closest to you for the fastest downloads possible whether it is a primary or secondary site. The program netselect can be used to determine the site with the least latency; use a download program such as wget or rsync for determining the site with the most throughput. Note that geographic proximity often isn't the most important factor for determining which machine will serve you best.

Primary Ubuntu mirror sites

Country Site Ubuntu archive Architectures

Secondary mirrors of the Ubuntu archive

HOST NAME                 FTP                               HTTP                              ARCHITECTURES
---------                 ---                               ----                              -------------

AT Austria
mirror.telesis.at         /ubuntu-releases/                                                 all

AU Australia
ftp.planetmirror.com      /pub/ubuntu/archive/                                              all
mirror.isp.net.au         /pub/ubuntu/                     /ftp/pub/ubuntu/                 all
mirror.optus.net                                           /ubuntu/                         all
mirror.pacific.net.au     /linux/ubuntu/                   /linux/ubuntu/                   all
mirrors.uwa.edu.au        /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
planetmirror.com                                           /pub/ubuntu/archive/             all

BE Belgium
ftp.belnet.be             /linux/ubuntu/                   /linux/ubuntu/                   all
ubuntu.mirrors.skynet.be  /pub/ubuntu.com/ubuntu/          /pub/ubuntu.com/ubuntu/          all

BR Brazil
ubuntu.c3sl.ufpr.br       /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

CA Canada
ftp.cs.mun.ca             /pub/mirror/ubuntu/                                               all
gulus.usherbrooke.ca                                       /pub/distro/ubuntu/              all
mirror.cpsc.ucalgary.ca   /mirror/ubuntu.com/              /mirror/ubuntu.com/              all

CN China
ubuntu.cn99.com                                            /ubuntu/                         all

DE Germany
ftp.fu-berlin.de          /linux/ubuntu/                                                    all
ftp.stw-bonn.de           /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
ubuntu.intergenia.de                                       /ubuntu/                         all

ES Spain
ftp.aditel.org            /pub/mirrors/ubuntu/             /mirrors/ubuntu/                 all
ftp.caliu.info            /pub/distribucions/ubuntu/ubuntu//pub/distribucions/ubuntu/ubuntu/all
ftp.um.es                 /mirror/ubuntu/                                                   all

FR France
ftp.oleane.net            /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
mir1.ovh.net              /ubuntu/ubuntu/                  /ubuntu/ubuntu/                  all

GB Great Britain
ftp.mirrorservice.org     /sites/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/                                 all
www.mirrorservice.org                                      /sites/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/all

GR Greece
ftp.uoi.gr                /mirror/OS/ubuntu/archive/       /mirror/OS/ubuntu/archive/       all

IE Ireland
ftp.heanet.ie             /mirrors/archive.ubuntu.com/     /mirrors/archive.ubuntu.com/     all

IS Iceland
ubuntu.hugi.is                                             /repositories/                   all
ubuntu.lhi.is             /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

IT Italy
ftp.unina.it              /pub/linux/distributions/ubuntu/ /pub/linux/distributions/ubuntu/ all
na.mirror.garr.it         /mirrors/ubuntu-archive/         /mirrors/ubuntu-archive/         all

KR Korea
ftp.kaist.ac.kr           /pub/ubuntu/                     /pub/ubuntu/                     all
medinfo.kaist.ac.kr       /ubuntu/                                                          all

LT Lithuania
ftp.litnet.lt             /pub/ubuntu/                     /pub/ubuntu/                     all

NA Namibia
ftp.polytechnic.edu.na    /pub/ubuntulinux-releases/                                        all

NL Netherlands
ftp.scarlet-internet.nl   /pub2/ubuntu/                    /pub2/ubuntu/                    all

NO Norway
ftp.uninett.no            /linux/ubuntu/                                                    all

NZ New Zealand
ftp.citylink.co.nz        /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

ubuntu.task.gda.pl        /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

RO Romania
ftp.lug.ro                /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

RU Russia
debian.nsu.ru             /mirrors/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/  /ubuntu/                         all

SE Sweden
ftp.port80.se             /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

TH Thailand
tubuntu.org                                                /ubuntu/                         all

TW Taiwan
ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw        /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all

US United States
ftp.ussg.iu.edu           /linux/ubuntu/                   /linux/ubuntu/                   all
itanix.rutgers.edu                                         /ubuntu/                         all
mirror.clarkson.edu       /pub/distributions/ubuntu/       /pub/distributions/ubuntu/       all
mirror.cs.umn.edu         /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
mirror.mcs.anl.gov        /pub/ubuntu/                     /pub/ubuntu/                     all
mirrors.cat.pdx.edu       /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
san.csc.calpoly.edu                                        /ubuntu/ubuntu/                  all
tamago.cs.ucr.edu         /mirror1/ubuntu/ubuntu/                                           all
ubuntu.cs.utah.edu        /ubuntu/                         /ubuntu/                         all
ubuntu.mirrors.tds.net    /pub/linux/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu//pub/linux/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/all
www.opensourcemirrors.org                                  /ubuntu/                         all

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