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pcre2 is the new library, pcre3 is the old library. MIR: #1636666
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Dependency level 1amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64els390x
apache2[build logs] (2.4.25-3ubuntu3)
clamav[build logs] (0.99.2+dfsg-6ubuntu1) [ma:same]
exim4[build logs] (4.89-3ubuntu1)
freeradius[build logs] (3.0.15+dfsg-1ubuntu1)
git[build logs] (1:2.13.3-1)
haproxy[build logs] (1.7.8-1)
libpam-mount[build logs] (2.16-3)
libselinux[build logs] (2.6-3build1) [ma:same]
nginx[build logs] (1.12.1-0ubuntu1)
nmap[build logs] (7.50-1)
postfix[build logs] (3.2.2-1)
python-pyscss[build logs] (1.3.5-2build1)
qpdf[build logs] (6.0.0-2) [ma:same]
rasqal[build logs] (0.9.32-1build1) [ma:same]
wget[build logs] (1.19.1-3ubuntu1)
zsh[build logs] (5.2-5ubuntu1)
Dependency level 2amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64els390x
glib2.0[build logs] (2.53.4-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 3amd64arm64armhfi386ppc64els390x
php7.1[build logs] (7.1.6-2ubuntu1)
qtbase-opensource-src[build logs] (5.7.1+dfsg-2ubuntu4~2) [ma:same]
sssd[build logs] (1.15.2-1ubuntu2) [ma:same]
vte2.91[build logs] (0.48.3-0ubuntu1) [ma:same]