Phasing Ubuntu Stable Release Updates

Generated: 06/28/16 00:43:57 UTC by phased-updater

A stable release update has been created for the following packages, i. e. they have a new version in -updates, and either an increased rate of crashes has been detected or an error has been found that only exists with the new version of the package.


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
linux-meta-lts-xenial 20% of users 0
linux-signed-lts-xenial 4.4.0-28.47~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-lts-xenial 4.4.0-28.47~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-meta-lts-wily 20% of users 0
linux-signed-lts-wily 4.2.0-41.48~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-lts-wily 4.2.0-41.48~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-meta-lts-vivid 20% of users 0
linux-signed-lts-vivid 3.19.0-64.72~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-lts-vivid 3.19.0-64.72~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-meta-lts-utopic 20% of users 0
linux-signed-lts-utopic 3.16.0-76.98~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-lts-utopic 3.16.0-76.98~14.04.1 20% of users 0
linux-meta-keystone 20% of users 0
linux-keystone 3.13.0-62.90 20% of users 0
bcmwl 0% of users (was 10%) 967290 4912f0 f0fb58 342fca 41d25e 131
openvswitch 2.0.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.3 0% of users (was 50%) 225e16 7ff035 356b70 55152d 20f640 0843ea e71f60 5509d1 882e85 e2a6b1 22c135 163357 84560d 58a0fa 147421 0e32a7 4c0507 fe1c42 4349ac 2c9bc9 83ff45 9704e9 e159e1 bb5acd 2dc1a6 178dec 3f0625 4b37c3 42d4b7 282ed9 b83bc5 8ea680 2c80a2 ceb54a 9748ef 194
modemmanager 1.0.0-2ubuntu1.1 0% of users (was 10%) 4e6f10 e27d94 bd95af 405605 216
nautilus 1:3.10.1-0ubuntu9.11 0% of users (was 10%) 524aef f58367 75a638 dc1789 870cba 7a4471 55f61f 25e2b5 a0ff82 51562b bbec61 68b33c 297e9c 17a448 9ee91e 9e573b 507aa6 9a03c4 b6981a 7efaed 3efaa7 426cfe 4a23f0 f95838 02b598 51e840 a390b1 9ede38 fa9707 421fe6 b90172 7d1138 d8bce4 f14333 b7d4ff 43e3a9 7ee595 5028d5 290734 35769b eb27fd f04011 d19f03 69471b 1ecc87 e42481 3ab1cb f55dd2 e3464e 840d1d aae585 8792ba 30e497 84a192 f85552 e20b81 d57a46 e472db 01a1e6 e5e445 5c898b 342c88 229
gtk+3.0 3.10.8-0ubuntu1.6 0% of users (was 30%) e17fc3 332
oneconf 0% of users (was 10%) 8d7aed 715427 a924fe 6c041f 6d43b4 4ef550 c91712 69ab15 73547d 697c16 ed6e8b b173e6 0816a1 4328b3 a6c39c 00227f 7566d4 ccda86 948c1f adb64f a30454 41aaab 0f44e9 79c4d0 75b277 cd1e34 6adbd3 335
plasma-mediacenter 1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) 462dba 397
xfdesktop4 4.11.8-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 10%) 626336 7f085b c05948 87ae0d f81ab8 3c5bfc 4d56b5 2e70f1 fb7685 e5669e c7ac74 683516 78b5f5 b62032 516
mugshot 0.2.5-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 90%) a26028 1e4107 764001 4c728a cd699c 17a3c1 7942af 9ed939 d1cec0 9db75d 7b1a10 93df17 616


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
gvfs 1.24.2-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 10%) 9693b6 f931fc 208
nautilus 1:3.14.2-0ubuntu9.1 0% of users (was 60%) ffec10 467b44 ff8d17 aeeef9 5ab804 e191c3 e42ee2 fbc409 b215c9 128176 44132e 526801 86f836 c6e4ee 8814e7 6b48c6 5ad131 aae558 333
oneconf 0% of users (was 10%) 73547d 00227f 0816a1 697c16 6c041f 75b277 6adbd3 79c4d0 41aaab adb64f 335


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
fglrx-installer-updates 2:15.201-0ubuntu2~15.10.2 0% of users (was 10%) 0c1119 1dd3c4 fb30fb 453999 222
nautilus 1:3.14.2-0ubuntu13 0% of users (was 10%) da35a9 b25f3a 6753b5 6849ef afa263 26fd53 2f25f7 093f65 9c4618 e32e24 22bae1 e3e588 bde13b 8433ae ddcdd8 a9a9b0 c9dc5e 488af2 3c1d30 76d847 f468e7 48d62e 75f50e 400c8c a1baf6 b85b44 275ea3 f26933 236


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
network-manager-applet 1.2.0-0ubuntu0.16.04.3 0% of users (was 40%) c626d6 f1b65a ec38a9 12
gnome-shell 3.18.5-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 60%) b18601 31c8dd f58fdb e5f09d 12
compiz 1: 0% of users (was 10%) +22 a94733 a18b45 e9a87e 85a8ae 7f28ef 25
network-manager 1.2.0-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 0% of users (was 80%) 34f383 a0310f 495160 16ece0 678c30 c984f3 25
webkitgtk 2.4.11-0ubuntu0.1 80% of users 28
openssh 1:7.2p2-4ubuntu1 0% of users (was 20%) efef9c e9fc37 49