Phasing Ubuntu Stable Release Updates

Generated: 2018-12-13 00:56:00 UTC by phased-updater

A stable release update has been created for the following packages, i. e. they have a new version in -updates, and either an increased rate of crashes has been detected or an error has been found that only exists with the new version of the package.


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
hwdata 0.249-1ubuntu1 60% of users 1
gnome-desktop3 3.8.4-0ubuntu3.3 60% of users 1
fglrx-installer 2:15.201.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) cad7ee 629
fglrx-installer-updates 2:15.201.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) bf5413 629
bcmwl 0% of users (was 10%) 342fca 967290 41d25e 4be976 f0fb58 9804a8 4912f0 1029
openvswitch 2.0.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.3 0% of users (was 50%) 168c16 178dec 9748ef 57c4ef f8ac19 225e16 ae6a85 609ba2 b169cb f905ba 1aaadb 69d94c 8e29ba bb6366 23ea83 20f640 2c9bc9 0e32a7 ebfd09 f70f78 165f3f 1cb098 0843ea aea7e9 15670e e82644 248894 cd1d83 34c7e3 9704e9 386721 4b37c3 22c135 83ff45 2c80a2 42d4b7 d4409f 4c0507 7909dd 409a67 2dc1a6 163357 86155e 58a0fa 95a452 2e06d2 507276 300753 7d8568 b83bc5 1ea873 e71f60 fe1c42 c0fc07 282ed9 7ff035 51932e 147421 e2a6b1 1896d0 882e85 e159e1 c75666 f02d01 4349ac 94c8bf ceb54a 84560d 8ea680 55152d bb5acd 3f0625 17e1f4 af84ce 356b70 5509d1 1092
modemmanager 1.0.0-2ubuntu1.1 0% of users (was 10%) 9691b2 bd95af ac8ae2 e1475e e27d94 4e6f10 85ec67 405605 1114
gtk+3.0 3.10.8-0ubuntu1.6 0% of users (was 30%) e17fc3 1230
oneconf 0% of users (was 10%) 18a72d 6d43b4 adb64f 7ef351 82abf0 f0237e a924fe d09342 1c7cca 75b277 c91712 daa2d7 948c1f ffbc0f 6282c7 693fcd 023319 e50ebe cd1e34 715427 6adbd3 8d7aed ed6e8b b173e6 e1a374 41aaab ac4295 0048f8 ccda86 7566d4 c4b45d a6c39c 044ee0 4e1f2d 697c16 0816a1 02c04e 1233
plasma-mediacenter 1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) 462dba 1295
xfdesktop4 4.11.8-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 10%) 626336 c05948 e2234d fb7685 f81ab8 7f085b 15f719 e0a7cc 3c5bfc 4d56b5 2e70f1 87ae0d f29e1e e5669e c7ac74 683516 964769 78b5f5 1414
mugshot 0.2.5-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 90%) a26028 097861 1e4107 764001 4c728a c16325 9ed939 9db75d 93df17 17a3c1 7942af 7b1a10 d1cec0 1514


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
grub2-signed 1.66.20 70% of users 1
grub2 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.20 70% of users 1
rax-nova-agent 2.1.18-0ubuntu1~16.04.0 70% of users 1
unity-control-center 15.04.0+16.04.20171130-0ubuntu1 0% of users (was 10%) +4 6122d5 ea81ef 8a4d05 89150e c0a61f 7b6310 74c12c a38bd8 5fd1ee 61c3ea e53d34 e71a7b 2a8af6 e5ceb1 621bbc 5ad4df 92e33b 058d1d 5a3690 1ebd92 51e8d5 eb8246 6ae26d a52217 de8276 eda58c 7f34a6 a6e3e1 e1ded9 a288c9 da3839 7efca8 49d705 5441be 02ab33 7ba710 6332c9 14d6a4 25397d d8cfd2 75c55e b88d7b b1ac3b 643e6a 82a4ad a4c525 8dcaa4 58e565 50b66f dfb533 6093cd 830263 86993e 648d8b 18d35a f9bb06 402ac0 ab27c9 d79ed4 98f13e 1fbf74 428c06 9c615e b07c65 7ab7ab ff37b0 817fce 044454 303


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
installation-guide 20160121ubuntu4.3 70% of users 1
gnome-software 3.28.1-0ubuntu4.18.04.8 0% of users (was 10%) 93fd84 78885f 6747ae 1
libvirt 4.0.0-1ubuntu8.6 50% of users 1
shotwell 0.28.4-0ubuntu1 70% of users 1
software-properties 70% of users 1
update-manager 1: 50% of users 1
rax-nova-agent 2.1.18-0ubuntu1~18.04.0 70% of users 1
python-phabricator 0.7.0-1ubuntu0.1 70% of users 1
hwdata 0.290-1ubuntu0.18.04.1 90% of users 2
unattended-upgrades 1.1ubuntu1.18.04.7 0% of users (was 10%) caf5d8 b8db4d 989adb 936bb1 dc828b 162d39 9


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
gnome-shell 3.30.1-2ubuntu1.18.10.1 0% of users (was 10%) a27089 0
gjs 1.54.3-1~ubuntu18.10.1 60% of users 1
installation-guide 20160121ubuntu7.1 70% of users 1
rax-nova-agent 2.1.18-0ubuntu1~18.10.0 70% of users 1
unattended-upgrades 1.5ubuntu3.18.10.0 0% of users (was 40%) caf5d8 f673a0 9