Phasing Ubuntu Stable Release Updates

Generated: 11/23/14 11:51:48 UTC by phased-updater

A stable release update has been created for the following packages, i. e. they have a new version in -updates, and either an increased rate of crashes has been detected or an error has been found that only exists with the new version of the package.


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
kazam 1.4.4-1ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 60%) 067076 81
mugshot 0.2.5-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 60%) a26028 8a4cae 1e4107 9db75d 7b1a10 4c728a 33
unity 7.2.3+14.04.20140826-0ubuntu1 0% of users (was 30%) 625916 0d34af 9d907e 8cf781 4436c3 0f9234 59eca3 8ec6b5 5caa27 fe9907 5fc8a8 78f230 102e9f d0184f e4bc56 648705 cd4d84 cf92fa 25