Phasing Ubuntu Stable Release Updates

Generated: 2017-08-22 06:33:56 UTC by phased-updater

A stable release update has been created for the following packages, i. e. they have a new version in -updates, and either an increased rate of crashes has been detected or an error has been found that only exists with the new version of the package.


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
fglrx-installer 2:15.201.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) cad7ee 151
fglrx-installer-updates 2:15.201.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) bf5413 151
bcmwl 0% of users (was 10%) 342fca 967290 41d25e 4be976 f0fb58 4912f0 551
openvswitch 2.0.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.3 0% of users (was 50%) 178dec f8ac19 ceb54a 225e16 ae6a85 b169cb 4349ac 4c0507 bb6366 23ea83 20f640 0e32a7 f02d01 e71f60 409a67 1cb098 0843ea aea7e9 15670e e82644 cd1d83 165f3f 2dc1a6 9704e9 fe1c42 22c135 2c80a2 9748ef 8ea680 d4409f 83ff45 7909dd f70f78 f905ba b83bc5 58a0fa 95a452 2e06d2 2c9bc9 507276 3f0625 7d8568 ebfd09 4b37c3 c0fc07 282ed9 163357 147421 e2a6b1 1896d0 882e85 e159e1 7ff035 86155e 94c8bf 84560d 42d4b7 55152d bb5acd 300753 af84ce 356b70 5509d1 614
modemmanager 1.0.0-2ubuntu1.1 0% of users (was 10%) 405605 9691b2 4e6f10 85ec67 e27d94 bd95af ac8ae2 e1475e 636
nautilus 1:3.10.1-0ubuntu9.11 0% of users (was 10%) +31 524aef 319d9f c6f100 e9ebba d33d27 e80d8b 6c99dd 67ae29 d53c20 090e6c 507aa6 9b6f38 faa999 8f2f45 51e840 6697b8 41f3a8 7ca4e3 3d535b 429265 02b598 57424e f55dd2 1254d5 840d1d 454aa4 aae585 fb25a7 f85552 7d1138 175dc1 ad5ab8 347d51 f58367 d12b5f 0159ff 887810 d8bce4 d14b83 ecb131 aeb624 f04011 25e2b5 6bf387 482c63 4ac7c2 56cfc7 68b33c 901f41 897c67 4eaf8f e6ed7a 8db6ef 426cfe 67b075 fa9707 b23e1e c099cf bd6643 f14333 95c5df 290734 c9dc5e 1104b7 54b1d1 9ae82a db7e80 9e573b cafe38 406f1b 21faf8 4c6b14 8792ba 30e497 e23d92 5f3838 6799d9 e3464e 5aec21 946628 b8685f 84a192 c18228 55f1dc bbec61 68019b 979d76 075736 3efaa7 4a23f0 0bd8b3 8a079a a390b1 eb27fd e8eebc 458ab0 421fe6 839170 c30da5 870cba 1c5f09 f7033d 147f46 7ee595 cb69f9 66280d 9ef035 5f3527 7e9bd9 6ab557 476049 67cfc1 5b8245 bda316 b7d4ff 367ca9 921ecb 667861 08a42b 59cb20 b02b23 5e101f 257fcc e472db 9a0fdd e5e445 5c898b d164a6 6bf9c9 894e82 dc1789 6bb9bd 5cca3d aceca7 35c7c8 bfd7b6 3498a3 42a30c 67b45e 938185 aee114 579438 31849b 297e9c d28221 f95838 3bc6e0 75a638 43e3a9 8dd0e8 b90172 acd27a a05bee 6774cd bcf501 722f53 5028d5 c960a9 6fcdd4 025864 473990 dd18de d29080 1ecc87 e42481 9a03c4 ce9641 d98d57 c301bd a8817a d154b3 01a1e6 1422bf 079923 342c88 649
gtk+3.0 3.10.8-0ubuntu1.6 0% of users (was 30%) e17fc3 752
oneconf 0% of users (was 10%) +7 18a72d 6d43b4 adb64f 7ef351 f0237e e1a374 d09342 1c7cca 75b277 c91712 948c1f a6c39c cd1e34 715427 6adbd3 8d7aed ed6e8b b173e6 a924fe 41aaab ac4295 ccda86 7566d4 c4b45d 693fcd 044ee0 4e1f2d 697c16 0816a1 755
plasma-mediacenter 1.3.0-0ubuntu3~ubuntu14.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) 462dba 817
xfdesktop4 4.11.8-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 10%) 626336 c05948 e2234d fb7685 f81ab8 7f085b 15f719 e0a7cc 3c5bfc 4d56b5 2e70f1 88e292 87ae0d f29e1e e5669e c7ac74 683516 78b5f5 936
mugshot 0.2.5-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 90%) a26028 097861 1e4107 764001 4c728a 7b1a10 c16325 9db75d 93df17 17a3c1 7942af 9ed939 d1cec0 1036


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
gnome-software 3.20.5-0ubuntu0.16.04.5 0% of users (was 10%) +253 3a1f24 cc14a3 2536b2 16e8f0 add9a3 8f1204 fd3102 6f09f3 3c71c3 484305 4e4b46 1745b0 c2ee3e 80b511 c02b57 5a05e6 50244e 9bfaaa 9cffc9 bf8528 8f727f 50e447 1d16ee a70b44 74e247 bf0714 f56cc5 44175f bca962 e3b289 25
nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 340.102-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 0% of users (was 10%) 9c7f79 41a012 34
bcmwl 0% of users (was 60%) ecda43 23191b 26f9b2 630bfc 076102 cb860d f956ac c242b5 193
libunity 7.1.4+16.04.20160701-0ubuntu1 0% of users (was 10%) +421 91872a 546851 1daed7 d74def 960eb5 778db9 7f94e4 064093 cd8bc5 c1d1ed 856bc4 377aa3 9cb70c ae75f4 b0093b 6ad328 4dd687 32ff5a 8964cc 81b828 416472 85f880 b13284 ac29c7 c0c885 6cb81e de6bd3 e503cd 56b4ef 2d1ba4 4015bb 78e1a4 849123 6b05aa c18bc7 a2b2e6 cdde96 219928 42bb15 a66a80 ffe6bd dcee97 8da31d 015a53 21fbed 850afd 191e38 35a3a8 73da75 96e121 b08558 3d7f2a e1c3ec 2c16c7 e83b34 0010ed 730f9a d0814c 890df1 fe628f ba38f2 97849b 77357b be3d67 520c69 5af172 6834ee 4a8f32 1044cb 80503f 7ef1c7 191dd0 a2be3a e55049 968e16 9861fc 1fa26a 07f035 7f0233 3f4b49 b2f013 beb835 6d48b4 f63154 3afaff aca360 5cac46 76353b 797d9f 43a5ba 81637c fbf8fa 1a8dcd eb3710 1d8cef fdcc92 3191c7 b4049b c61b30 ee4980 a67013 8f67d3 d225e8 f4eaeb df41b3 02c536 882457 c97cb6 96fce4 75df55 5cab24 e8e5fd 482d47 9b7299 8efab6 f80816 1cdc2d 7dd273 70a926 e81352 60923e e195db 722d6b 9ceaf0 06ae28 e34229 33df4e db777c 6467a3 3c58d1 d85462 580216 27ce29 f1afce f757bf 8e7222 b8d6d8 463f76 960531 e113d5 4dce14 7a56f9 f73751 ea5f6d 12081c f5eaa2 f1b151 a39f02 8d92a2 290e47 bab549 4820e6 9a10ae c79daa 2f16c2 9791b6 4998a9 c67cec 95339b a98ce7 e310f1 2eadc9 3693aa bf6621 cf0a0b d09f26 1f43c4 a4e59c 333fda b0957f 3f82a7 632a20 50b8b9 667215 887016 1157df 1e5c22 8303d0 ecccaf 487ee0 bc0dcb 00644b 93b432 253500 376bc5 54c10f b35074 0b490f cb4b8f 3c4b7d ecaa9e 477987 24a6d7 1d0eb5 f88405 3fe2b9 371510 964823 db1480 1aecae 16bd4f f8a73c 30e049 62da39 4bbf46 a906eb 1a6ece 2e316b 1dbb6a fc900d 764e2c 7635ee 413a52 d3f8e9 7da357 7a4cb8 2ae84c 5741eb d8c321 fe8d4b 49f17a 234fac 4b4dbe 36a209 86525d f8fcce b64f65 058122 bb3408 97180c 1b3583 d75292 c318c6 0f08be 77c65c fbac12 ea3414 89df92 9092d6 fcc8dc 1f07ca 6c73b4 14aa6d 49f19b 790453 820f5e 716e22 8de957 f6ff3a eba45f b39127 17268a 838049 b9c9ad f63389 9e4b84 9d21c9 dbbbff c578a4 310703 210a91 c05899 957bf6 10a1da c62b92 fd44df 118d3b 9743f7 c023de b1cdd1 2fdbbe 49f2d1 1429bd 733bff 43248c 2cabab 576c4b ace4fc 0832c9 a5db2c 7a3d6e 999de9 bceeb8 5c48dc 779c3c 25009a 2a79cc 5ab16e 99fb02 6aa78d 35d5ca 09da67 23e00d 3bd63e bc04a1 42eda3 159ebd 000f16 7ecd94 f464d5 9e9f9e 9bf4d8 479481 c6f4f7 4f560f 572746 9d8892 a772bf 7513d6 c59db4 c6229f 126d2a 4d9b85 767ff8 51283f 26f388 3c8efe dff6ad 397b39 d9c168 504fd8 8dfe14 c963b7 3db195 ca2219 673ea7 34962c 54c385 0ceab9 9b0c86 b8a9f6 21a682 91c7fb 3b9e53 ddb036 9f7353 33b1d3 2eff2e 3aabc8 adebe5 405


Package Version Update Percentage Rate Increase Problems Days
gnome-software 3.22.7-0ubuntu3.17.04.5 0% of users (was 10%) +47 fb93b2 ac649b f4d12c 7d21bb af04aa bc8baf f3b416 c81c0a 53
virtualbox 5.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu1.17.04.1 0% of users (was 10%) +6 41cce2 5cd202 62e8cf e8aeee b0f8fc e940b0 f50675 633425 91819b 37e3f7 06e958 eafcd8 2c002b 570dc6 e4100d 88
gjs 1.48.3-0ubuntu0.1 0% of users (was 60%) 974696 66c70e 6efab4 b4b92f 9e8eee a6ce06 882d06 89
ubuntu-mate-welcome 17.04.12 0% of users (was 50%) 3cadc4 7fc44c 109