Design View

Design changes ready to review (35)

Design changes that landed in Ubuntu and ready for the design team to review

Bug Importance Assignee
Media Player should not be visible in the app scope and launcher Critical jamesjosephmulholland
[SDK] Bottom edge behaviour needs refining Critical olga-kemmet
[messaing-app] shouldn't rotate into landscape mode as causes issues with compose and main view Critical olga-kemmet
[dialer] In call selection does not function Critical olga-kemmet
MPRIS controls don't reflect the current player state Critical jounihelminen
[pocket desktop] + [dialer app] window feels funny on windowed mode Critical olga-kemmet
[OOBE] "phone" string in tablet oobe; oobe should have "tablet" or generic term High andreea-pirvu
[browser] Should add a popup menu on the tab itself to open a new tab to the right of it (like chrome) High jamesjosephmulholland
[Dialer] Incoming call - no info which SIM card was called (dual SIM) High olga-kemmet
[sdk] Smaller header in landscape orientation High olga-kemmet
[notifications] + [messaging] SMS notifications should should show which SIM received message High olga-kemmet
ListItem does not swipe with custom MouseAreas High femma
power off dialog pops up instantly in window mode High johnlea
[Icons] window mode spread, no icon for dash High tiheum
[phone-app]*#06# does not report IMEI when no SIM present High olga-kemmet
[system settings] [hotspots/tethering] is often mentally associated with Wi-Fi, but the UI is under Cellular High femma
[greeter] strange persistent "Enter SIM1 PIN" dialog on Greeter High olga-kemmet
[SDK] Cannot set background colour for overflow of leading/trailing actions High jounihelminen
[sdk] [focus states] Add keyboard navigation support to widgets High femma
[sdk] Allow header background customization per page Medium jounihelminen
[SDK] Right-click menu instead of leading/ trailing actions Medium femma
[indicators] tap to return to call shouldn't expand indicators Medium dizzypaty
[themes] [design] Develop a strategy to keep fonts readable wherever we allow the user setting his own background image Medium jounihelminen
Carousel displays no metadata, making it impossible to identify tracks/videos Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Switch and CheckBox do not visually indicate focus Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[OSK] Review Keyboard Layout Visual Design for Numeric Input Type Medium jounihelminen
[System Settings] Hotspot design unnecessarily makes key compulsory Medium femma
[Dialogs] Power dialog looks like a tricolor Medium boroskograzina
[address book] Adding a online account should not change the default address book. Medium olga-kemmet
Can't preview ringtones when phone is muted Low femma
[browser] Can't download random files Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
Push notifications don't appear when unity is locked Undecided dizzypaty
[Scopes] Playlist playback should also work with card previews Undecided dizzypaty
[Indicators] Volume notification unnecessary when adjusting volume slider Undecided jounihelminen
APN editor: only names of existing APNs are visible Undecided mpt

Triaged and in progress design bugs (280)

Design changes are officially signed off, but that didn't get handed over upstream or downstream

Bug Importance Assignee
clicking on active call banner and indicators with mouse Critical dizzypaty
[email] Sharing a photo by email calls up a dekko send window that can't exit. High jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] new indicator "Display" High mpt
ListItem.Subtitled subText color is too dark with SuruDark High raecontreras
It's difficult to answer a call on arale High olga-kemmet
[sim pin] prompt on boot but after greeter High dizzypaty
[webapps] Missing support for context menu in the webapp container High jamesjosephmulholland
Implement a touch editing UI High jamesjosephmulholland
[dialer] Should be able to set a Voicemail number High olga-kemmet
[camera] improve preview and time to take next picture High jounihelminen
[Window management] Window resize grab area is too small (too hard to find) under Unity8 High mpt
visual cleanup for convergence High bjkeyser
[System Settings] OEM/PES requirement to expose build information High mpt
[System Settings] [design] allow Passcodes of variable length instead of just 4 digits High mpt
[Scopes] App scope: Expected to be able to separate frequently used apps from other apps on the apps Scope High dizzypaty
[sdk] Buttons and other widgets are too small for comfortable touch usage High jamiedawsonyoung
[indicators]/OSD provide no visual clue that they modify bluetooth device volumes High bjkeyser
[camera] Toggling flash requires 1 swipe + 4 taps High jounihelminen
[sim pin] SIM PIN + passcode screens too similar High dizzypaty
[SDK] Small light grey text difficult to read on of white background High jamiedawsonyoung
Finalize the LED use cases High mpt
[Scopes] Process required to pin a shortcut to the launcher does not fit users mental model High dizzypaty
Darker grey system standard font for better contrast High jamiedawsonyoung
Right edge swipe often accidentally triggered when flipping through pictures High jounihelminen
Ringtone cannot be heard when jack/headphones plugged High olga-kemmet
[Address-Book] lists contacts from second google account without permission High olga-kemmet
[incoming call] Turn screen on when phone is moved during a call High bjkeyser
[phone] Shouldn't be able to swipe away incoming call notification High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Testers did not know that tapping on different parts of a section on Today's Scope would lead them to different content High digitalalex
Apps launch too slow High bjkeyser
Launching an app from the dash lacks visual feedback High digitalalex
[SDK] Text selection issues High faenil
Error with geotagging (fixed position defined as geotag) High jounihelminen
[system settings] Colors of battery usage difficult to distinguish High jounihelminen
[dialer app] + [window management] movement on screen in window mode High olga-kemmet
[system settings] [mako] Cellular panel shows SIM in Flight Mode High mpt
[messaging app] selected SIM hard for some people to see High olga-kemmet
[desktop] Configuration of screens positions and geometry Medium mpt
[content hub] Enhance content hub sharing screen Medium johnlea
[dialer] No voicemail number defined ==> No feedback when attempting to dial Medium olga-kemmet
[indicators] Bluetooth icon should turn blue when there's traffic happening Medium dizzypaty
Number of unread messages within icon Medium dizzypaty
[Calculator]Removing favourite calculation from the history deletes it from the Favourite view as well Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[System Settings] No "Ubuntu Art" available for using as backgrounds (needs wallpapers to install) Medium jounihelminen
[Browser] iframe doesn't display anything when a load fails Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] Clicking on a connected network's disconnects & re-connects Medium mpt
Touchscreen interactions should take priority over mouse and temporarily disable it Medium faenil
[calendar] Inconsistent visualization of current and selected day Medium jounihelminen
Key does not mute in silent mode Medium mpt
Settings "Clear" buttons use wrong side&color Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[system settings] No notification for which Sim card call is received from Medium olga-kemmet
Guideline/documentation has no layout recommendation for buttons in dialogs Medium wilson-steph1989
[Bluetooth] Wrong behaviour when music is interupted by call Medium mpt
[scopes] should Dash rotate Medium dizzypaty
Separate alarm sounds and ringtones Medium mpt
[design] [snap decisions] incoming call notification swipe looks like buttons Medium olga-kemmet
[launcher] Make the launcher the full width of the screen Medium johnlea
Use of Ubuntu logo as default app icon dilutes the brand Medium tiheum
[address book] Search field is cleared after open the contact view Medium olga-kemmet
[web browser] Improve the algorithm for top sites Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] Certain built in remote scopes cannot be hidden Medium dizzypaty
No audible warning about low battery charge Medium dizzypaty
[scopes] Apps search results often seem irrelevant Medium dizzypaty
Can't transfer file using bluetooth Medium mpt
[dialer-app] contacts view should remember state Medium olga-kemmet
[Window management] Two identical grey window buttons for minimize and maximize Medium digitalalex
orientation sensor "last vertical" seems to be remembered and applied Medium vesar
[enhancement] Need a mechanism to prevent focus stealing Medium mpt
[Scopes] Scope search : Searching for items should also display results from matching category Medium dizzypaty
[scopes] Tables in scopes are restricted to two columns Medium dizzypaty
[Launcher]Active application in Launcher is hardly visible on phone Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[System Settings] if “when locked, allow [...] notifications” is disabled, notifications should not be shown Medium mpt
[system settings] Show connected Bluetooth profiles in settings application Medium mpt
Can skip wizard steps after you tap on notification"Storage device detected" Medium dizzypaty
[Weather] Details on wind are ambiguous Medium jounihelminen
[Indicators] Changing multimedia volume causes missed calls Medium dizzypaty
[indicators] No way to stop an alarm that has been snoozed Medium dizzypaty
Abnormal use of font weights in system-settings makes it an unpleasing experience Medium mpt
[design] [Greeter] Greeter should be dismissed only via an edge gesture Medium bpierre
[Calendar] The default Personal calendar color is hard to see Medium jounihelminen
resetting settings doesn't ask for confirmation Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Unity8 indicator pull-down is too small/narrow on desktop Medium dizzypaty
[edge education] tutorial not adapted to desktop mode Medium dizzypaty
[Indicators] Network indicator should deal with AP/P2P Wi-Fi devices as well as active AP/P2P connections Medium mpt
some apps like document viewer can't get fullscreen on tablet Medium bjkeyser
[Browser] Webbrowser application closing the application when last tab is gone Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Greeter, App switcher] [design] App spread should include welcome screen Medium bpierre
[web browser] settings normal items and categories look the same Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[System] Need an official broken flashing image from design Medium mpt
[notifications] Modal notifications darken the screen in desktop mode Medium dizzypaty
[Dekko] Threaded view should move to mail list Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[clock][UX] landscape view Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Ubuntu logo assets should be centered correctly Medium kmomandap
Silent mode is not silent Medium mpt
[enhancement] Add non-linear animation progress (e.g. a sigmoid function) for minimize/maximize Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[music app] Playing an album is not as simple as it should be Medium jounihelminen
Label in Dialog invisible when using SuruDark theme Medium jamiedawsonyoung
The adressbook should remember the settings for source of adressbook Medium olga-kemmet
[music] Empty state design for an empty playlist Medium jounihelminen
Address book does not synchronize customised fields name from Google contacts Medium olga-kemmet
[Calculator][ux] Add paste support Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] bookmarks don't support drag and drop Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Browser] No way to navigate both in private and 'clear' mode at the same time Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[address book] Delete dialog is inconsistent with design recommendations Medium olga-kemmet
Long click creates event in disabled calendar Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] Impossible to disable cellular data from indicator Medium mpt
OptionSelector animation is very jumpy Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Inconsistent use of haptic feedback across the UI Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[webapp-container] Support Install webapp capable websites Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Dash] Support link should be clickable, app preview shows mailto links with "mailto" text Medium dizzypaty
[music] With repeat disabled, when on the first track if the song has progressed further than five seconds the previous button should be active Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Screen fade-out on power button press is too slow Medium mpt
Custom ringtone is removed from the list when another ringtone is selected Medium mpt
When the screen timeout is set to one minute, the screen doesn't dim before going off Medium bjkeyser
[icons] Many standard icons are missing from the mobile theme Medium tiheum
[Doc Viewer] Need a way to fast scroll to top/bottom in the PDF viewer Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[online-accounts] No edit UI Medium johnlea
[dash] + [scopes] Uninstallation confirmation screen inconsistent with other dialogs Medium jamiedawsonyoung
"External" app setting -> System Settings -> Back doesn't return to "External" app Medium olga-kemmet
[sdk] More actions visible in header with selection mode Medium olga-kemmet
[Indicators] Some icons in messaging-menu disappear when list items are selected Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[indicators] Translations don't fit into high volume warning Medium dizzypaty
[Clock] Too easy to accidentally turn off the alarm instead of snoozing Medium dizzypaty
[System Settings] Image upgrade can remove preinstalled apps without notice Medium mpt
[system settings] Move SD Card to the System Settings Medium mpt
[SDK] No standard error appearance for text fields and other controls Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[Indicators] update indicators to use latest sdk components, replacing custom components Medium digitalalex
New shadow placement is inconsistent Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[Calendar] month view is uninformative Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[background] + [system settings] removing custom backgrounds action seems impossible to complete Medium mpt
No transitions/animations showing optical flow when navigating through System Settings Medium digitalalex
[Dialer] Auto-completion when dialing a number Medium olga-kemmet
[notifications] User should be notified when background polling stops working Medium dizzypaty
[Icons] Icon isn't very good Medium tiheum
[pay UI] Paypal login cannot be assured to be from paypal Medium dizzypaty
Add call button in notification menu (SMS) Medium dizzypaty
[calendar] Editing an event seems to have the wrong order for events Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Can't hear clock alarm when headphones are plugged in but not in your ears Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[launcher] visual feedback from tap/click on app icon is inconsistent between app scope and launcher Medium digitalalex
[browser] Secure connection icon should indicate level of verification Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Promt user to unlock phone when connection via usb Medium bpierre
[scopes] + [app store] Installs fail confusingly when disk space is low Medium dizzypaty
It's difficult to see where a link will send you before clicking on it Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Notes] It's not obvious how to switch back to see your locally stored notes. Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Automatic Header height adjustment should be optional Medium olga-kemmet
[browser] ExpandedHistoryView should have multiselection mode Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Unity8 panel/launcher have no shadow on desktop Medium digitalalex
[Doc viewer] PDF Table Of Contents don't follow UI guidelines Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Calculator][ux] Calculator should remember last typed formula after closing Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[camera] Change crop visuals to match latest visual style Medium jounihelminen
[dekko / online-accounts-plugin] How to display long running process and prevent user interaction Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Messaging] Show number of characters used and number of messages to send Medium olga-kemmet
[music app] Swiping songs hides the text Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] Indicator should have torch (flashlight) control Medium dizzypaty
[SDK] no way to disable PageHeadState actions highlighting Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[system-settings] language page does not follow phone designer Medium jounihelminen
[address book]There's no "nickname" or "display name" fields available Medium olga-kemmet
[webapp-container] The context menu mentions the "webbbrowser" in an action string Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[clock] Switching alarm on/off Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Navigation] Launcher, Status bar and app switcher reveals too easy for Full Screen applications Medium vesar
[Icons] Inconsistent tranparent app icon handling Medium tiheum
[SDK] Tooltips Medium femma
[calendar] Refinements to all day event display Low jamesjosephmulholland
Global offline/inline swithc in the indicator Low dizzypaty
[Clock][UX] app needs a dark theme variant Low jamesjosephmulholland
no audible warning of high volume level Low mpt
[MX4]app switcher by long pressing the home button Low johnlea
hardware LED should indicate charging status Low mpt
Wired VPN network connection icon needs to be fixed Low tiheum
[Weather] Need an empty state Low jamesjosephmulholland
Associate with every extension e.g. to allow downloading every file using Web Browser Low olga-kemmet
[Address Book] contacts syncing is not enough intuitive Low olga-kemmet
[web browser] Add option to allow opening new tab page instead of home page Low jamesjosephmulholland
[Indicators] Notifications menu: gesture control when updating the system Low dizzypaty
[Apps] Support multiple app instances in the spread Low vesar
[Calculator][ux] icons: new icon do not match appearence/colors of Calculator Low tiheum
[system settings] Dual Sim; no possibility to switch on or off each sim card completely. Low mpt
[clock][ux] Stopwatch should keep running (in the background) even when the phone/clock app is turned off Low jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] Handling large numbers of favourited scopes Low dizzypaty
[weather app]Chance of rain shouldn't be used when the possible precipitation is snow or other Low jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] Make it possible to make preview images not interactive Low dizzypaty
[phone-app]Allow the user to manually configure a voicemail number Low olga-kemmet
[browser] Opening a PDF from webbrowser-app is a suboptimal experience Low jamesjosephmulholland
[launcher] Can re-order and un-pin launcher items and launch apps while phone is locked Low vesar
[System settings] Device should sleep if hotspot is active, but no clients are connected Low mpt
Support switching DATA on and off in the indicator Low mpt
[Messages] can be replied to when phone is locked Low olga-kemmet
[sdk] Scrollbars are too thin and transparent to be useful Low jounihelminen
Can't change locale settings (e.g. language, 12/24-hour time, date format) independently Low mpt
[system settings] Not clear that the background has actually been changed Low mpt
[web browser] Some behaviors in 'Find in page' mode do not meet the requirements Low jamesjosephmulholland
Call forwarding should remember numbers Low mpt
[scopes] Apps in the AppStore can not be sorted by their license Low dizzypaty
[indicatoes] Offer an indicator option to not lock screen automatically Low dizzypaty
[desktop]"indicator-session" name is suboptimal Low dizzypaty
[system settings] Add potability to uninstall multiple apps from Storage page. Low mpt
'Transfer has been completed' a bit long-winded Low dizzypaty
[Clock][UX] Stopwatch laps is a bit difficult to navigate Low jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] bottom edge should show favourite apps Low dizzypaty
[music app] Search feature in Now Playing's Queue view Low jamesjosephmulholland
[SDK] [Time picker] [Calendar] choose event time Low bpierre
[address-book] Add export to .vcf or/and vcard to sharing menu Low olga-kemmet
[Calculator]Missing percentage [%] button Low jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Not consistent empty state design across the platform Low femma
[address book] search field without clicking on the bouton Low olga-kemmet
[Indicators] Rethinking about top bar Low dizzypaty
Indicator should give feedback when location-service is in use by apps Low mpt
[Music app] Toggle to a list of all songs by an artist in Artist view Low jamesjosephmulholland
Expose LED color setting Low dizzypaty
[Indicators] WorldCity timezone should be shown in the datetime indicator Low jamesjosephmulholland
Phone Meizu MX4: Double click the MX4's screen to wake it up Low johnlea
[system settings] Show connected Bluetooth profiles in settings application Low mpt
Add credits to the LibreOffice community and a short introduction to docviewer Low jamesjosephmulholland
[system settings] Battery information doesn't show apps or services Low mpt
Typo in string: There are not the appropriate permissions to play a media resource. Low jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] bookmarks are only accessible from the new tab view Low jamesjosephmulholland
[web browser]No way to use a bookmarklet (bookmarked javascript: link) Low jamesjosephmulholland
[Clock][UX] Right location is identified but wrong timezone Low jamesjosephmulholland
[messaging-app]"draft" messages aren't saved Low olga-kemmet
[Address book] All, Favourites -- there should be an option to create more groups. Low olga-kemmet
[address book] Add search capability to picker mode Low olga-kemmet
[Dialogs] inconsistent use of colour for restart menu when changing language Low boroskograzina
[address-book] Can't delete an address as a whole Low olga-kemmet
[scopes] does not report total eclipse of the moon Low dizzypaty
[doc viewer] Add turn pages using left and right arrow keys if the pdf is zoomed out enough Low jamesjosephmulholland
[messaging-app] Sync logs Wishlist olga-kemmet
[OSK] Ubuntu Touch should allow alternative keyboard layouts Wishlist jounihelminen
[system-settings][system-update] After long press on application to update, the corresponding store page should be displayed Wishlist mpt
[address book] Contact form should allow multi source account for a contact Wishlist olga-kemmet
[messaging-app] Enable different sound for different senders Wishlist olga-kemmet
Emoji should not be a separate keyboard Wishlist femma
[indicators] Provide Ability To Post via Message Icon in Global Menu Bar Wishlist dizzypaty
[Browser] Ability to switch to the desktop mode (desktop version) Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] No way to arrange apps in the App scope other than alphabetically Wishlist dizzypaty
UI for reporting bugs on the phone Wishlist bjkeyser
[Weather] Request for a "pull to refresh" capability Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] No graphic way to enable the developer mode Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Indicators] Use a roaming indicator for each SIM on dual SIM phones Wishlist dizzypaty
[address book] Can't change adress book storage source Wishlist olga-kemmet
Warn the user when connecting to an open AP which has been connected before as encrypted Wishlist mpt
[SDK] Changing the font / font size... Wishlist jamiedawsonyoung
[messaging app] Confirmation missing for "SMS Received by Recipient(s)" Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Idea] Scopes additional sources Wishlist dizzypaty
Wishlist: (RedShift) Night mode for Ubuntu Phones Wishlist faenil
Allow different sound/vibration settings for notifications vs text messages Wishlist olga-kemmet
[dialler] "Smart dialing" is not supported Wishlist olga-kemmet
ring tone "crescendo" is not supported. Wishlist mpt
[Notes] Notes app not tablet optimized Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[system-settings] developer mode should not require a password Wishlist mpt
[music app] Folder browsing view Wishlist jounihelminen
Missing possibility to change systemwide Font Size Wishlist mpt
[phone app] Search contacts shell Wishlist olga-kemmet
Allow smaller scope results Wishlist dizzypaty
Improve webapps navigation UI Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
Enable T9 for names search with dialer Wishlist olga-kemmet
[content hub plugin] add "wallpaper" to the content hub Wishlist mpt
[scopes] Enable keyboard typing/spelling suggestion in scopes search field Wishlist dizzypaty
[scopes] Single star means "this number is the rating", but looks like app has a low rating Wishlist dizzypaty
[address book] No import/export to/from files Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Calendar] work time Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Media services] Volume up/down long press should skip to next/previous track Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[whishlist] browser history/passwords/cookies/cache delete function Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
Application menu with swipe from the bottom Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] First entered number dialed Wishlist dizzypaty
better organization for custom sounds (ringtones, notifications) Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[WebApps] Improve Webapps install dialog text Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[phone] Sim toolkit is not available on UT Wishlist olga-kemmet
Built in Apport-Like Bug and Suggestion Reporting Tool Needed Wishlist mpt
[browser] Can't copy URLs from the autocomplete list Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] Possibility to set the last active alarm from the quick menu Wishlist dizzypaty
[browser] "Open link in a new tab" should open tab in the background on desktop Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] No facility to import bookmarks from other browsers Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Clock][UX] should support creating one-time alarms on any day of the current week Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Clock][UX] Add timers functionality Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
Data connection should be off after fresh install Wishlist mpt
Preview text should be user copyable Undecided dizzypaty
"Tip of the day" should be displayed during calculator start. Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
Location settings inconsistent between first-run setup + System Settings Undecided mpt
[enhancement] Allow files and links to be put on the Unity8 desktop Undecided vesar
Some items should look different when a keyboard is attached Undecided femma

Design changes on hold (48)

Design changes that are on hold (Opinion, Incomplete)

Bug Importance Assignee
[system-settings] the user should not need to sign into Ubuntu One in order to update core apps Critical
Sound indicator should only indicate ringtone volume Critical mpt
[scopes] shopping scope not being used High dizzypaty
[Scopes] Selling in scopes High dizzypaty
[scopes] No (eg. calls, messages) today' was confusing to users when there was recent (not-today) content displayed underneath. High dizzypaty
[music app] The slider for 'forward and back forward' was difficult to manipulate High jamesjosephmulholland
Transfer idicator should use a different label "Files" is not generic enough High dizzypaty
[Scope] location settings are enabled by default High dizzypaty
[new app] Flashlight installed by default and accessible without unlock Medium bpierre
No notification about incomming calls on bluetooth headset Medium olga-kemmet
Implement the new design for managing removable storage media Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Browser] Needs a refresh button, and address bar keeps disappearing Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] with a helper app show up as apps in the store Medium dizzypaty
[sdk] Checkbox cannot be stopped from animating Medium mpt
[HUD] No way to invoke HUD on unity8 Medium johnlea
[indicators] With phone locked, it's impossible to setup a mobile connection Medium dizzypaty
[Icons] Top panel icons (location & notification) are misleading Medium tiheum
[camera] User is forced to swipe left for photo roll Medium jounihelminen
[Icons] Panel icon colourization update Medium tiheum
[Dash] Departments look wrong on wider screens Low dizzypaty
Full URL of page not shown unless user clicks on it Low jamesjosephmulholland
[Incoming call] Slider to answer incomming calls is to small Low olga-kemmet
[Calculator] Swipe to delete pattern needs re-work Low jamesjosephmulholland
Default keyboard colour scheme slows users down Low jounihelminen
[Music app] no autoplay Low jounihelminen
[shell] Should Full shell rotation work in Windowed mode? Low johnlea
[wifi] cannot disconnect from a known wifi network Low mpt
[physical keyboard] No way to auto-repeat Wishlist
[address-book] Interface to add new contacts from messaging is not obvious Wishlist olga-kemmet
[notifications] aren't desirable while playing games or videos Wishlist dizzypaty
[dialer-app] Can not record phone call Wishlist olga-kemmet
[osk] Implement a swype like functionality to the keyboard Wishlist femma
Difference from UTC should be displayed (optionally?) Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[clock][ux]Snooze time per alarm Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Widgets should be highlighed on mouse-over Wishlist jounihelminen
[Gallery App/Content Hub] Expected to be able to select picture in a full screen preview mode before sending it Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[icons] browser, settings and calculator icons too similar to another well known mobile O/S Wishlist tiheum
[greeter] should provide a "lock sound" option Wishlist jounihelminen
[Dekko] It should be possible to swipe left/right between messages within a folder Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Clock] It is very hard to read what is time from analog clock only Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Browser] reopens closed sites after manually closing them Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[calculator] Favourite screen is blank by default Wishlist magdalena-mirowicz
[Dialer] ubuntu touch bad dialer/contacts integration Wishlist olga-kemmet
[wizard] After the wi-fi is authenticated, it doesn't open the next page automatically Wishlist andreea-pirvu
[messaging-app] Select the SIM of the message the user is replying to. Wishlist olga-kemmet
Scopes -> (web)App communication really clunky Undecided dizzypaty
[Shell] Bring the HUD back to Unity 8 Undecided johnlea
implement a software Updater Undecided mpt

Untriaged design bugs (118)

Bugs that are not triaged and have an ayatana-design task

Bug Importance Assignee
[System Settings] Changes needed for the UI on a tablet device Critical johnlea
Ubuntu Store Icon should run from edge to edge Critical bjkeyser
Add an option to cancel pending snooze High johnlea
Automatically switching to downloads page awkward in large layout High jamesjosephmulholland
Current unreleased VPN configuration is lacking High mpt
[Indicators] Missed calendar or alarm events need to be properly indicated Medium dizzypaty
The icon does not change for active VPN connection Medium mpt
[Online Accounts] Same Google account could be added repeatedly from System Settings-->Accounts Medium mpt
weather app partly cloudy graphic looks unclear Low
Links not detected in scopes Undecided
No message for empty song collection Undecided
“Pull to refresh” text in scopes is not readable against certain background colours Undecided
Impossible to export contacts in sim card, and it's impossible to choose where saving a new contact Undecided
Cannot in-line playback the online tracks from main view of music scope Undecided
[AdaptivePageLayout] UITK Scrollbar hard to use because of the vertical divider Undecided
bottom edge tab selector doesn't work with mouse Undecided
Missing focus highlight Undecided
there is no copy and paste options when long pressing the number in dialer Undecided
First visit to permission-using site results in two dialogs Undecided
Hang up and pick up icons difficult to distinguish for color blind people Undecided
New bottom edge hint is almost invisible Undecided
Can no longer swipe between scope results Undecided
too long string chain for warning about too high level when earphone is plugged Undecided
add the possibility to put a background in the scope of applications Undecided
Need to update preview layouts Undecided
Text truncated in media permission prompt Undecided
No feedback about success of login to Ubuntu One Store Undecided
Make tabs visible in desktop mode Undecided
Tab button does not appear when using the new header API Undecided
No cover art in genre listing Undecided
[Lockscreen]Name of user Undecided
Design for a new fallback cover art image for the music app Undecided
Staged mode is not mouse-friendly Undecided
Payment method shown twice and is misaligned Undecided
Final configuration for app favorites and launcher Undecided
Inline playback breaks completely after attempting to play 7digital streams Undecided dizzypaty
tablet ui locked to landscape Undecided
[SDK] Focus ring width for ubunshape should be 1dp Undecided
Support swift programming language Undecided
ubuntu touch today scope: Image of favourites are badly scaled Undecided
[Dekko] Missing empty state on wide mode startup Undecided
Change prompt "wants to record audio" to "wants to access microphone" Undecided
Alt+Tab doesn't work when in staged mode Undecided
[Phone] Adjust button locations to avoid deleting Apps accidentally Undecided
[Wishlist] Sound output selector in the settings Undecided
Clicking a date in the new calendar doesn't change the indicator's appointment list Undecided
[MX4] Location is not updated when you open NearBy Scope Undecided
Downloaded HTML files should be opened in the browser Undecided
Support switching between mobile and desktop scrollbars on converged devices Undecided
Need to hide maximize button based on window size hints Undecided
[browser] "No Downloads available" message is confusing in picker mode Undecided
Static ip configuration is not possible with touch gui Undecided
No way to edit existing bookmarks Undecided
[pocket desktop] XMir app surfacing Undecided
Lock-screen does not show "now playing" information or playback controls. Undecided
Web browser refresh option Undecided
Music app incorrectly claims "any computer" supports drag and drop Undecided
org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.MediaHub player is exposed at startup, making the indicator show a player that it's not fully functional Undecided
Show contact details from social accounts Undecided
Need new landscape preview layouts Undecided
window title text overlaps indicators Undecided
Bottom edge in windowed mode is too hard to use Undecided
[scopes] should provide a common "no network" and "no location" error message Undecided
Add possibility of sending the device in standby through double-tap on the screen Undecided
Quick photos from lock screen Undecided
Can't exit spread if there's no apps Undecided
Search in Web Browser History is not available on phones Undecided
[greeter] Unique lock screen design w/ circle gestures to unlock Undecided
Advanced, vi-friendly tapping (add Esc key alongside with Tab) Undecided
Wizard does not change user password if one is pre-set Undecided
Button text color doesn't offer great contrast, and looks disabled when it's not Undecided
Add on-screen-keyboard support for Xmir/Puritine apps Undecided
With side stage, content hub transfer dialog overlaps with the called app Undecided
Configurable (or better) scope preview swipe list Undecided
Showing the remaining power percentage Undecided
Widgets used for receiving incoming calls don't match with general ui styling Undecided
repeated closing of dash in pd will result in dash never returning Undecided
Play in music app button is too small for spanish translation Undecided
play music when headphones are plugged again Undecided
Shell and dash visual issues with new UITK and palette Undecided
Google calendar events with video don't show link in event Undecided
active phone call panel gets hidden when camera is open Undecided
Need a dropdown component to work with TextField (Combo box) Undecided
Moonphase could not be read Undecided
[enhancement] Sound control panel Undecided
Add birthday part Undecided
calendar entries still remain after deinstallation Undecided
[regression] Window resizing is very choppy and stutters (border does not smoothly follow the mouse) Undecided
[Wishlist] Keyboard combination shortcuts on device screen when docked Undecided
Preview screen layout is unfortunate Undecided
[webapp-container] Outside links don't always open in overlay Undecided
Provide an indication whether GPS is in use and the status/quality of the fix Undecided
Font used in the news scope is hard to read Undecided
Bookmark options popover has inconsistent behaviour Undecided
Xapps should have a sensible default, first launch window size Undecided
Selection flickers to dark grey for a split second before settling on light grey Undecided
No way to invoke bottom edge with mouse or keyboard Undecided
large amounts of notification should be summarized Undecided
Feature: save or cache page Undecided
Previews don't support two columns layout Undecided
close [X] is mispositioned when opening many tabs Undecided
Hard to guess how to close 'presentation mode' Undecided
Allow setup of fingerprint auth in Security & Privacy Undecided
Provide a "do not switch off screen when on charge" option Undecided
[calculator] Enable maximize button in Window Mode Undecided
Docviewer should not look recursively for documents, but should allow to browse into a single folder Undecided
[Dekko] Use same ubuntushape radius as the new address book app Undecided
Delete button too close to confirm after OTA9 update Undecided
Add a control to toggle between windowed and staged modes Undecided
Provide longer options for automatically switching off screen Undecided
With "Year view" can't see events programmed. Undecided
No way to unlock narrow greeter with a mouse Undecided
OOBE not designed well for the tablet screen size Undecided
No way to list installed scopes then view the details or uninstall them Undecided
Account details page needs design love Undecided
Default sound Undecided
LED button on arale should only switch to the home screen when the device is unlocked Undecided
Clock if there is no landscape mode should open in side stage Undecided

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