Design View

Design changes ready to review (26)

Design changes that landed in Ubuntu and ready for the design team to review

Bug Importance Assignee
Media Player should not be visible in the app scope and launcher Critical jamesjosephmulholland
[Indicators] Messaging indicator does not indicate that there is a new message Critical dizzypaty
Should ship a PNG icon instead of using the theme High tiheum
[Browser] when focusing on the URL field, copy/cut/paste options are not displayed High jamesjosephmulholland
[system-settings] should allow switching 2nd SIM to 3G data High mpt
"Next" key is too big for keyboard and doesn't translate well High olga-kemmet
[messaging app] should be able to send direct message to group member from menu High olga-kemmet
volume notification looks bad when an indicator is open High dizzypaty
[phone-app] list tug - margin between list item body and sub header too big High olga-kemmet
[phone-app] Numeric keyboard doesn't work properly when you press quickly High olga-kemmet
[system-settings] missing SIM unlock High
[dialer] No way out if dialed from passcode locked device. High olga-kemmet
Volume notifications over multimedia content are annoying Medium mpt
[browser] Missing popover on bookmarking the current page Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[address-book] Too much deadspace when no contacts exist Medium olga-kemmet
Dash headers incorrect layout Medium olga-kemmet
[phone-app] The word "Keypad" still shows in header Medium olga-kemmet
Add support for flat horizontal list as category layout Medium dizzypaty
[browser] Update visual design of the new tab page Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[notifications] Can't use toolbar while notifications on screen Medium dizzypaty
[Notifications] notifications / snap decisions over indicators blend into background Medium dizzypaty
[address book app] search field does not always use the whole width of header Medium olga-kemmet
[browser] bookmarks don't support folders Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[address-book] contact detail view content too close to SURU divider Medium olga-kemmet
[system settings] allows to change lock security without asking for passcode Low mpt
[power] Display should come on when started charging Low mpt

Triaged and in progress design bugs (415)

Design changes are officially signed off, but that didn't get handed over upstream or downstream

Bug Importance Assignee
[Scopes] Non-square emblems are far too small to be useful Critical dizzypaty
[browser] No way to exit fullscreen mode from the chrome Critical bjkeyser
[Scopes] Add optional avatar to scope reviews preview widget High dizzypaty
[icons] Click package updater needs an updated icon High tiheum
[address book app] + [dialer app] + [messaging app] Empty contact list should provide way to sync contacts High olga-kemmet
[System Settings] lock screen not honoring timeout setting from system-settings High mpt
[indicators]/OSD provide no visual clue that they modify bluetooth device volumes High dizzypaty
[Dialer] Enter the phone settings via the right settings icon of dialer app,when return ,it goes to the syetem settings page High olga-kemmet
[notifications] Slide to remove doesn't follow overall design High boroskograzina
[scopes] Allow users to create their own aggregator scopes without programming High dizzypaty
[OOBE] "phone" string in tablet oobe; oobe should have "tablet" or generic term High andreea-pirvu
[Online Accounts, Scopes] Remove snap-decision fallback High dizzypaty
[Indicators] When replying a notification from the indicator section, it was unnecessary to ask users which Sim to use when there was only one Sim card High dizzypaty
[App store] No useful information on the result list to help testers identify alternative apps if the searched one was not available High dizzypaty
[system settings] [hotspots/tethering] is often mentally associated with Wi-Fi, but the UI is under Cellular High mpt
[messaging-app] SIM preference ignored for MMS High olga-kemmet
[messaging] Incoming group message is treated like an individual text High olga-kemmet
[greeter] SIM PIN + passcode screens too similar High olga-kemmet
[Apps Scope] apps that are being downloaded/installed are not shown differently from un-installed apps High dizzypaty
[sdk] Add keyboard navigation support to widgets High olga-kemmet
[scopes] nearby: Too much emphasis on food and drinks for 'I'm bored'. High dizzypaty
[weather app] Display weather alerts received from the API(s) as applicable High jamesjosephmulholland
[OOBE/Indicators] Swiping down from a specific indicator icon would open its related content/function was not discovered by most testers High andreea-pirvu
System Settings > Sound > Ringer volume - only changes ringer volume when no other sounds playing High mpt
[messaging-app] + [dialer-app] + [address book-app] make swipe to reveal more discoverable High olga-kemmet
[Scopes] Difficult to get to the apps store High dizzypaty
[scopes] Accessing preview in Apps scope is not intuitive High dizzypaty
[indicator] + [dialog] Silent Mode causes no indication of a change in [icon] state. High dizzypaty
[Scopes] App store: When search apps store, the search suggestions and results did not contain already installed apps (eg. Telegram). High dizzypaty
[Scopes/Today, Indicators and Calendar] No default calendar app installed and the testers installed the wrong one which did not work with the indicators and Scopes High dizzypaty
[Scopes] Process required to pin a shortcut to the launcher does not fit users mental model High dizzypaty
[Orientation] Allow applications to specify the orientations supported High vesar
[greeter/unlock] "Unlocking swipe" is to easy to do on accident High johnlea
[scopes] Testers wanted the 'Relax with some music' section to show their own music or free sample music High dizzypaty
No way to undo in TextField High olga-kemmet
[Calculator][Proposal][ux]Remove partial result feature High jamesjosephmulholland
[Address book] Contacts stored on the SIM card, iCloud, hotmail contacts or SD card can't be synced High olga-kemmet
[System Settings] [design] allow Passcodes of variable length instead of just 4 digits High mpt
[Indicators] Expanded indicators are not visible in direct sunlight High digitalalex
[System Settings] Difficult to edit SIM name High mpt
[SDK] Cannot set background colour for overflow of leading/trailing actions High jounihelminen
New scrollbars in wily (2015-06-04?) are hard to see (lack contrast) in Gnome Terminal High jamiedawsonyoung
[dialer-app] + [messaging-app] remove pop up asking to select a SIM High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Testers did not know that tapping on different parts of a section on Today's Scope would lead them to different content High dizzypaty
[messaging] MMS attachment process unclear High olga-kemmet
[greeter] Screen and input should be disabled with proximity sensor when on greeter High andreea-pirvu
[SDK] Add Menu to the SDK to support convergence High jounihelminen
[system settings] syncing over 3G should be configurable and off by default High mpt
[messaging-app] selection toggle doesn't unselect items in main view High olga-kemmet
[system-settings] are entirely monochrome except for the battery icon High tiheum
SIM selection for mobile data is non-deterministic High mpt
[system settings] OAuth based plug-ins appear to crash under poor network connectivity High mpt
[Scopes] Expected Scopes to automatically refresh after any changes being made High dizzypaty
[scopes] Launching a scope once installed is broken High dizzypaty
[Scopes] Data usage High dizzypaty
[scopes] today: Calendar events on the 'Today' only displays events from one particular Calendar app (Ubuntu Core App Developers), and this calendar was not installed by default. High dizzypaty
[weather] Details such as chance of rain and humidity are available for all days but today High jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] App scope: Expected to be able to separate frequently used apps from other apps on the apps Scope High dizzypaty
[scopes] Unfavouring by accident High dizzypaty
[dialler] Should be able to set a Voicemail number High olga-kemmet
[scopes] No (eg. calls, messages) today' was confusing to users when there was recent (not-today) content displayed underneath. High dizzypaty
[Scopes] Search in scope resets the selected department High dizzypaty
[System Settings] OEM/PES requirement to expose build information High mpt
[sdk] Buttons and other widgets are too small for comfortable touch usage High jamiedawsonyoung
[icons] Missing import contacts from sim card icon High olga-kemmet
[OOBE] New wizard in Vivid doesn't excercise indicator gesture High andreea-pirvu
[sdk] ComboButton shows a transparent background High jounihelminen
[notifications] Can't turn off the alarm notifications for calendar events as expected High dizzypaty
[Scope] location settings are enabled by default High dizzypaty
[phone-app] 'Switch to default SIM' dialog is confusing High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Allow users to set arbitrary location for scopes. High dizzypaty
[incoming call] Turn screen on when phone is moved during a call High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Contents (such as recent calls, messages and calendar events) on the Today Scope were not automatically updated, as expected. High dizzypaty
[scopes] nearby: "Expected the recommendations to be arranged based on distance, or to have filters to allow users to define " High dizzypaty
[Dialer app] Call happens in the background without UI for user to manage High olga-kemmet
[Scopes] grid horizontal scope card has white background High dizzypaty
[address-book] Middle name is not included in contact display name High olga-kemmet
[scopes] today: Didn't understand the arrow next to the 'Event today' can lead to calendar events for other days. High dizzypaty
predictive text should be disabled on wifi password dialog High dizzypaty
[scopes] shopping scope not being used High dizzypaty
[Navigation] Launcher, Status bar and app switcher reveals too easy for Full Screen applications High vesar
[Calendar] If I am invited, I should see the event even if I haven't accepted it High jamesjosephmulholland
[sim pin] prompt on boot but after greeter High olga-kemmet
[Calendar] User should be able to RSVP to an event High jamesjosephmulholland
[Location Indicator Menu] GPS switch should be turned off when "Location detection" is off High dizzypaty
[dialer-app] Improve frequent call interaction High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Need a mechanism to load more query results High dizzypaty
[dialer-app] Failed to merge two calls to make a conference call High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Expected the nearby Scope to provide personalised content according to users' specific interest High dizzypaty
[address book] No access to contacts on SIM High olga-kemmet
[scopes] Expected to be able to access to the hourly weather broadcast of the day without having to go to the Weather site High dizzypaty
[Music app] Expected the music player to remember their last location of a podcast High jounihelminen
[messaging] Resend issues High olga-kemmet
[indicators] In a Dual SIM phone, There is no way to know which of the two SIMs is being used for cellular data. High dizzypaty
[scopes] news: Expected the 'Open' button to be highlighted in orange as it is the main user goal from that screen (to read the full article) instead of the 'More from BBC' button. High dizzypaty
[SDK] right click menu looks disabled, change the styling High jounihelminen
[scopes] No 'Call to Actions' for empty states on Scopes to guide testers. High dizzypaty
[messaging app] Request: Single message app for all messengers High olga-kemmet
[dialer-app] No feedback when trying to make a call in flight mode High olga-kemmet
[Icons] The silent icon was not recognised by the testers. High tiheum
[SDK] Text selection issues High faenil
[Scopes] Nearby:some of the recommendations placed at the top were found to be offensive and useless, High dizzypaty
[Notifications] turn the screen on High dizzypaty
[Scopes] Selling in scopes High dizzypaty
[scopes] attributes dont show without title High dizzypaty
[Dialer] Controls on the in-call screen are inconsistent and confusing High olga-kemmet
[indicators] Clicking on a connected network's disconnects & re-connects Medium mpt
[scopes] + [dash] After installing a new app, there's no obvious way to launch it Medium dizzypaty
[Indicators] Inactive indicator icons are not visible in bright light Medium digitalalex
[Addres book] Date of birth field is missing Medium olga-kemmet
[System Settings] No "Ubuntu Art" available for using as backgrounds (needs wallpapers to install) Medium jounihelminen
[dialer] increase touch area for in call controls Medium raecontreras
[clock][UX] Allow users to set custom alarm sound Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Make the launcher the full width of the screen Medium bjkeyser
[setup] UI language should follow SIM card preferred language Medium andreea-pirvu
[Scopes] The search records dialog is far away from search box or covered the search box in apps scope Medium dizzypaty
Can't use mouse to access bottom edge Medium faenil
[dash] Can't turn off vibrate-on-touch in the dash (haptic feedback) Medium dizzypaty
Icon in notification center too small Medium dizzypaty
[dialer-app] Alert message when trying to call on airplane mode is not shown Medium olga-kemmet
[Dekko] Check header title left margin Medium tiheum
[system settings] Bluetooth can't change device name Medium mpt
[calendar] Inconsistent visualization of current and selected day Medium jounihelminen
[dash] + [scopes] Uninstallation confirmation screen inconsistent with other dialogs Medium dizzypaty
[Dash] See more/less sounds wrong Medium dizzypaty
[Browser] Support for Safe Browsing API Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Scopes with a helper app show up as apps in the store Medium dizzypaty
[Network Menu] Enabling flight mode still shows the wifi icon Medium dizzypaty
[Calculator][ux]Convergence: When Windowed mode is present, run Calculator app in landscape(scientific) mode Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[media player] Expected to be able to pause a video by tapping on anywhere of the video Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] should Dash rotate Medium dizzypaty
[Greeter, App switcher] [design] App spread should include welcome screen Medium vesar
[design] [snap decisions] incoming call notification swipe looks like buttons Medium olga-kemmet
[calendar] Reminder notifications are not integrated into system notifications Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Icons] X-Ubuntu-Splash-Color=#ffffff yields #f5f5f5 Medium tiheum
[Browser] Cannot favorite site when it is loading Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] add support for keyboard shortcuts Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[design] Swipe to remove/answer/switch inconsistent Medium olga-kemmet
[SDK] Tap to hide toolbar is inconsistent Medium olga-kemmet
[Notifications] after notification in pocket turns the screen on device gets locked with "too many wrong unlock attempts, wait for 3 min" Medium dizzypaty
[Dash] shows splash screen with "Scopes" when starting up the phone Medium dizzypaty
Suspended app screenshots are blurry Medium jounihelminen
Should remember keyboard layout per conversation Medium mpt
[enhancement] Need a mechanism to prevent focus stealing Medium mpt
[Dialer] Incoming call - no info which SIM card was called (dual SIM) Medium olga-kemmet
Network indicator should deal with AP/P2P Wi-Fi devices as well as active AP/P2P connections Medium mpt
[browser] Closing last tab in private mode should close private mode Medium jamesjosephmulholland
No way to remove contact avatar Medium olga-kemmet
[clock][ux] Alarm interval information inconsistent Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[calendar] Pushing the current day button, should give some notification what its doing Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] No way to arrange apps in the App scope other than alphabetically Medium dizzypaty
[SDK] power off / restart and cancel buttoms too close together Medium jounihelminen
[design] [greeter] The greeter and screen rotation Medium johnlea
[system settings] There should be a setting for display blanking time Medium mpt
Abnormal use of font weights in system-settings makes it an unpleasing experience Medium mpt
[media-framework] Expected to be able to select picture in a full screen preview mode before sending it Medium jamesjosephmulholland
There should be a way to set a custom device name Medium mpt
[Dash] Icon position is inconsistent on the scopes Medium dizzypaty
[Calendar] Tap on a non-highlighted day header shifts to day view Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[notifications] Display of a locked phone is turned on way too long Medium dizzypaty
[online accounts] no error when trying to set up Facebook account without internet connection Medium mpt
Scopes not easily discoverable in the Ubuntu Store Medium dizzypaty
[Icons] Top panel icons (location & notification) are misleading Medium tiheum
[Notifications] retain notifications that the user has not acted on Medium dizzypaty
[switcher] Apps in spread should have icon to help distinguish between them Medium vesar
[desktop] Configuration of screens positions and geometry Medium vesar
[clock][UX] landscape view Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[camera] + [gallery] Inconsistant dialogs between camera and gallery Medium jounihelminen
entering ubuntu one password for purchases can be a pain Medium bjkeyser
[sdk] Programmatic slider movement is jerky Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[address-book-app] Should open email app from contacts Medium olga-kemmet
[messaging] Too easy to delete whole conversation history with a contact Medium olga-kemmet
[OSK] Doesn't have a mode "number by default with fallback to normal keyboard" Medium magdalena-mirowicz
Finalize the LED use cases Medium dizzypaty
[System Settings] if “when locked, allow [...] notifications” is disabled, notifications should not be shown Medium mpt
[System Settings] time & date menu should have option to probe for location via GPS Medium mpt
[dialer-app]+[address-book] back button Medium olga-kemmet
[design] tutorial not adapted to desktop mode Medium olga-kemmet
[Browser] Needs a refresh button, and address bar keeps disappearing Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[system settings] Ubuntu Phone: No intuitive click on "Install..." button after an Ubuntu update Medium mpt
[calendar] Should be possible to disable reminders per-calendar Medium jamesjosephmulholland
"Phone" app settings are oddly in System Settings Medium olga-kemmet
[Indicators] Missed calendar or alarm events need to be properly indicated Medium dizzypaty
The adressbook should remember the settings for source of adressbook Medium olga-kemmet
[music] Empty state design for an empty playlist Medium jounihelminen
[apps scope] App uninstallation should close it Medium dizzypaty
Address book does not synchronize customised fields name from Google contacts Medium olga-kemmet
[Address Book] Display familly name first in the addressbook Medium olga-kemmet
[Icons] Sound OSD and sound indicator icons should match Medium tiheum
[Browser] No way to navigate both in private and 'clear' mode at the same time Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[system settings] Dialer-app: Wrong number is shown in call history Medium olga-kemmet
Apps search results often seem irrelevant Medium dizzypaty
[indicators] Impossible to disable cellular data from indicator Medium mpt
[design] [dialer app] full screen incoming call Medium olga-kemmet
Same Google account could be added repeatedly from System Settings-->Accounts Medium mpt
Calendar reminder notifications became queued, non-interactive and easy to miss Medium dizzypaty
[Media player] mediaplayer-app only presents a dark screen while playing audio streams Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Dash] Support link should be clickable, app preview shows mailto links with "mailto" text Medium dizzypaty
[Icons] Panel icon colourization update Medium tiheum
[Address book] Missing "sound" section Medium olga-kemmet
[notifications] data mobile switch Medium dizzypaty
Power dialog looks like a tricolor Medium dizzypaty
welcome wizard - no feedback that wifi connection succeeded Medium olga-kemmet
[SDK] no way to disable PageHeadState actions highlighting Medium jounihelminen
[Indicators] The settings available in the indicator should match those in system-settings Medium dizzypaty
[icons] Many standard icons are missing from the mobile theme Medium tiheum
[Notifications] Competing notifications when two alarms kick at the same time Medium dizzypaty
[Infographic] displayed even though its turned off in system settings Medium dizzypaty
[messaging] It is not possible to request "Delivery Notifications" for SMS or MMS messages Medium olga-kemmet
[Greeter] Lock screen whines that "No data sources available" on first use Medium olga-kemmet
Need an official broken flashing image from design Medium mpt
There is no way to uninstall a scope on ubuntu phone Medium dizzypaty
[address book]There's no "nickname" or "display name" fields available Medium olga-kemmet
[SDK] The discoverability of 'recent call' tab was poor Medium olga-kemmet
[themes] [design] Develop a strategy to keep fonts readable wherever we allow the user setting his own background image Medium jounihelminen
Implement the new design for managing removable storage media Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[design] Cannot browse indicators in daylight Medium dizzypaty
[sdk] improve download progress bar percentage Medium jounihelminen
[Weather] Details on wind are ambiguous Medium jamesjosephmulholland
Hotspot design unnecessarily makes key compulsory Medium mpt
[sdk] Switch and CheckBox do not visually indicate focus Medium jounihelminen
[scopes] ubuntu store should warn user when there is no network Medium dizzypaty
[system settings] Back button at the top on long lists present only sometimes Medium jounihelminen
[sdk] Need to educate users about drag-for-action gestures Medium femma
[Calculator][UX]Long formulas do not fit in calculator history Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Calendar] The default Personal calendar color is hard to see Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[System Settings] Image upgrade can remove preinstalled apps without notice Medium mpt
[SDK] No standard error appearance for text fields and other controls Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[SDK] Tooltips Medium olga-kemmet
[Alarm][UX] default sound for alarm doesn't get its job done Medium jounihelminen
[address book] Impossible to delete a photo of a contact Medium olga-kemmet
[Browser] "Copy image" from browser copies the URL Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Alarms] Allow snoozing an alarm by turning the phone. Medium dizzypaty
[scopes] Add ability to place text in emblem position Medium dizzypaty
Playing an album is not as simple as it should be Medium jounihelminen
[background] + [system settings] removing custom backgrounds action seems impossible to complete Medium mpt
[SDK] Bottom edge behaviour needs refining Medium jounihelminen
[scopes] + [app store] Refuse installing apps if it would leave too little free disk space Medium dizzypaty
[Address Book] Search only works on formatted name with whitespace taken into account Medium olga-kemmet
[Dialer] Auto-completion when dialing a number Medium olga-kemmet
[sdk] MainView background doesn't have the correct color when set to a light color Medium jounihelminen
[Sound][ux] Alarm, Calls should always be played (also) in the speakerphone even when a bluetooth or wired headset is used Medium
[address book] no landscape support Medium olga-kemmet
Guideline/documentation has no layout recommendation for buttons in dialogs Medium wilson-steph1989
[sdk] TrailingAction widths needs to be clamped Medium jamiedawsonyoung
[calendar] Editing an event seems to have the wrong order for events Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[design] [Greeter] Greeter should be dismissed only via an edge gesture Medium vesar
[Browser] Swiping through tabs Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[indicators] flight mode use of x and check mark is counterintuitive Medium mpt
[oobe] Initial boot wizard does not include timezone Medium andreea-pirvu
[browser] Should add a popup menu on the tab itself to open a new tab to the right of it (like chrome) Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[SDK] Right-click menu instead of leading/ trailing actions Medium olga-kemmet
[address-book-app] The NOTE field sould be synced and displayed Medium olga-kemmet
[Navigation] Long left swipe inconsistent in apps/scopes Medium johnlea
[Clock][ux] Should be able to silence alarm using power button Medium dizzypaty
[Notifications] "Delete" string in the messaging indicator is confusing Medium dizzypaty
[dialer] USSD code result shows useless Cancel button Medium olga-kemmet
[Notes] It's not obvious how to switch back to see your locally stored notes. Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[Indicators] Deep link to alarm item doesn't work properly Medium dizzypaty
[sdk] Cards force background when summary is added Medium olga-kemmet
[notificatons] Locked phone should always re-lock after notifications Medium dizzypaty
[design] [Launcher] Make it easier to remove an item from launcher Medium vesar
[Lock screen] phone lock screen allows connection to WLAN Medium bpierre
[theme] [design] no option to change home screen wallpaper Medium dizzypaty
[clock-app][ux] Time picker width too small leading to accidental changes in other columns Medium digitalalex
[scopes] Icons have inconsistent look Medium digitalalex
[Pay-UI] 'View wallet' link under Buy now is prone to unintentional user action Medium bjkeyser
[notifications] aren't desirable while playing games or videos Medium dizzypaty
[Dash] Pull to refresh feels really odd in click scope Medium dizzypaty
[indicators] Too dark, invisible icons Medium digitalalex
[design] Indicator menu separators look bad Medium vesar
[address book] Fast scroll letters overlap RTL contacts Medium olga-kemmet
[Address Book] ubuntu touch: today scope / favourite contacts bad integration Medium olga-kemmet
[indicators] Battery icon turns red at 30% Medium dizzypaty
[OOBE] Tutorial explaining the two finger scroll gesture Medium andreea-pirvu
[Browser] tabs indicator tab gets in the way of content on the page Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[OOBE] unity8 desktop passcode can be pin as well as passphrase Medium andreea-pirvu
[sdk][UX] Confirmation in the header bar confusing Medium olga-kemmet
[system-settings] Changing modem technologies on krillin is a bad experience Medium mpt
[browser] Bookmark Link action from popup menu should invoke bookmark folder UI or provide some sort of feedback that action succeeded Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] bookmarks are only accessible from the new tab view Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[SDK] Toolkit lacks radio buttons Medium olga-kemmet
[address book] Can't select multiple recipients from contacts Medium olga-kemmet
[scopes] No success/failure feedback when doing ratings/reviews Medium dizzypaty
[Icons] Inconsistent tranparent app icon handling Medium tiheum
[messaging] Ability to forward SMS without copy 'n past approach Medium olga-kemmet
[Calendar] icon should be updated according to current system date Medium tiheum
[SystemSettings] When trying to select a ringtone, the page seems to be fully loaded and then swipes by itself Medium mpt
Workspace switcher has no quicklist Low johnlea
[dialer] No voicemail number defined ==> No feedback when attempting to dial Low olga-kemmet
[sdk] Popups that should point to actions don't, with new header Low olga-kemmet
[Music App and Scope] Consistent use of "Songs" or "Tracks" between Music app and Music scope Low dizzypaty
[desktop]"indicator-session" name is suboptimal Low dizzypaty
hardware LED should indicate charging status Low mpt
[OSK] Tweaks to keyboard open/close animation Low olga-kemmet
[Address Book] contacts syncing is not enough intuitive Low olga-kemmet
[messaging-app] Can't finish the message guide task when the phone is in the landscape mode Low olga-kemmet
[Indicators] Notifications menu: gesture control when updating the system Low dizzypaty
[Apps] Support multiple app instances in the spread Low vesar
[dash] uninstall app but app remains running and can be pinned Low dizzypaty
[system settings] Dual Sim; no possibility to switch on or off each sim card completely. Low mpt
[address book] Edit > Fields (Address, Phone, Email) are poorly distinguished, and "Edit" page title is non-descriptive. Low olga-kemmet
Welcome wizard claims GPS is less accurate than wifi based location Low olga-kemmet
There is no feedback when GPS is used, or when a GPS lock is being acquired Low mpt
[greeter] proposal: less page on lock screen Low johnlea
[address book] Phone number ordering within contact Low olga-kemmet
[Greeter] proposal: unlock only swiping from left to right Low bjkeyser
[launcher] Can re-order and un-pin launcher items and launch apps while phone is locked Low vesar
[messaging-app]"draft" messages aren't saved Low olga-kemmet
[browser] No graphic way to enable the developer mode Low jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Scrollbars are too thin and transparent to be useful Low jounihelminen
Can't change locale settings (e.g. language, 12/24-hour time, date format) independently Low mpt
[Address book] Order contact by first name or last name first Low olga-kemmet
[Icons] In "Updates" list, Ubuntu icon is blurry Low tiheum
[browser] Can't copy URLs from the autocomplete list Low jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] Apps in the AppStore can not be sorted by their license Low dizzypaty
[phone-app] press-call-twice-to-redial doesn't work Low olga-kemmet
[System Settings] Change phone security (passcode) is undiscoverable Low mpt
[Clock][UX] app needs a dark theme variant Low raecontreras
[clock][ux]Snooze time per alarm Low jamesjosephmulholland
[icons] Gmail Icon Low tiheum
[system settings] Add potability to uninstall multiple apps from Storage page. Low mpt
Wired VPN network connection icon needs to be fixed Low tiheum
[clock][ux] increase the height of times in the alarms screen Low raecontreras
Allow double-pressing power button to bypass home screen Low olga-kemmet
[scopes] bottom edge should show favourite apps Low dizzypaty
[indicatoes] Offer an indicator option to not lock screen automatically Low dizzypaty
[SDK] [Time picker] [Calendar] choose event time Low bpierre
[Music app] no autoplay Low jounihelminen
[system settings] "Other vibrations" setting is misclassified. Found it under "Sound". Low mpt
Can't preview ringtones when phone is muted Low mpt
[Calendar] Display Calendar Weeks in yearly and monthly view Low jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk]Add Sidebar component Low magdalena-mirowicz
some apps like document viewer can't get fullscreen on tablet Low jounihelminen
[Dialogs] inconsistent use of colour for restart menu when changing language Low digitalalex
[MX4] Hardware Volume Control Buttons active when screen off Low mpt
[Weather] Need an empty state Low jamesjosephmulholland
Notifications menu icon does not get green for new notifications Low dizzypaty
[Dash] Departments look wrong on wider screens Low dizzypaty
no audible warning of high volume level Low mpt
[shell] Should Full shell rotation work in Windowed mode? Low johnlea
[system settings] Battery information doesn't show apps or services Low mpt
[dialler] Dialer should allow me to block nuisance calls Low olga-kemmet
[sdk] Should have an UbuntuShaped version of the ListItem.ItemSelector Low femma
[Clock][UX] Right location is identified but wrong timezone Low jamesjosephmulholland
SIM names should default to carrier names Low olga-kemmet
Missing "?" in strings Low jounihelminen
[Address book] All, Favourites -- there should be an option to create more groups. Low olga-kemmet
[SDK] When scrolling a flickable with a slider, the slider can be activated by accident Low olga-kemmet
[browser] No facility to import bookmarks from other browsers Low jamesjosephmulholland
[address-book] Can't delete an address as a whole Low olga-kemmet
[WebApps] Improve Webapps install dialog text Low jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes][UX] Suru Background should scroll Low digitalalex
[OSK] Ubuntu Touch should allow alternative keyboard layouts Wishlist jounihelminen
Warn the user when connecting to an open AP which has been connected before as encrypted Wishlist mpt
[sdk] Add colors for Positive/Negative/Neutral actions Wishlist digitalalex
[osk] On a form, the numbers keyboard doesn't show the next button Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Browser] Ability to switch to the desktop mode (desktop version) Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[content hub] add "wallpaper" to the content hub Wishlist olga-kemmet
[messaging-app] Enable different sound for different senders Wishlist
[Indicators] Use a roaming indicator for each SIM on dual SIM phones Wishlist dizzypaty
[address book] Can't change adress book storage source Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Clock][UX] No stopwatch feature present Wishlist bjkeyser
[sdk] When should a text entry lose focus? Wishlist magdalena-mirowicz
{Dialler} Implement "Hide Phone Number" setting in dialer app Wishlist olga-kemmet
[dialler] "Smart dialing" is not supported Wishlist olga-kemmet
[SDK] Slider - Minimum and Interval Sliders Wishlist olga-kemmet
[music app] Playlists should be able to have a customized icon Wishlist jounihelminen
[Notes] Notes app not tablet optimized Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[music app] Folder browsing view Wishlist jounihelminen
[System settings] Can't set user-supplied ring tone Wishlist mpt
[messaging-app] Sync logs Wishlist olga-kemmet
[indicators] Provide Ability To Post via Message Icon in Global Menu Bar Wishlist dizzypaty
[scopes] Enable keyboard typing/spelling suggestion in scopes search field Wishlist dizzypaty
[Address book] There is no way to bulk import/export contacts from SD card Wishlist olga-kemmet
[SDK] Changing the font / font size... Wishlist johnlea
[address book] No import/export to/from files Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Calendar] work time Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[System settings] Lock screen: Ask for PIN after x amount of minutes/hours Wishlist mpt
UI for reporting bugs on the phone Wishlist bjkeyser
[Weather] Request for a "pull to refresh" capability Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Address Book] First entered number dialed Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Clock][UX] Add timers functionality Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] "Open link in a new tab" should open tab in the background on desktop Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Colors should have symbolic names Wishlist jamiedawsonyoung
[Clock][UX] should support creating one-time alarms on any day of the current week Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[greeter] Automatically cycle lockscreen graph datasources Wishlist olga-kemmet
[notifications] Remove the files tab in the notification area Undecided dizzypaty
[address book] Contact form should allow multi source account for a contact Undecided olga-kemmet
number wheel too sensitive Undecided jounihelminen
[browser] Secure connection icon should indicate level of verification Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[scopes] Handling large numbers of favourited scopes Undecided dizzypaty
Promt user to unlock phone when connection via usb Undecided bpierre
[Doc Viewer] Need a way to fast scroll to top/bottom in the PDF viewer Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[Calculator][ux] icons: new icon do not match appearence/colors of Calculator Undecided tiheum
Clock in the center of lock screen Undecided bjkeyser
[Ubuntu Phone Store] No message when no applications found Undecided dizzypaty
sliding of activated scopes Undecided dizzypaty
[system-settings] the user should not need to sign into Ubuntu One in order to update core apps Undecided mpt
in developer mode, there should be a shutdown option to boot into the bootloader Undecided jounihelminen
[system-settings] default SIM for messages UI missing Undecided mpt
[indicators] With phone locked, it's impossible to setup a mobile connection Undecided dizzypaty
Built in Apport-Like Bug and Suggestion Reporting Tool Needed Undecided magdalena-mirowicz
[Greeter] Duplicate metrics for no calls made today Undecided andreea-pirvu
[Clock] Too easy to accidentally turn off the alarm instead of snoozing Undecided dizzypaty
[Calendar] There is no delete function for calendars added Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] ExpandedHistoryView should have multiselection mode Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] Departments not behaving consistently when navigating too/from a Scope Undecided dizzypaty
[music] Use new page head sections from new sdk Undecided jounihelminen
No protection against "evil twin" (same-named) wi-fi networks Undecided mpt
Ubuntu Phone notification: having to click on the icon is not obvious Undecided dizzypaty
[music app] The slider for 'forward and back forward' was difficult to manipulate Undecided jounihelminen
[indicators] Possibility to set the last active alarm from the quick menu Undecided dizzypaty
[system-settings] developer mode should not require a password Undecided mpt
[Music app] Toggle to a list of all songs by an artist in Artist view Undecided jounihelminen

Design changes on hold (32)

Design changes that are on hold (Opinion, Incomplete)

Bug Importance Assignee
[System Settings] After adding an online account, users should always be able to see account options High mpt
[new app] Flashlight installed by default and accessible without unlock Medium bpierre
Multiple delete confirmation uses "Yes/No" rather than verbs Medium olga-kemmet
[HUD] No way to invoke HUD on unity8 Medium johnlea
[sdk] Checkbox cannot be stopped from animating Medium olga-kemmet
[camera] User is forced to swipe left for photo roll Medium jounihelminen
[Dialler] Phone was locked during the phone call and can't hang up without having to unlock first Medium olga-kemmet
Smaller header in landscape orientation Low jounihelminen
[Incoming call] Slider to answer incomming calls is to small Low olga-kemmet
Default keyboard colour scheme slows users down Low jounihelminen
Always reserve space for three actions in header Low giorgio-venturi
[Calculator] Swipe to delete pattern needs re-work Low jamesjosephmulholland
[address-book] Interface to add new contacts from messaging is not obvious Wishlist olga-kemmet
Difference from UTC should be displayed (optionally?) Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[dialer-app] Can not record phone call Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Dialer] ubuntu touch bad dialer/contacts integration Wishlist olga-kemmet
[messaging-app] Newline entered instead of message being sent when "Enter" pressed on keyboard Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Dekko] It should be possible to swipe left/right between messages within a folder Wishlist
[sdk] Widgets should be highlighed on mouse-over Wishlist jounihelminen
[sdk] Instead of an overflow in the header, pull down more to reveal more options Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[icons] browser, settings and calculator icons too similar to another well known mobile O/S Wishlist tiheum
[messaging-app] Select the SIM of the message the user is replying to. Wishlist olga-kemmet
[Browser] reopens closed sites after manually closing them Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[Clock] It is very hard to read what is time from analog clock only Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[wizard] After the wi-fi is authenticated, it doesn't open the next page automatically Wishlist olga-kemmet
[physical keyboard] No way to auto-repeat Wishlist olga-kemmet
[greeter] should provide a "lock sound" option Wishlist jounihelminen
[calculator] Favourite screen is blank by default Wishlist magdalena-mirowicz
There isn't Bluetooth between sharing options (images, video, etc.) Undecided
Scopes -> (web)App communication really clunky Undecided dizzypaty
[Shell] Bring the HUD back to Unity 8 Undecided johnlea
Sound indicator should only indicate ringtone volume Undecided

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Inconsistent design bugs (0)

Design bugs that are in a inconsistent state

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Design changes ready to develop downstream 187
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