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Bug Importance Assignee
No warning of high volume level Critical mpt
[OOBE] please provide PIN/password in intial setup screen Critical olga-kemmet
Handle no preferred payment method situation Critical johnlea
[Dash] app preview images cannot be expanded to full size Critical jamesjosephmulholland
[design] Process required to pin a shortcut to the launcher does not fit users mental model High jamesjosephmulholland
[dash] [design] implement the updated visual design whereby the quicklist is positioned above the user's fingers High estilanda
[OOBE] Don't show passcode prompt after 1st step of edge intro High olga-kemmet
[Dash] pagination graphic should remain static when swiping between favourites. High jamesjosephmulholland
[Notifications] Titles should wrap in the notification menu/indicator High jamesjosephmulholland
[System Settings] [design] allow PINs of variable length instead of just 4 digits High mpt
[Calculator] Swipe to delete a calculation is hard High rvarela.ux
[camera]+[gallery] Photo roll doesn't have photo editing High jounihelminen
[shell] Please disable screen rotation till unity8 supports it as well High jamesjosephmulholland
[wizard] If no SIM detected, inform user to insert and restart device High olga-kemmet
phone background has 1 px bright line on its right edge High estilanda
[Camera] need feedback when video recording stops High jounihelminen
[lock screen] Number pad is inconsistent between dialer and lock screen High olga-kemmet
[Dash] [design] Suru Background should scroll High estilanda
[messaging-app] "Send" button is too small, translation doesn't fit for it. High olga-kemmet
[dialer] No way out if dialed from passcode locked device. High olga-kemmet
[Notifications] Notifications centre item unclear High jamesjosephmulholland
[Greeter] Unlock screens have different backgrounds High estilanda
[messaging-app] No way to tell which number is used from a contact with more than one number High olga-kemmet
[ApplicationSwitch] Dificult to find the shell app if it is a empty scope High jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] key magnifier should be bigger in size and larger in font High jounihelminen
OEM/PES requirement to expose build information High mpt
[design] horizonal rule on pin unlock screen too thin (looks like a scratch) High estilanda
[Launcher] [design] Change pin/un-pin terminology to Add/Remove High vesar
[FFe] Repetitious language during uninstallation of Apps High jamesjosephmulholland
Apps screen spacing should be even High estilanda
[dash] Subtitle font is too big High estilanda
[App switcher] Different drag behaviour between items that can and cannot be closed High vesar
[notifications] Clicking on system image update notification doesn't open settings (other than the cog) High jamesjosephmulholland
[icons] Click package updater needs an updated icon High tiheum
[launcher] [design] Apps are not pinned to the launcher High vesar
[sdk] Re-usable search component High jounihelminen
[wizard] Skip entering a passcode/passphrase during edge demo High olga-kemmet
Inconsistent spinning-logo screens for startup and system image update High jounihelminen
[sdk] Titles/Subtitles sizes do not match across unity8 and ubuntu-ui-toolkit apps High jounihelminen
Turn screen on when phone is moved during a call High olga-kemmet
system settings are entirely monochrome except for the battery icon High tiheum
[sdk] There is no ListItem implementing the expansion behaviour High jounihelminen
[Scopes][App switcher] Non-favourite feeds should appear in the apps stack High vesar
[Dash] Art resizes based on header height in horizontal High estilanda
[camera]+[gallery] Accessing photo roll could be more discoverable High jounihelminen
scopes should be surface above apps High alecu
[notifications] [design] Implement new visual designs for Snap Decisions and other notifications High estilanda
[sdk] Preview image rounded corners depend on image size High jounihelminen
[SIDESTAGE] no visual hint on sidestage handle to sidestage is draggable High iamfhero
[Launcher] When removing application from the Launcher give user an option to remove it from the phone as well Medium vesar
[sdk] Allow header background customization per page Medium jounihelminen
[Address book] Missing "sound" section Medium olga-kemmet
[sdk] Colors should have symbolic names Medium jounihelminen
[sdk] tabs(actions) miss if too many of them in Tabs(toolbar) Medium jounihelminen
[Weather app] Visual design for "Edit locations" sheet is missing Medium iamfhero
[address-book]+[dialer-app]+[messaging-app] move "create new" into the header, move FAVOURITES into bottom edge Medium olga-kemmet
[dialer-app]+[address-book]+[messaging] expansion should be removed from all contact list views Medium olga-kemmet
[Dash] Apps that are downloaded/installed should show on launcher and dash with a being-filled animation Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[greeter] Welcome screen AM/PM text is unnecessary big Medium estilanda
[dialer-app] shows wrong contact is being dialed when two contacts have the same number Medium olga-kemmet
Enabling flight mode still shows the wifi icon Medium mpt
[icons] Many standard icons are missing from the mobile theme Medium tiheum
[infographic] when adding new fake data sets, they all have the purple theme instead of cycling through colour themes Medium jounihelminen
[sdk] Overflow page header actions' labels truncated Medium giorgio-venturi
[sdk] Column view for Tabs element Medium jounihelminen
[wizard] After the wi-fi is authenticated, it doesn't open the next page automatically Medium olga-kemmet
[Greeter] Unlocking welcome screen with two fingers doesn't unlock properly Medium jounihelminen
Edge demo lets you swipe from the left in the "Swipe from the right" screen Medium olga-kemmet
[Music] app have padding issues, design needs tweaking ? Medium jounihelminen
[sdk] Property to show/hide icon frames in header actions Medium jounihelminen
[camera] selected to add photos to album, but app freezes Medium jounihelminen
[notification] [design] full screen incoming call Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[sdk] Switch and CheckBox do not visually indicate focus Medium jounihelminen
[calendar] There is no way to delete an event Medium giorgio-venturi
[sdk] improve download progress bar percentage Medium giorgio-venturi
Bottom edge behaviour needs refining Medium jounihelminen
See more/less sounds wrong Medium jamesjosephmulholland
[system] Power Off Dialog buttons Medium estilanda
[Launcher] Consider removing launcher hide time out Medium vesar
[HUD] No way to invoke HUD on unity8 Medium bjkeyser
[SDK] ListItem.Header font doesn't look like a title Medium jounihelminen
[tabs] Cannot add Tabs programmatically Medium jounihelminen
[Launcher] Make it easier to remove an item from launcher Medium vesar
[sdk] Reorder design pattern Medium giorgio-venturi
First-run setup "Wi-Fi" screen is useless when no networks detected Medium olga-kemmet
[Alarm] default sound for alarm doesn't get its job done Medium jounihelminen
[video player] accessing video controls are inconsistent with other apps Medium giorgio-venturi
[Infographic] displayed even though its turned off in system settings Medium estilanda
[sdk] Button icons can't be colourized Medium jounihelminen
[sdk] Cards force background when summary is added Medium giorgio-venturi
[address-book]Go back to contact app when SMS is created from Contact Medium olga-kemmet
[Launcher] [design] Remove the recent apps from the launcher Medium vesar
[online accounts] no error when trying to set up Facebook account without internet connection Medium giorgio-venturi
[launcher] Missing "pop out" effect when long-pressing Launcher icon Medium vesar
[sdk] TextField can be cleared using the "X" button in the UI, even though the ReadOnly property is set to true Medium jounihelminen
[SDK] Provide a property to change the panel open(), close() animation speed Medium giorgio-venturi
No "Ubuntu Art" available for using as backgrounds (needs wallpapers to install) Medium bjkeyser
[calendar-app] When you open the year view, the current month may not be visible Medium johnlea
[indicators] menus cancel current scope activity Medium vesar
[clock] increase the height of times in the alarms screen Low iamfhero
[sdk] Should have an UbuntuShaped version of the ListItem.ItemSelector Low giorgio-venturi
[dialogs] Apps should handle error situations more elegantly Low giorgio-venturi
[address book] Edit > Fields (Address, Phone, Email) are poorly distinguished, and "Edit" page title is non-descriptive. Low olga-kemmet
[Greeter] [design] Bottom edge from lockscreen should open the content hub so the user can pick a wallpaper Low estilanda
[Design] Application opening animation to start from where the launching action is rooted Low vesar
[System Settings] Preinstalled apps in the storage list Low mpt
[power] Display should come on when started charging Low mpt
[Address book] Order contact by first name or last name first Low olga-kemmet
Change phone security (passcode) is undiscoverable Low mpt
[gallery] add "wallpaper" to the content hub Low jounihelminen
[phone-app] press-call-twice-to-redial doesn't work Low olga-kemmet
[browser] There is no search in page option in webbrowser-app (like ctrl+F) Low giorgio-venturi
[Launcher] Impossible to reveal the launcher with a stylus on a Wacom tablet Low vesar
[SDK] When scrolling a flickable with a slider, the slider can be activated by accident Low giorgio-venturi
[ListItems] should allow controls on the left Low giorgio-venturi
In "Updates" list, Ubuntu icon is blurry Low tiheum
[Dash] Departments look wrong on wider screens Low jamesjosephmulholland
Progressbar text not always readable Low jounihelminen
[launcher] Can re-order and un-pin launcher items and launch apps while phone is locked Low vesar
[sdk]Add Sidebar component Low jounihelminen
Use icon from theme for toggles and optionselector Low jounihelminen
[browser] No way to exit fullscreen mode from the chrome Low giorgio-venturi
[messaging-app]"draft" messages aren't saved Low olga-kemmet
[sdk] shouldn't use colon in section titles? Low jounihelminen
[Address book] All, Favourites -- there should be an option to create more groups. Low olga-kemmet
[Clock] Add more feedback to stopwatch lap button Low giorgio-venturi
[launcher] [design] Remove the 'folded corner' that indicates when an app is pinned Low estilanda
[Dash] Carousel in scopes thumbnails are too large on manta Low jamesjosephmulholland
[dash] [design] uninstall app but app remains running and can be pinned Low jamesjosephmulholland
[mir]Touchpad edge swipes Wishlist vesar
[Greeter, App switcher] [design] App spread should include welcome screen Wishlist vesar
[indicators] Provide Ability To Post via Message Icon in Global Menu Bar Wishlist jamesjosephmulholland
[Notes] Notes app not tablet optimized Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[Greeter] [design] Greeter should be dismissed only via an edge gesture Wishlist vesar
[Clock] should support creating one-time alarms on any day of the current week Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[sdk] Add colors for Positive/Negative/Neutral actions Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[SDK] Slider - Minimum and Interval Sliders Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[sdk] Widgets should be highlighed on mouse-over Wishlist jounihelminen
[osk] On a form, the numbers keyboard doesn't show the next button Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[osk] Allow multi-touch for capital button Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[sdk] When should a text entry lose focus? Wishlist jounihelminen
[greeter] should provide a "lock sound" option Wishlist jounihelminen
[Greeter] should be able to control music service while greeter locked Wishlist estilanda
[Pay-UI] 'View wallet' link under Buy now is prone to unintentional user action Undecided johnlea
Creating a new account directly on the phone leads to an unconfirmed account without informing the user Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[Scopes] Attributes in scope cards look ugly Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[Launcher] home button should reset dash department Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[spread] Need to teach about right edge gestures somehow Undecided vesar
if “when locked, allow [...] notifications” is disabled, notifications should not be shown Undecided mpt
[design] "Pop out" effect to show that Launcher icon is in reorder state Undecided estilanda
[icons] browser, settings and calculator icons too similar to another well known mobile O/S Undecided tiheum
[SystemSettings] When trying to select a ringtone, the page seems to be fully loaded and then swipes by itself Undecided mpt
Tapping install (on new image update) should prompt for reboot Undecided mpt
OptionSelector highlight is not cropped Undecided jounihelminen
Popover thindivider visible between contents and pointer on phone Undecided jounihelminen
Update header divider Undecided jounihelminen
[dash] Scope result models are cleared on updates Undecided jamesjosephmulholland
[browser] can't make browser forget open pages Undecided giorgio-venturi
[background] removing custom backgrounds action seems impossible to complete Undecided mpt

Design changes on hold (19)

Design changes that are on hold (Opinion, Incomplete)

Untriaged design bugs (33)

Bugs that are not triaged and have an ayatana-design task

Bug Importance Assignee
Go to account settings after adding a google account Critical mpt
[Security & Privacy/Wizard] Should be possible to accept HERE T&Cs after running through the wizard Critical mpt
[Indicators] Silent mode control in the indicator Critical jamesjosephmulholland
[phone-app] bypass lock on shell possible Critical olga-kemmet
'location access' and 'other app access' should be merged High mpt
[sdk] invoked "search" in apps should display "<" for BACK and not "X" High jounihelminen
[Sound] Alarm, Calls should always be played (also) in the speakerphone even when a bluetooth or wired headset is used Medium mpt
[browser] "Open link in a new tab" should open tab in the background Wishlist giorgio-venturi
[design] Sort Items in Launcher By Frequency Used Wishlist vesar
[indicators] Clicking on a connected network's checkbox disconnects & re-connects Undecided vesar
The pagestacks should allow to pop more than one page at the time Undecided
[indicators] Impossible to disable cellular data from indicator Undecided vesar
[sdk] Swipe to switch header sections Undecided jounihelminen
Swipe delete of a list item does not display "Delete" text or icon if confirmRemoval option is not set Undecided
No standard error appearance for text fields and other controls Undecided
blue cursor handle too small Undecided
New button style breaks old convention of using gray to indicate subordinate actions Undecided
Radio button component Undecided
[facebook] No way to refresh facebook timeline Undecided
Ubuntu button on launcher is hardcoded to click scope Undecided
Instead of an overflow in the header, pull down more to reveal more options Undecided
[Launcher] peeks out when swiping lock screen Undecided vesar
ListItem.Caption text is misaligned compared to other listitems Undecided
[gallery-app] Import mode not obvious to use Undecided jounihelminen
show placeholder message when no photos in photo roll Undecided
unable to set fixed dimensions for a given Dialog element. Undecided
[sdk] Header modes Undecided jounihelminen
Scrollbars are too thin and transparent to be useful Undecided
[system-settings] Checkbox missing haptic response Undecided mpt
App doesn't explicitly say how to get music onto device Undecided
MainView background doesn't have the correct color when set to a light color Undecided
the flickables should only be active if there is enough content for scrolling Undecided
No option to add hidden wifis in ubuntu-system-settings-wizard Undecided mpt

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