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Design changes ready to review (113)

Design changes that landed in Ubuntu and ready for the design team to review

Bug Importance Assignee
text in the centre of the infographic isn't the ubuntu font Critical katie-t
Tab bar must be activated initially Critical johnlea
[address book] Hint text is unreadable Critical rachelliu
Share button doesn't show options Critical rachelliu
[browser] bottom edge toolbar doesn't appear anymore Critical linapio
[osk] when switching letter-case the layout for URL and email are not correct Critical rachelliu
Automatically reveal toolbar when switching pages Critical vesar
[messaging app] adding unknown number requires a 'cancel' option in the dialog Critical rachelliu
[osk] visual doesn't match design for extended keys Critical rachelliu
[camera] Video record counter centre aligned Critical christina-li
[osk] border-image for spacebar and numberpad layout is too stretched Critical rachelliu
[address book] Can't pick different images for profile picture (doesn't update). Only allowed one attempt Critical rachelliu
Close tabbar and toolbar when user interacts with app contents Critical johnlea
New tabs display behavior and animations Critical johnlea
[content picking] Content picking mode goes to Photos tab before Albums tab Critical rachelliu
HUD is always displayed when bottom swiping for toolbar Critical oreneeshy
[osk] telephone layout - needs padding on the '+' long press hint key Critical rachelliu
[messaging app] not displaying latest message sent or received Critical rachelliu
[browser] error loading Critical linapio
"back" toolbar incorrectly shows on top of "cancel/save" buttons Critical rachelliu
[osk] The layout should always default to uppercase if its the text layout High rachelliu
Indicator menu entry shows weekday instead of "Upcoming" High
[OSK] Extended keys not displayed in popover High rachelliu
[messaging app] visual design bugs High shout-n
Page stack header within a tab should be displayed instead of tabs High calumpringle
[Messaging app] No way to click on the sms notification and get to the messaging app High christina-li
[messaging app] selection view to delete messages should refer to new visuals High rachelliu
[Voice app] Input numbers should always appear as centre-aligned High christina-li
[Camera] Camera switch button should be displayed as inactive for devices with one camera High jounihelminen
[OSK] Shift-key’s behaviour and icon isn’t correct High rachelliu
[gallery app] Pinch to zoom is unresponsive in photo view High calumpringle
[Launcher] Wrong wording in launcher quicklist pinning entries High vesar
[address book] After edit should return to the same entry in the contacts list High christina-li
[browser] webapps should have the chrome bar with only back & forward buttons enabled High oreneeshy
[osk] secondary layout of text should refer to spec High rachelliu
[dialer app] Contacts tab - tapping on a number in expansion doesn't call contact High rachelliu
[DASH] recent apps thumbnails turn black when flicking scrollable High mikenagle
[Dialer app] contacts appear as 'unknown' in call log High christina-li
[gallery app] [visual design] Add to album popover High calumpringle
[Camera] Black margin on right hand side of camera app High calumpringle
[gallery] Update Events tab to new organic grid High calumpringle
Infographic data not displaying properly High katie-t
[telephony/voice app] visual design bugs High shout-n
[address book app] in edit mode toolbar should always be visible (Sheet pattern) High christina-li
Close tabbar on toolbar interaction High johnlea
[Messaging app] Composing new message should stay in new message view for known contacts High christina-li
[osk] When bringing up the search (top-left-corner) in the dash, the OSK flickers instead of sliding up High rachelliu
[gallery] Movieclip should play automatically on launch High calumpringle
[left edge] move the initiation point further to the right so that it is ⅔ across the screen High johnlea
[DASH - recent apps quit mode] Quit target shouldn't be the entire app thumbnail High mikenagle
[Dash] Previews do not match visual designs High xi.zhu
[Video player] share pop over appears behind toolbar High christina-li
Slide out toolbar should be displayed by default on the desktop (swiping is difficult) High vesar
After updating (flashing) the phone, my infographic doesn't include data from before the update High katie-t
[osk] when backspace is pressed to erase a letter, you cannot see the auto-complete suggestions High rachelliu
[browser] activity view groupings need to be more graphically obvious High jounihelminen
[indicators] Once the indicators are fully revealed, the user should be able to navigate to a different indicator by dragging across the top edge a second time High johnlea
Need a way to expose and access common colors for a theme High katie-t
Adding a facebook account the username/password entry is too small High
[DASH] "quit" mode for 'recent apps' should be less persistent High mikenagle
[system settings] user must be able to manually configure brightness within system settings app High
[messaging-app] 'Select' should not be available when there are no messages High rachelliu
[Dash] No way to expand categories in Dash High mikenagle
[gallery app] Create new album journey High calumpringle
[Messaging app] 'Back' button should always go back to the overview screen High christina-li
[Messaging app] No way to know if any item is selected in the ListView or thread view High christina-li
[DASH] button in preview and scope icon do not show disabled state High jounihelminen
[UX/apps] OSK <> apps behavior is not clearly defined High oreneeshy
[gallery app] Edit album cover High calumpringle
[DASH] Home scope label should be just "Home" High mikenagle
[Messaging app] SMS sent got no time stamp in the timeline High christina-li
[browser] touch target for back button is too small High linapio
gallery fixes needed when already running and enter picker mode High christina-li
[gallery] album overview open/close transition is hidden by tab bar High calumpringle
[gallery app] [visual design] album viewer: replace "Add photos" menu item with toolbar button High calumpringle
[HUD] HUD invocation doesn't follow edge gesture sequence High oreneeshy
[messaging app] when adding to existing contacts, number generated has wrong formatting High rachelliu
[DASH] scrollable pushed down when swiping between lenses High mikenagle
[SHELL] apps scope is not in place when performing long edge swipe from left High oreneeshy
[DASH VIDEO LENS] Thumbnails of video clips from online sources or generated by user should be mounted High mikenagle
[address book app] Flagging a favourite contact means it doesn't get displayed on the All contacts anymore High rachelliu
[Address book] swipe to delete does not ask for confirmation Medium christina-li
[dash] Page header should be scrolled in after unlocking Medium mikenagle
[gallery] [dialog] delete photo dialog should only have 1 primary (orange) button Medium calumpringle
[Dialer app] When dialling extremely long number restrict number of digits input Medium christina-li
[Address book] Impossible to edit avatar image Medium christina-li
[Address book] The lozenges in contacts detail view are downscaled Medium shout-n
[Dash] Running apps close button on the wrong side Medium johnlea
[edge education] 'Skip intro' link not responsive enough Medium katie-t
[dash] When in preview, horizontal swiping inside the preview area should bring next and previous item, not other scopes Medium johnlea
[Messaging app] Long press item is not selected by default Medium christina-li
Right swipe application switcher is inefficient Undecided vesar
[Address book] After leaving Edit mode, the contacts cover the Header Undecided christina-li
Need a renderer for weather Undecided xi.zhu
[osk] Shift key icon is sometimes offset Undecided jounihelminen
space bar should be white (non-action key colour) on all screens Undecided jounihelminen
[OSK]holding the back button should remove the text quickly Undecided rachelliu
Carousel doesn't allow overshoot or event passthrough when at start/end Undecided vesar
[dialer app] in live call, the input from dialpad has no feedback displayed Undecided rachelliu
[gallery app] Delete dialogue Undecided calumpringle
[Address book] default categories not correct when creating a new contact Undecided rachelliu
[dialer app] Call log - icon for unknown number should be the default avatar Undecided rachelliu
chevrons on Page Stack should be the same asset as chevron on the Tabs Undecided jounihelminen
[Address book] new contact should be visible in list after creating Undecided christina-li
[Address book] Professional details field missing Undecided christina-li
Dash headers should be 5GU height Undecided jounihelminen
Should close indicators when triggered anotification or an application Undecided
don't allow saving a contact without name Undecided rachelliu
Choose another default start page Undecided linapio
[dialer app] Calling from Messaging Indicators/Contacts/Messages should go to live call screen straight away Undecided christina-li
Popup for pressed key should be higher Undecided jounihelminen
1/2 and 2/2 key font size is too large Undecided jounihelminen
[gallery] Gallery should show movieclips Undecided calumpringle

Design changes signed off but not handed over (5)

Design changes are officially signed off, but that didn't get handed over upstream or downstream

Design changes on hold (10)

Design changes that are on hold (Opinion, Incomplete)

Untriaged design bugs (182)

Bugs that are not triaged and have an ayatana-design task

Bug Importance Assignee
[dialer-app] contacts tab should have 'view profile' on as an option in the expansion Critical rachelliu
[indicators] add active call hint in indicators Critical kapur-shruti
[Music app] Remove "Scrobble cover to" until the function is implemented Critical iamfhero
[SIDESTAGE] no visual hint on sidestage handle to sidestage is draggable High jounihelminen
[Camera] need feedback when video recording stops High paulalso
[indicators] improve the indicator selection High kapur-shruti
[infographic] Date text should be on top of the infographic bubbles High katie-t
[Address book] The default user avatar is downscaled High rachelliu
[gallery app] [visual design] Photo viewer stop at the end of an event High
[Dash] Category expansion transition has varaible speeds High oreneeshy
[gallery app] Delete album transition High calumpringle
[SIDESTAGE] should be available on 5.5"+ screens High
[gallery app] Album view first and last page High calumpringle
[DASH] readability problems when using a brighter dash background High oreneeshy
Rename "Recently Played" to "Recent" High lisette-slegers
Touchdown effect kicks in too soon High oreneeshy
Hide toolbar when user interacts with tabs header High johnlea
There is no ListItem implementing the expansion behaviour High katie-t
[indicators] add indicator hint to match design spec High kapur-shruti
The contact name entry is not an obvious UI element High
Re-usable search component High christina-li
[text inputs] Caret visuals to be fixed for TextField and TextArea High oreneeshy
[RSS Reader] Article view link styling High iamfhero
[browser] Desktop mode is not correctly pictured High jounihelminen
[gallery app] Copy text High calumpringle
[text inputs] Revisit text selection in TextField and TextArea High oreneeshy
[RSS reader] Can we start topics with upper case? High iamfhero
[design] Recommendations for toolbar guidelines for 5+ items High katie-t
phone notifications should appear modally and block events to the app below High jounihelminen
After saving a new contact, screen should go back to profile view High olga-kemmet
Switch and CheckBox do not visually indicate focus Medium katie-t
[camera] Spread / pinch should zoom in / out Medium calumpringle
[guidelines] Design standard for “About” and “Options” Medium katie-t
[browser] No progress feedback while waiting for server to respond Medium giorgio-venturi
Add to playlist action's left margin Medium iamfhero
Allow multi-touch for capital button Wishlist rachelliu
Volume buttons change ringtone volume when suspended Undecided
No indication that searches are local only Undecided
Provide Ability To Post via Message Icon in Global Menu Bar Undecided
[TOOLKIT] ListItem.Header font doesn't look like a title Undecided xi.zhu
Image Viewer doesn't pop up when opening an already open picture Undecided
Scopes still visible with all plugins disabled Undecided
[greeter] should provide a "lock sound" option Undecided jounihelminen
Unnecessary search button in the world clock search bar Undecided
Hard to read numbers of "Unknown" contacts in call log Undecided
Switching between tabs cumbersome Undecided
syncing over 3G should be configurable and off by default Undecided
[snapdecision.pinlock] no way to trigger the error haptic feedback Undecided
[osk] does not have ascii double quote Undecided rachelliu
[dash] can't interrupt a search in progress Undecided
default font color for event detail unreadable Undecided
[camera] selected to add photos to album, but app freezes Undecided paulalso
cannot show HUD when OSK is visible Undecided
[tabs] Cannot add Tabs programmatically Undecided katie-t
No way to change the day in '"New Event" Undecided
[greeter] Operator label is not shown in the top bar of the greeter Undecided mpt
"Add account" button under Online accounts appears to be the way to add an account, but isn't Undecided
Having a breadcrumb/split button widget would be useful Undecided katie-t
[wishlist] Column view for Tabs element Undecided
HUD switches alignment during use Undecided
Keyboard does not auto-hide when no longer needed Undecided
Long-press on launcher doesn't work when quicklist is on screen Undecided vesar
Indicators' pages load too slow and visually distracting Undecided kapur-shruti
should be able to control music service from the greeter Undecided
[Calendar app] Edit event should use sheet pattern from SDK Undecided linapio
[Music app] [Design] Should "Recent" just say "Albums" Undecided
notifications / snap decisions over indicators blend into background Undecided
Language in "Uninstall confirmation" in the UX doc looks wrong Undecided mikenagle
Calculator app is not tablet optimized Undecided
[snapdecision.pinlock] modal info dialog on top of the unlock UI Undecided
Revealing the dash is inconsistent Undecided vesar
Can't copy URLs from the autocomplete list Undecided
Tapping on header to expand category feels unintuitive Undecided
Show number of characters used Undecided
[online accounts] no error when trying to set up Facebook account without internet connection Undecided katie-t
[ux]Ubuntu touch colour theme is too dark making it unusable in bright sunlight condition Undecided
Full swipe from left doesn't take you to Applications lens from the Welcome screen Undecided
If there is only one category in a scope it should not use the carousel Undecided
After the search is done, the keyboard is still up, hiding info Undecided
[clock] German translation needs more space Undecided iamfhero
[gallery] Edit album title and subtitle Undecided calumpringle
after clicking the install button, nothing happens for some seconds Undecided
Add a quick controls for microphone (mute/unmute) Undecided
[snapdecision.pinlock] control whether or not the code is shown as clear text Undecided
On first run, "Applications" is collapsed for no reason at all Undecided
Carousel displays no metadata, making it impossible to identify tracks/videos Undecided
welcome tutorial omits switching/closing apps Undecided
Text for SIM status in the panel takes too much space and does not scale for multi-SIM Undecided
Infographic highlight colors not ideal for different backgrounds Undecided
Left edge swipe should retain context when using scopes scope Undecided
Notes app not tablet optimized Undecided
[smart search] limit results to matching number Undecided christina-li
With the new previews UI, there's no indication that you can swipe to next previews Undecided
Notifications get in the way on touch devices Undecided
[indicators] the ordering of icons of a single indicator should reverse on RTL system Undecided
[Design] camera-app needs a modern design Undecided
no indication of publisher in click app preview Undecided
Scrollable lists on scrollable pages are unintuitive Undecided linapio
Carousel in music scope should group songs by album Undecided mikenagle
Phone appears as open app in apps scope but it isn't really an app Undecided oreneeshy
messaging menu display "Empty!" when there are not messages Undecided kapur-shruti
Audible/haptic feedback while dialing Undecided
shouldn't use colon in section titles? Undecided
Scopes don't remember search Undecided
swipe is too sensitive, makes long-press difficult Undecided
[regression] Indicator icons don't match the settings they display Undecided
infographics always starts with the same metric Undecided katie-t
Toolbar fades out even if submenu is opened on it Undecided
Many standard icons are missing from the mobile theme Undecided
Adding a button to show/hide the bottom edge menu Undecided
no feedback when events are loading Undecided
search isn't looking for things in dash on the mwc image Undecided
apps that are being downloaded/installed are not shown differently from un-installed apps Undecided
[Calculator app] Swipe to delete pattern needs re-work Undecided iamfhero
Web browser needs a gesture to go back Undecided
[Weather app] Visual design for "Edit locations" sheet is missing Undecided iamfhero
Vibrate should happen on long-press, not normal activation Undecided
[HUD] No way to invoke HUD on unity8 Undecided
There is no way to delete an event Undecided
Top edge demo should only point at indicators Undecided kapur-shruti
[browser] tab switching on tablets/desktop ineffective Undecided linapio
Select backgrounds based on aspect ratio and read them from dconf Undecided
[toolkit] Toolbar items should allow for longer text Undecided katie-t
Reorder design pattern Undecided
Apps should handle error situations more elegantly Undecided
indicator menus cancel current scope activity Undecided kapur-shruti
When no message or thread is selected to be deleted, the delete button should be disabled Undecided
Category expansion icons in phone scopes seem backwards Undecided
[Weather app] Need a visual indicator when an hourly forecast is available for the displayed day Undecided iamfhero
Generic rule for overshooting scrollables/lists/etc Undecided katie-t
welcome screen requires explaining Undecided
does not re-lock after hanging up Undecided
can drag from all four edges simultaneously Undecided
[greeter] Welcome screen AM/PM text is unnecessary big Undecided jounihelminen
Messaging app shows wrong icon when adding a contact during Compose Undecided
Empty account name shown on initial screen Undecided
Visual indication for pressing List item disappeared Undecided
No option to display password in Wi-Fi connection dialog Undecided
HUD quit missing Undecided
Contacts usability Undecided christina-li
SDK toolkit gallery app should be installable on the phone without terminal Undecided jounihelminen
New scopes should show a loading image when opened Undecided
Titles/Subtitles sizes do not match across unity8 and ubuntu-ui-toolkit apps Undecided
when adding new fake data sets, they all have the purple theme instead of cycling through colour themes Undecided jounihelminen
Please reduce the height of the Tabbar Undecided dannioliver
When should a text entry lose focus? Undecided
[Dash] Installed scopes icons are shown in the dash Undecided pattoin
[browser] hyperlinks at the bottom of the view cannot be activated Undecided linapio
App Summary appears to be part of Description Undecided
Should have an UbuntuShaped version of the ListItem.ItemSelector Undecided
[background] image previews should include shell components Undecided jounihelminen
[greeter] Design requests that the clock is shown in 24 hour mode by default (i.e. they don't want to see the AM/PM part) Undecided
[Clock app] - Current location Undecided iamfhero
Switch theme button in UITK component gallery Undecided jounihelminen
Standardisation of indicator/settings menu items Undecided
No way to auto-repeat Undecided
[Terminal app]The background colour is too dark Undecided iamfhero
Music app have padding issues, design needs tweaking ? Undecided
Add Sidebar component Undecided paulalso
Scope loses context when you go back from preview Undecided
[dash] Should support previews of different height. Undecided
Allow searching for contacts Undecided
Can't cancel search Undecided
Swipe will not work on Nexus 4 with a wrap around Case Undecided
[toolkit] ListItem.Header should be horizontally aligned with standard elements Undecided xi.zhu
Toolbar and tabbar must be active when an application is resumed Undecided vesar
Multiple settings pages open when accessed from the indicator Undecided kapur-shruti
Implement PasswordEchoOnEdit for the wifi passphrase textfield Undecided
Widgets should be highlighed on mouse-over Undecided
Disabling scope online search in systemsettings makes it impossible to install new apps Undecided
[Infographic] text in centre is too bright Undecided jounihelminen
selecting contact should dial the favorite number, but doesn't Undecided
Keypad should format dialed numbers Undecided
[oobe] "phone" string in tablet oobe; oobe should have "tablet" or generic term Undecided
Bluetooth starts automatically on start-up. No option in Settings to disable upon start-up and Bluetooth not listed in Start-up applications. Undecided
Recent albums and playlistst remains empty Undecided
[indicators] Battery menu: hide slider when automatic brightness is turned on Undecided
Click package updater needs an updated icon Undecided tiheum
Changing volume doesn't show feedback on the phone Undecided
Closing apps is too complicated Undecided
[browser] No visual feedback when a link opens in a new tab Undecided linapio
Display device phone number in About panel Undecided mpt

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