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Part of lp.translations.utilities

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Class MixedNewlineMarkersError Exception raised when we detect mixing of new line markers.
Class Sanitizer Provide a function to sanitize a translation text.
Function sanitize_translations Sanitize translations using sanitize_translation.
Function sanitize_translations_from_import Undocumented
Function sanitize_translations_from_webui Undocumented
def sanitize_translations(english_singular, translations, pluralforms):
Sanitize `translations` using sanitize_translation.

If there is no certain pluralform in `translations`, set it to None.
If there are `translations` with greater pluralforms than allowed,
sanitize and keep them.
:param english_singular: The text of the singular MsgId that these
    translations are for.
:param translations: A dictionary of plural forms, with the
    integer plural form number as the key and the translation as the
:param pluralforms: The number of expected pluralforms
def sanitize_translations_from_import(english_singular, translations, pluralforms):
def sanitize_translations_from_webui(english_singular, translations, pluralforms):
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