l.t.b.pofile : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser

Browser code for Translation files.
Class POFileNavigation No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class POFileMenuMixin Mixin class to share code between navigation and action menus.
Class POFileNavigationMenu Navigation menus for IPOFile objects.
Class POFileMetadataViewMixin POFile metadata that multiple views can use.
Class POFileView A basic view for a POFile
Class POFileDetailsView View for the detail page of a POFile
Class TranslationMessageContainer A TranslationMessage decorated with usage class.
Class FilteredPOTMsgSets POTMsgSet`s and translations shown by the `POFileFilteredView.
Class POFileFilteredView A filtered view for a POFile.
Class POFileUploadView A basic view for a POFile.
Class POFileBatchNavigator Special BatchNavigator to override the maximum batch size.
Class POFileTranslateView The View class for a POFile or a DummyPOFile.
Class POExportView Undocumented
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